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  • Vance Stevens <vstevens@emirates.net.ae>
    Mar 4, 2003
      --- In efiwebheads@yahoogroups.com, rmq <rmq@u...> wrote:
      > HI all
      > I see no any one in this group want to know what's happening around
      > the world .
      > --
      > Best regards,
      > rmq mailto:rmq@u...

      Hi Raed,

      Thanks for your message. Most of us are very concerned about what
      happens in the world, and we are also very interested in your
      opinion. If you would like to tell us why you have sent us some of
      your emails recently, in your own words, we would be happy to read

      Webheads is a community of language learners and language teachers.
      Mainly we teachers are interested in helping the learners to say what
      they want to say in English. We also enjoy getting to know one
      another. This is the main purpose of our group. If your main
      purpose for being here is to improve your English and meet others,
      then whatever you want to say is fine as long as we are all polite,
      considerate, and respectful towards one another.

      I am curious about your email address, which ends in FM. Are you in
      Micronesia now? Where?

      all the best,

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