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1696Re: [efiwebheads] Re: Ozlympics

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  • Sophie and Yiannis Georgiou
    Oct 3, 2000
      Hi Michael, Hi everyone

      I was really sad to see the Olympics finish. I really don't know why - if I
      am just too sensitive or weird - but I found the whole experience very
      moving. From the opening ceremony to all the sports , all the way to the
      closing ceremony. I was really sad to see them finish and I wondered what
      the next day would be like. A day without the Olympics - how boring!
      I suppose we'll get used to it although today I watched an hour's programme
      with the highlights of the games....

      I also wanted to say to Michael (boost your patriotism...) that I
      *honestly* believe these were the best games ever.
      I hope Athens can match Australia's work and Australia's crowds of fans and
      ... yes let's get together in Athens.. I'm seriously starting to organise a
      visit to Athens in 2004.

      Love to you all
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