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  • Ming
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Hi, Moral,

      > I am afraid there is something in need to be clarified. The HongKong
      reisdents did elect their leader themselves. In about 1996, the Hongkong
      residents elected a committee themselves which was responsible for electing
      their own leader. Then the applicants for the leader were collected. Every
      HongKong citizen had the right to enter for. I remember 7 people did it
      including a Taxi driver and a retired civilian. After that, a preelection
      was performed and several applicants were preelected to become the governer
      candidates. Finally, the HongKong governer was engendered afer a final vote
      of the committee and he was a businessman who was born and grew up in
      HongKong apart from a few school years aboard. So the leader was not sent by
      any other government and the Hongkong people chose him unless the committee
      betrayed them. The HongKong people hold their passports that are visa-free
      to dozens of countries. I think many people are willing to fight for their
      right if it is in need.

      > Ming, I am afraid you cited a bad example. The governer of Hongkong
      announced the plan to construct a new airport at Chek Lap Kok in 1989 when
      HongKong was under the British rule. If my memory serves me, the Chinese
      government and the British government conflicted for it before the
      construction started. The Chinese government oppose the plan because of the
      huge amount of money involved and something else. We know British won
      finally. And the construction was begun several years before Hongkong's
      return to the Chinese rule. For some datails about the airport's key dates
      and events. Please visit:
      > http://www.hkairport.com/about/main/cindex.htm (Big5 Chinese)
      > http://www.hkairport.com/about/main/index.htm (English)
      > Of course, I don't mean the airport is not good.

      I am sorry that I got the wrong info. . Besides news, I also read some info.
      from the newsletter from Hong Kong, and that's what it told me. I am not
      sure the website still there, I need take time to find it...

      > Thanks for the information. I didn't know it much. Things might be very
      bad then. But please let me assume some situations:
      > 1. People left Hongkong before Jul 1st, 1997, because of the fears of the
      possible changes of their life.
      > 2. If less left and a few came back after that, can we think that the
      people got confidence about their life after some abservation and would like
      to live in this land?
      > 3. If they don't leave now, maybe they enjoy their life now.

      The problem is, even people go back to Hong Kong sometimes, they just go
      back to visit and still live oversea. Meanwhile, most students I know they
      dont want back to Hong Kong also. I can not say anything about your
      assumptions, we need to ask more people from Hong Kong first.

      > It's quite hard to say. Really! You can say it is enough but others can
      say not.

      If you can not really opposite this statement, how can you say it's not a
      independent country? Does their has other definition for a country?

      > It's very easy to tranlate these two codes with a very small programe less
      than 1 Megabytes. We use traditional Chinese in some occasions. And HongKong
      entirely use Big5 Chinese. .

      It's not only about different shape of words, language is affected by
      culture and society also; you can find more differences on writing. Of
      course, it's not difficult to recognize simplize Chinese for me, like I can
      read some Japanese and English, however, it's not my native language.

      > >If governments change their
      > > attitude to each other, what's the really matter need to force Taiwan
      > > to China? We have silght different culture right now, why we need to
      > > to accept to China's module? Do you ever think why Mongolia want to
      > > from China? That's because of the culture need to be respected. So far I
      > > cant see the government in China did anything to show their respection
      > > Taiwan but threaten and terrification, how can you let Taiwanese believe
      > > China would keep their current type of life?
      > >
      > I cann't. It is too hard.

      So, what you expect Taiwanese do if China just want Taiwan but dont promise
      the living of people?

      > Information can not be blocked even now. It's trend.

      Are you sure? they still filter the info. on the internet and only open what
      they think hermless; recently they moniter it for some news and change some
      regulations.( I am guite sure it's correct this time. :> ) Also, they stop
      some foreign programs in some specific day and say that there has some
      problem with the transmission. like the day closed to the date 6/4.
      Meanwhile, they also deceit people and cover the truth, like what KMT did in
      Taiwan but more.

      > But the Taiwanese government is from Nanjing, China and it was the Chinese
      central government before 1949. The government is now in Taipei and seems to
      want to produce another country.

      I am sorry that I can not agree with you at this point, actually, we already
      have different country names since that moment, remember?

      > It's sad to hear that. You can hold your thoughts.

      Sorry, Moral, I cant see something wrong with my saying to make you feel
      sorrow, if China cant do something for Taiwanese to make them think China's
      government is reliable, how can you want people have the same standing with
      you? I think it's a really nature thing. =)
      If you were a Taiwanese, what would you do? If China is good enough to be
      followed, why so many people in Taiwan have sounds for protesting China's
      saying? The government in Taiwan can not force people say anything that they
      disagree with.

      > > So you can see how selfish both Chinese governments are! You feel
      > > that eventually China can replace of Taiwan's government in the Unions,
      > >
      > No, I don't think so.

      Why? Before China entered the Unions, you felt upset about it; after that
      Taiwanese felt bad for it, why cant say they are selfish? Both dont consider
      the other's situation. If we cant stand in different angles to look at the
      same thing, we would be subjective.

      > I don't think so many countries fear China's weapons - they are not so
      powerful. You must know the British government also wants to keep North
      Ireland. I understand the feeling. Most Chinese people don't want to see
      Taiwan's independence. I don't think they are for any power. I bet the
      Taiwanese government will ge much more power after independence. But so many
      people are following it.

      If you have other thinking, please permit me ask you one thing, China dont
      have strong economic power but Taiwan do, if China is also not strong at
      military, what they use to warn other countries not let Taiwan join some
      organizations? As I know, China sells weapon to other countries and owns
      nuclear weapon. They did some nuclear tests under permission by other
      countries before also(those countries that own nuclear weapon have some
      agreements for testing ). Recently it also developes weapon and seeks for
      other countries to coporate with agressively, it has invoke the awareness in
      the world. They are not strong at this field? Hard to believe it.(for me, at

      > I am not good at economics, but when a financial crisis came, if the
      interfere could punish the speculator,
      > why wasn't the government flexible enough to do it. But I am not sure.

      Neither am I, you can not rely on classical economic theorems to explain
      current situations. There has some people make efforts on explaining why the
      USA's economic do not go down as expected. Whatever, it's not my major. =)

      > Thank you Ming for letting me know a lot about Taiwan which I din't know
      before. :-)) It is being so nice to talk with you. :-))

      It's my honor to share some part of my thinking with you too though we are
      varies at some issues. I cant not present the whole Taiwanese, Taiwan has
      too much voice for it. ^^

      Besides, I dont think it would get any influence after Taiwan announce
      independent( just an assumption, dont worry about it too much), Taiwan has
      been independent physically, where the government can get more power for
      it?(In a democratic country, the institution can be stronger and more
      completely, but not the government). Taiwan's government is just under
      transition to real democratic country, since it allows people to criticize
      everything and it's easy to read bad thoughts for governments on the net,
      you would think Taiwanese is not really satisfy with the government;
      however, if you let people choose which government to belong to, they
      rather keeping the current one. Once we know how to gather people's power
      and manupulate it, we can change the government to what we want, and it's
      hard to do the same thing on China's government. =)

      Please forgive me stop replying your letter on this issue later, I think
      it's enough, others might feel bored and dull for it. ^^;;

      all of you have a great day.

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