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Fwd: Merriam-Powell Graduate Research Fellowships 2003-4

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
      >Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 11:03:03 -0700
      >From: Neil Cobb <neil.cobb@...>
      >Subject: Merriam-Powell Graduate Research Fellowships 2003-4
      >Sender: Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research
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      >Attached and below is the latest Request for Proposals for upcoming
      >fellowships, please post.
      >Merriam-Powell Graduate Research Fellowships 2003-4
      >The Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research (MPCER) will be
      >supporting Graduate Fellowships up to $7,000/yr/student to cover stipends
      >and health insurance. We are also initiating a new fellowship associated
      >with the Merriam-Powell Research Station. The goal of this support is to
      >promote integrative environmental research and to increase the number of
      >environmental professionals at Northern Arizona University. Students from
      >all colleges at NAU are encouraged to apply for fellowships.
      >There are three primary considerations in selecting students.
      >1) Guaranteed Productivity: The successful candidates must produce
      >deliverables as required by Prop 301 funding. Therefore, priority will be
      >given to graduate students that are well positioned to publish, obtain new
      >research funding, and/or produce other targeted deliverables (see
      >2) Research Plan: The academic record of the student, the relevance of
      >the research to the environment, and degree to which the student
      >contributed to the research plan, will be an important part of the
      >proposal package. We construe "relevance to the environment" to include
      >social, political, chemical, geological, engineering, and biological
      >research; the applicant must clearly demonstrate how the research will
      >promote environmental knowledge.
      > 3) University Representation: To advance the university-wide objectives
      > of the Merriam-Powell Center, it is important to promote environmental
      > research across disciplines and departments at NAU. To achieve this goal
      > we aim to support the most comprehensive representation of students possible.
      >Fellowships will start during August 2003 and extend throughout the 2003-4
      >academic year. Students will be expected to produce deliverables by the
      >end the year. The MPCER executive committee, which represents various
      >departments across the university, will select candidates. Students who
      >received fellowships in previous years are eligible to apply for continued
      >Proposal Packet
      >Interested students should send proposal packets via email to
      >Neil.Cobb@.... The proposal packet should include a statement
      >addressing the three criteria listed above (two page limit), and the
      >student's Curriculum Vita (two-page limit). Students who received MPCER
      >fellowships for 2002-3 should also provide a list of deliverables. The
      >student's faculty advisor also must submit a letter of recommendation,
      >under separate cover, to Neil.Cobb@.... The letter of recommendation
      >should describe specific products expected during the funding period, the
      >contribution of the student to their research plan, and the advisor's
      >productivity from any MPCER fellowships awarded to previous advisees.
      >Deadline for material is March 10, 2003. Selection of successful
      >candidates should occur by April 4, 2003. If you have any questions
      >please email or call Neil Cobb (523-5528).
      >Merriam-Powell Research Station Fellowship
      >This year we are initiating a special graduate fellowship associated with
      >the Merriam-Powell Research Station (MPRS), which is currently under
      >construction at the NAU Centennial Forest (next to the Arboretum at
      >Flagstaff) [http://www.mpcer.nau.edu/sen/%5d. Students may apply for both
      >the standard fellowship and MPRS fellowship. The MPRS graduate fellow
      >will live at the research station and assist with implementation of MPRS
      >programs. Depending on the progress of research station construction,
      >housing may not be available during the first year of the fellowship. In
      >this case, the fellow will assist with facilitating the construction
      >process and with programmatic development. Duties will depend on
      >expertise and interest and may include: participating in developing a
      >"green" research station, setting up a registration system for MPRS
      >facilities, grant proposal preparation for MPRS facilities and research
      >infrastructure, MPRS website development, assisting with infrastructure
      >and site planning, preparing outreach materials for the Arboretum at
      >Flagstaff, training Arboretum docents, assisting with setting up the joint
      >MPRS/Arboretum laboratory at the Arboretum and assisting researchers with
      >its use, promoting research and teaching use of MPRS, and assisting with
      >field course development. Ability to work independently and a high level
      >of responsibility and maturity are required. The criteria for selection
      >for this position will be the same as for the standard MPCER fellowship
      >with the exception that a statement of interest in the duties described
      >for the MPRS fellow replaces the research plan. The deadline for the
      >proposal packet and letter of recommendation from the faculty advisor are
      >the same as for the standard fellowship.
      >For further information on MPCER please visit the web page at
      >Neil S. Cobb
      >Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research
      >Hanley Hall, Bldg 7, Rm 207
      >Northern Arizona University
      >Flagstaff, AZ 86011
      >Fax: 928-523-8223
      >Phone:(w) 928-523-5528
      > (h) 928-214-6237
      > (cell) 928-607-4075
      >e-mail: neil.cobb@...

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