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FWD: Professional Development Opportunity for 9-12th grade educators

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2006
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      > The following is a message from the Utah Society for Environmental
      > Education (USEE)
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      > Project Learning Tree Workshop
      > Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We Live
      > Wednesday, December 6, 2006
      > Dear Educators.
      > We are offering a very special opportunity for 9-12 grade teachers to
      > attend a professional development workshop facilitated by a National
      > Project Learning Tree specialist. Catherine Estes will be joining us on
      > Wednesday, December 6th to conduct a workshop on Project Learning Tree's
      > newest secondary module called Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We
      > Live. More information on the program is provided below. If you have
      > any questions, please contact Staci Strenkert (staci@... or 801
      > 328-1549). Thank you!
      > Think back to your childhood. Where did you play? How did you get
      > around? What has changed about a special place?
      > All communities-urban, suburban, small town, rural-are experiencing growth
      > and change. Change is inevitable, and how a community chooses to develop
      > can profoundly impact its visual and cultural character, environmental
      > quality, public health, sense of place, and quality of life.
      > Project Learning Tree(r) (PLT), the environmental education program of the
      > American Forest Foundation, has developed new supplementary education
      > materials for grade 9-12 students to develop their sense of place and
      > critical thinking skills so they will care about and influence the
      > decisions being made about the places they live. Exploring Environmental
      > Issues: Places We Live gets students exploring their own neighborhoods,
      > learning about their community's development through time, and involved in
      > local community action projects.
      > Places We Live is an interdisciplinary, supplemental curriculum designed
      > for formal and non-formal educators working with students in grades 9-12,
      > but can be easily adapted for adult or middle school audiences. The
      > activities address concepts in social studies, geography, civics, language
      > arts, health, and science. Activities are correlated to national and
      > state education standards in social studies and science. The 186-page
      > guide gives educators comprehensive background information, case studies,
      > resources, instruction for conducting community investigations, and
      > technology enhancements to enrich the lessons.
      > Educators can obtain a copy of PLT's Places We Live module by attending a
      > professional development workshop in their area. More than 2,000 low-cost
      > or free PLT workshops are held every year in communities across the
      > country. These workshops are tailored to train educators to use PLT
      > effectively with their students, to facilitate local investigations, and
      > to promote community service-learning projects.
      > For more information visit http://www.plt.org/cms/pages/31_41_39.html .
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      "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Native American Proverb
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