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Teacher Workshops

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    All, We have several workshops posted on our website. Please go to the website for more information. http://www4.nau.edu/eeop/eeop_workshops.html man October
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 21, 2006

      We have several workshops posted on our website. Please go to the website for
      more information.



      October 28, 2006:
      Sonia Kovalevsky Day
      This event is exclusively for high school girls of northern Arizona who are
      interested and talented in mathematics and/or science. The schedule includes a
      panel discussion, hands-on workshops and a luncheon. The day is designed for
      talented female math/science students, their parents and their teacher.
      Website: http://oak.ucc.nau.edu/ald4/sonia.html

      November 1 - 4, 2006:
      16th Annual Navajo Studies Conference
      The conference is held to promote Navajo Studies including all aspects of
      Navajo life.
      PDF Flyer Conference Flyer

      November 6, 2006:
      Build the Future - Create an Engineer
      Engineering Education.Northern Arizona University would like to partner with
      you to engage your students in inquiry-based projects that make math and
      science relevant and exciting through the lens of engineering. Math and
      science teachers and high school counselors are welcome. Topics to be covered
      include: What is Engineering; How do students prepare for engineering; How can
      teachers incorporate real world engineering problems into high school science
      and math.
      MS Word Flyer Flyer

      November 7, 2006:
      American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Youth Conference
      A youth conference is planned for the Northern Arizona University Campus to
      promote post-secondary education, and give insights into careers in science
      and engineering. EEOP will pay up to $200.00 (registration and travel) for any
      schools that participate in any EEOP programs. Contact Mansel
      (Mansel.Nelson@...) for more information.
      PDF Flyer Conference Flyer
      MS Word Flyer Conference Application

      November 11, 2006:
      Detecting Radiation in our Radioactive World
      This full-day workshop will prepare teachers to teach the basics about
      radiation, how we detect radiation, and uses of nuclear science and technology
      in socisty. Teachers that complete the workshop will receive a number of
      resources, including a Geiger Counter.
      PDF Flyer Conference Flyer

      November 14, 2006:
      Middle School Engineering and Science Day
      Located on NAU campus. ES-Day provides students with the opportunity to
      experience the engineering design process, work in teams to solve a variety of
      engineering problems, and to partake in various scientific experiments.
      MS Word Flyer E-Day Letter
      MS Word Flyer E-Day Flyer

      Mansel A. Nelson
      Program Coordinator (Environmental Educator) Voice 928 523 1275/1496
      Environmental Education Outreach Program Fax 928 523 1280
      Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals mansel.nelson@...
      PO Box 5768
      Northern Arizona University Peterson Hall
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011 Bldg 22, Room 208
      "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Native American Proverb
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