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Fwd: [efgreen] Lysol/NSTA Grant opportunity

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  • Tomoe Natori
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Begin forwarded message:

      > "Lysol/NSTA Grants"
      > Lysol Brand and the National Science Teachers Association invite
      > elementary
      > teachers to submit innovative science projects for grants of $1,500 to
      > be
      > used for professional development and classroom materials. The program
      > invites U.S. K-6 teachers to develop inquiry-based classroom projects
      > that
      > help their students study health related issues. The
      > Challenge also aims to stimulate student interest and participation in
      > science at the elementary level, and to provide teachers with public
      > recognition for their work. Forty teachers will be selected.
      > Application
      > deadline: December 16, 2002.
      > http://www.nsta.org/lysol

      > From: "Gary Randolph" <randolph@...>
      > Date: Fri Nov 1, 2002 13:55:56 America/Denver
      > To: Dr. Steve Chischilly <stevechischilly@...>, Mr. Bruce R.
      > Lewis <bruce@...>, Dr. Steven Semken
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      > Subject: Fwd: [efgreen] Lysol/NSTA Grant opportunity
      > Dear Partners,
      > Here is an excellent grant opportunity for your teachers! If you know
      > of
      > any Elementary teachers who tie-in GLOBE activities with personal
      > health or
      > food consumption issues you might want to pass this on to them. The
      > grant
      > is focused on teachers who have connected inquiry-based science and
      > health-related issues. Issues could include, but are not limited to,
      > personal health and hygiene, home/community health and environment,
      > food
      > growing, food preparation and consumption issues, disease, infection
      > control and safety.GLOBE is a great inquiry-based science program -
      > how is
      > it connected to health issues? Some thoughts that came to mind are:
      > relationship between temperature, precipitation and incidence of colds
      > among children; phenology and local agricultural practices; soil and
      > food
      > production; ground-level ozone concentrations and respiratory health;
      > water
      > chemistry and potability.
      > Please feel free to pass the information below to your teachers so that
      > they may benefit from this opportunity.
      > Gary Randolph
      > US Partner Liaison
      > Environmental Education and Training Specialist
      > The GLOBE Program
      > 1800 G Street, NW
      > Suite 800
      > Washington, DC 20006
      > --------
      > Phone 202-501-3200
      > Fax 202-501-5060
      > "One learns most when teaching others"
      > If you're interested in K-12 education, the environment, global
      > involvement, or scientific research ..visit The GLOBE Program at
      > www.globe.gov
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