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GIS AmeriCorps Opportunity

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    From: Harlan Onsrud [mailto:onsrud@spatial.maine.edu] Sent: Thu 6/29/2006 9:49 AM To: Patricia Solis Cc: lphelps@umext.maine.edu; englest@earthlink.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
      From: Harlan Onsrud [mailto:onsrud@...]
      Sent: Thu 6/29/2006 9:49 AM
      To: Patricia Solis
      Cc: lphelps@...; englest@...
      Subject: GIS AmeriCorps Opportunity

      Hello All,

      Attached is the information sent into AmeriCorps in hopes of recruiting an
      AmeriCorps Member to work with our programs this next year. If you know of
      individuals and/or groups that you could share this info. with that would be

      Basically this person would be working with the Center for Community GIS and
      Cooperative Extension in Farmington, Maine to provide training to 4-H
      volunteers, staff and teachers and doing consultation work. Stephen Engle
      would be their supervisor and they would be housed at the Center for Community
      GIS in Farmington.

      This position has been approved by AmeriCorps and I believe the stipend/living
      allowance is $10,900 for an 11 month contract. Also the person receives
      health insurance and an educational award of about $4,800 once they have
      completed their contract. The educational award can go towards student loans
      and/or tuition. There is also a benefit with regard to interest for student
      loans during the time of the AmeriCorps contract. While it is definitely not
      a position in which a person will earn a tremendous amount of money it is an
      incredible experience for someone. The person will be housed at the Center
      for Community GIS in Farmington Maine which has many other exciting projects

      Below is the application we sent into the AmeriCorps Program. If a potential
      applicant has further questions they can contact Stephen Engle or myself. The
      person would officially apply through the following website

      Thanks for your help with spreading the word.
      Lisa Phelps
      Extension Educator
      University of Maine Cooperative Extension
      PO Box 9300
      Portland, Maine 04104
      (207) 780-4205
      1-800-287-1471 (In Maine)
      Fax: (207) 780-4382
      www.maine4h.umaine.edu <http://www.maine4h.umaine.edu/>
      4-H ... is a community of young people across America who are learning
      leadership, citizenship and life skills.


      Information Sheet

      1) Program/Site Name:

      Maine Community Mapping Program
      Center for Community GIS (Farmington, Maine)

      2) Give a brief two line description of the program (200 characters). This is
      the first exposure potential members will have with your program. Within that
      length limit, write a statement that best sells your program. What can you say
      that will prompt a prospect to click on your 2-lines to get your full

      The Maine Community Mapping Program (MeCMP) empowers students, teachers, and
      volunteers to utilize digital mapping technologies (e.g., GIS, GPS) to conduct
      mapping projects that focus on local communities and real issues.

      3) Enter your program description. What is the mission? Who is the audience
      served? What information about the program would you like to highlight? (2000
      characters or less)

      The Maine Community Mapping Program (MeCMP) is a partnership between the
      Center for Community GIS (CCGIS), University of Maine Cooperative Extension
      (UMCE), Maine Geographic Alliance, and University of Maine at Farmington. The
      program trains and supports educators (formal, informal, pre-service),
      educational outreach staff (e.g., extension officers), and volunteers (e.g.,
      4-H club leaders) to undertake local mapping projects that involve K-12 youth
      in real-world geographical explorations that tackle local issues and needs
      identified by a community partner. The primary audience that selected the
      AmeriCorps member will support through this position includes UMCE staff and
      volunteers involved with supporting the Maine 4-H program.

      Interest in Community Mapping has been increasing rapidly in Maine, so much so
      that staff at CCGIS and UMCE have been unable to keep up with demands for GIS
      training and support. This position is an excellent opportunity to make a
      positive contribution to the MeCMP's efforts to increase the technical and
      organizational capacity of teachers and volunteers to engage a larger body of
      students in community mapping. Whether focused on trail mapping, emergency
      response, safe routes to school, or inventorying historical sites, Community
      Mapping projects have been repeatedly shown to positively impact local
      communities, teach youth new skills, promote civic engagement, and satisfy
      state-mandated learning standards.

      4) What will your AmeriCorps members do? Describe the position. (1000
      characters or less)

      The AmeriCorps member's primary responsibilities will include geospatial
      technology (GIS, GPS, digital mapping) training and on-demand GIS consultation
      and technical assistance. In terms of specific tasks, the AmeriCorps member
      will assist with helping to: organize and co-facilitate group trainings at
      locations around the state (recruiting participants, making arrangements,
      prepping lessons and materials, instruction); troubleshoot technical issues
      and answer questions for individuals; generate training materials and
      documentation focused on different technologies, software programs, or themes;
      complete maps and provide custom data sets; maintain communication and
      dialogue within the growing network of MeCMP participants; and publicize and
      disseminate model projects inside and outside the network, Cooperative
      Extension, and the 4-H program.

      5) Identify 5 keywords or phrases a potential member would type in to find a
      program like yours:
      GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
      Community Mapping
      Technical assistance and training
      Youth projects
      GPS (Global Positioning Systems)

      6) Identify the field of service in which your member will be serving?

      Children and Youth

      7) What of the following skills would you like potential members to possess
      before applying?

      General Skills
      Architecture Planning
      Computers X
      Conflict Resolution
      Education X
      Fine Arts
      First Aid
      Outreach X
      Public Health
      Public Speaking X
      Teaching X
      Trade construction
      Writing X
      Youth Development

      ***Technical competency with digital mapping tools (Geographic Information
      Systems, Global Positioning Systems) is essential.***

      8) Do you have an educational requirement?

      We do not have a minimum degree requirement although graduate level is
      preferable. The position demands a person who combines technical skills
      mastery with teaching capabilities and a love of working with others (i.e.,
      educational technologist). Essential mapping technologies and skills to be
      possessed by candidates are not necessarily the most advanced and complex.
      Capacity to work independently essential and attention to detail are musts.
      Web and graphic design skills preferred. Personal transportation is required.

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