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Registration Deadlines Extended for CSTL Summer Workshops

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    ... Deadlines for Registration for these Summer Professional Development Opportunities Have Been Extended ... Science Leadership Academy (K-12) Science
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2005
      >===== Original Message From Christi Ralston <cstl@...> =====
      Deadlines for Registration for these Summer Professional Development
      Opportunities Have Been Extended


      Science Leadership Academy (K-12)

      "Science Curriculum Topic Study"

      June 28-30, 2005

      9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

      Location: Northern Arizona University

      Registration fee: $300 for individuals or $250/individual for teams of 3 or
      more Registration deadline: Friday, June 17, 2005

      The purpose of the Science Leadership Academy series is to provide
      opportunities for educators concerned with science education to engage in
      professional learning focusing on the tools, skills, and processes needed to
      deliver coherent standards-based science instruction, curriculum and
      assessment in K-12 classrooms.

      Join us to learn about a new process called Science Curriculum Topic Study.
      This process provides a systematic professional development strategy that
      links science standards and research to curriculum, instruction, and
      assessment. Developed by author Page Keeley of the Maine Mathematics and
      Science Alliance, the NSF-funded Curriculum Topic Study (CTS) process is a
      crucial step in understanding the research on student learning and assists
      educators in aligning curriculum, instruction, and assessment with the
      specific, research-based ideas and skills required in local, state, and
      national standards.

      By participating in this event, participants will learn the process from
      Page Keeley, the author of Science Curriculum Topic Study. During the three
      days, Page will guide participants through the CTS process and specifically
      focus on how it relates to assessment of student understandings and thinking
      in science. Using assessment probes, participants will examine the
      underlying understandings of students beyond recalling facts.

      Opportunities will be available for a few schools to extend this
      professional development to work more closely with Page, as a part of the
      NSF funded project. These schools would implement Curriculum Topic Study
      with support during the 2005-2006 academic year.

      To learn more about Science Curriculum Topic Study, read the article by Page
      Keeley, published in the January 2005 issue of Science Scope at

      Registration fee includes registration, a copy of Science Curriculum Topic
      Study and lunch each day.


      GEMS (Great Explorations in Math & Science) K-5 Institute July 7-8, 2005
      9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

      Location: Northern Arizona University

      Registration fee: $275 and includes a selection of GEMS guides Registration
      deadline: Monday, June 27, 2005

      The Center for Science Teaching and Learning is a National GEMS Network
      Site. GEMS is a series of over 70 inquiry-based science and mathematics
      curriculum resources developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science and tested
      extensively for classroom use. The workshop is a 2-day intensive hands-on
      experience with a variety of GEMS units specifically designed for students
      at their corresponding grade-level (K-5). Participants gain in-depth
      knowledge of the GEMS philosophy and approach as well as the design of the
      teaching resource materials. When registering, participants need to choose
      the grade level in which they would like to focus during this institute (K-2
      OR 3-5). In addition, participants will examine how GEMS units align with
      the new Arizona Science Standard and Mathematic Standard and will have
      opportunities to share ideas for implementing hands-on mathematics and
      science with other educators.


      Middle/High School Science Curriculum Showcase July 13-15, 2005 9:00 AM -
      4:00 PM

      Location: Northern Arizona University

      Registration fee: $375 registration fee for individuals or $325/participant
      - Discount price for teams of 3 or more attending from same district/school.

      Registration deadline: Friday, July 1, 2005

      Are you in need of new science curriculum materials to help meet the Arizona
      Science Standard? Join us for this 3-day professional development showcase
      that features interactive sessions highlighting science curriculum materials
      for grades 6-12. Learn more about how exemplary programs support the
      combined teaching of inquiry and content and align with the Arizona Science
      Standard. Middle School curriculum materials such as FOSS, SEPUP, BSCS
      Science & Technology, Science and Technology Concepts for Middle Schools,
      and GEMS will be highlighted as well as High School CPO Science, Earth
      Systems Science in the Community (EarthComm), Active Physics, Chemistry in
      the Community (ChemCom), Biology A Community Context, SEPUP Science &
      Sustainability, BSCS Biology A Human Approach, and Kendall-Hunt Insights in
      Biology. Dr. Randy Bell, science education expert from the University of
      Virginia will deliver the keynote presentation on how to embed inquiry into
      science content instruction!



      For more information on these professional development opportunities or to
      download registration forms, please visit the Center for Science Teaching
      and Learning website at www.nau.edu/cstl and select "Upcoming Summer
      Workshops @ NAU"

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