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Internship opportunity

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  • Mansel Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2005

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      Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 9:45 AM
      To: Angela Benedict
      Subject: internship opportunity
      This is from one of my grant sources - if you know anyone who might fit the profile, please pass it along. APPLICATIONS DUE MARCH 1.
      32. Indian Education Demonstration Grants for Indian Children
      Please distribute widely: Looking for young organizers and young people concerned with
      global warming who want to do a paid summer internship.
      Did you know...
      Climate change compromises the health of people of color communities?
      Climate change imposes financial burdens on low-income communities?
       Climate change causes social and cultural disruptions for Indigenous communities?
      Climate change is hurting communities right now?!
       Climate change is more than an environmental issue.
       Are you wondering how you can help?
       Then apply for the 2005 class of the Climate Justice Corps! If you are a young organizer,
      researcher, or someone who is just interested in working on environmental justice and
      climate change issues, then this is a great opportunity for you. As a member of the CJ
      Corps, you will be paired with an established environmental justice group to work on
      climate justice issues. Past Corps members have worked for a variety of organizations
      including: the Indigenous Environmental Network, Deep South Center for Environmental
      Justice, Southwest Workers Union, Chinese Progressive Association, West Harlem
      Environmental Action, Black Mesa Water Coalition, and Just Transition Alliance. You will
      become a better organizer, use your research to benefit impacted communities, learn
      about the environmental justice implications of global climate change, learn firsthand what
      it_s like to do environmental justice work, and most importantly, learn how to start
      making a difference in the world.
      This is a ten-week, paid internship for the next generation of climate justice advocates.
      Does that sound like you?
      For more information about climate justice, the EJCC or the CJC, please visit us online at
      And feel free to email us at cjcorps@... or call us at 510-444-3041, ext. 310 for
      more information


      Lydia Scheer, Research Specialist and Academic Credit Coordinator

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