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chemistry teacher needed in Tuba City, AZ

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  • Mansel Adelbert Nelson
    Begin forwarded message: Chemistry Teacher needed in Tuba City, AZ [posted to ADE jobs website on 12-04-2013] Job Description: 1. Pursue professional study in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2013

      Begin forwarded message:

      Chemistry Teacher needed in Tuba City, AZ
       [posted to ADE jobs website on 12-04-2013]

      Job Description:
      1. Pursue professional study in the teaching field; keep abreast of conditions and progress.
      2. Work for continuous improvement of instruction in his/her classes.
      3. Maintain a systematic plan for organization and presentation of daily teaching assignments.
         a) Lesson plans and outlines are necessary to assure full use of available materials, both from text and supplementary sources.
         b) Lesson plans must be available at all times for use by substitutes and for reference by other teachers, department heads and administrators.
         c) Assure student utilization of prescribed textbooks.
      4. Work with department heads and administration in organizing and improving courses of study and the curriculum.
      5. Keep complete and accurate records of student grades and attendance.
         a) Roll book must be according to the specified form since it is subject to audit for ADM and is the final check for pupil grades and attendance. These permanent record books will be checked periodically by administrators.
         b) Seating charts in all classes and special duty assignments must be kept in class book for use by substitutes.
      6. Give prompt and careful attention to routine classroom matters.
         a) Health of students
         b) Care of furniture
         c) Absence slips and attendance matters
         d) Lighting and ventilation
         e) Reports as required
         f) Individual differences of pupils
      7. Discipline: classroom control is one of the prime factors of teaching, and the teacher is responsible for maintaining a condition in the classroom to promote the learning situation.
      8. Counsel students and contact the home when necessary.
      9. Cooperate with the counselor in any case which needs special attention.
      10. Help supervise the conduct and welfare of all students on the school premises or at school functions.
      11. Care for and help protect school property.
      12. Help stimulate and support student activities.
      13. Work through proper channels.
      14. Keep assigned students under direct supervision.

      Salary: Per adopted certified salary schedule. Placement depends on education and experience.

      Start Date: Soon after date of hire.

      Application Procedures: Application is available at the District website. Application includes:
      1) Transcripts
      2) AZ Teacher Certification
      3) Letter of Recommendation with email addresses
      4) References with email addresses
      5) Copies of certificates of special training regarding position applying for.

      Tuba City Unified School District #15
      PO Box 67
      Tuba City, AZ 86045

      Adelbert I. Goldtooth
      Phone: 928-283-1008
      Fax: 928-283-1202

      Mansel Nelson
      Senior Program Coordinator
      Tribal Environmental Education Outreach 

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