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You're invited! ASU action research: VECTORS. Monday at 2:10pm in Tempe

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      You're invited to an action research presentation at ASU.

      VECTORS: graphical addition before algebraic manipulation
         by Mr. Kley Feitosa, candidate for MNS degree with concentration in physics

      NEXT MONDAY, July 22, 2013
      Time:  2:10 to 3:20pm
      Place:  Bateman Physical Sciences Center, F wing,
                  room 462 (next to main physics dept. office)
                 Arizona State University, Tempe

          While vectors play a significant role in understanding basic concepts in physics, most high school and college students demonstrate only rudimentary working knowledge of vectors even after taking a yearlong physics course. In developing the force model, careful consideration to the vector concept and its operations is necessary, yet studies have shown that most instructors and textbooks hastily introduce students to abstract orthogonal decomposition of vectors when solving force problems.
          The purpose of this study was to evaluate how students¹ understanding of vectors and forces were impacted by introducing them to graphical addition of vectors before algebraic manipulation of vector components. The research did not find any substantial positive correlation between graphical methods of vector addition and improved understanding of forces and vectors. However most students, particularly students who struggle with math, benefited from the geometrical approach and consequently improved their ability to solve dynamics questions. Likewise, students who have learned how to add vectors graphically increased their problem-solving skill and added another useful ³tool² to their repertoire.

      The Bateman Physical Sciences Center is on University Drive, west of Rural Road and east of College Avenue. It's just east of the pedestrian bridge, on the south side of the street, just east of the Student Health Center. The F wing is at the southeast. Take the elevator to the 4th floor.

      Print the ASU map at <http://www.asu.edu/>http://www.asu.edu/ or (more specifically) <http://asu.edu/map/pdf/asu_map_tempe_2012.pdf>http://asu.edu/map/pdf/asu_map_tempe_2012.pdf.

      If you're driving on Loop 202: Get off at Rural Road (Scottsdale Road). Turn south.

      WHERE TO PARK AT ASU. [Save this for future reference. Updated March 2013]

      *  The closest visitor's structure is the FULTON GARAGE at the NE corner of University Drive and College Avenue; enter from College Avenue or University Drive.  $3 per hour; max. $12/day.

      * Parking structure on Rural Road at Terrace (south of University Dr. Enter on NORTH SIDE of structure).  $2/hour, maximum $8/day.

      * 8th Street, east of Rural Road, is an option for events LESS than 2 hours. FREE parallel parking on north side of street.

      * Park & Ride lot -- light rail and metro bus -- at Apache Blvd and Dorsey Lane (NW corner). Park there and take the free MERCURY Orbit bus, on Lemon Street; go west.

      * Some people bring their bicycle in their car, and bike to campus from the Park & Ride Structure at McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard (SE corner, enter from McClintock).

      * Light rail stop is at Rural Road & University (SW corner). Cost: $4.00 for a one-day pass (at dispensing machines; $6 for one-day pass on-board). [These fares were recently updated.]

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