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      Subject: Learning Media

      Learning Media Here is a great summer URL for a series called “Think Garden”

      On Teacher’s Domain, I found a recent video on Ozone depletion that I used in last week’s Intro course.
      There might be other things that could be used in ITEP training or links for our  downloads site.
      A Message to Teachers' Domain Users from Denise Blumenthal, Director, WGBH Education
      It's been over ten years since we launched Teachers' Domain, and it's been an incredible experience! Today the site has nearly 1 million registered users, and over 4,000 digital resources across all K-12 subject areas, each tied to national and state standards. There have also been too-many-to-count presentations and webinars, and wonderful exchanges with so many of you about how much Teachers' Domain has made your teaching come alive. I am so proud to have been part of the Teachers' Domain team that worked so hard to create such a vibrant resource for you.
      On October 15, 2013, Teachers' Domain will fully transition to PBS LearningMedia. This merger is very exciting, and provides you with the opportunity to gather media-rich digital educational resources from a single site. You will have the same great content you have found on Teachers' Domain, and much more, coming from public media sources around the US.

      Forthcoming: An exciting new collection of math media assets from CPB and PBS LearningMedia
      Stay tuned for the addition in 2014 of enhanced middle school math media assets to PBS LearningMedia. Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, these media assets (video, interactives, and info graphics) are designed for middle school students of diverse learning styles and backgrounds, and will be aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics for grades 5-8. WGBH, along with WNET, KET, and KQED will work with a wide range of public media partners in the production and distribution of the materials. Together, they will develop, innovate and produce engaging content that reflects a wide range of culturally responsive perspectives and learning styles.

      Summer Slide and Middle-Schoolers
      Visit a beach, sleep late, and take a ride on a roller coaster--items on many a middle schooler's summer to-do list. Keep literacy skills sharp? Not so much...
      The Middle School Literacy Initiative provides 40 cross-curricular lessons focused on sharpening literacy and writing skills. Students with computer access at home,
      at the library, or in summer school settings can access these engaging lessons and work at their own pace to help avoid summer slide. To use the lessons, students simply need to register for an account on PBS LearningMedia, or use their existing account.

      New Resources from NOVA Education
      NOVA Education's newest collection of standards-based media resources highlights important concepts in Earth system science using video from new NOVA programs. Each video resource includes discussion questions, a background essay, and teaching tips.  Use the collection as a source of inspiration for your classroom and explore the astonishing beauty and complexity of our dynamic planet with your students.
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