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Fwd: National Report: Towards Healthy Schools 2015

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    Healthy Schools Network
        Towards Healthy Schools 2015
        Leaders of the national Coalition for Healthier Schools presented a new national report, Towards Healthy Schools 2015, to the Obama Administration and Congress. The state by state data and policy report and analysis says "all school children should be considered at elevated risk of health and learning difficulties due solely to the unexamined and or unaddressed risks in their schools and the lack of public health services for children...." Also released was a letter to Congress signed by more than 75 organizations calling for funding US EPA's children's health and schools-related voluntary programs.
        Towards Healthy Schools 2015 cites multiple studies documenting the benefits of healthy indoor learning environments on attendance and achievement, then presents state-level data and policy summaries. A detailed narrative notes progress at US EPA and the Department of Education in encouraging states, but also urges swifter actions by federal and state agencies.
        See the full report at:

        Coalition Letter to Congress
        A Coalition letter to Congress was also released, urging full funding for US EPA's Office of Children's Health and the agency's Indoor Air Quality and other schools-related voluntary programs. Citing the need for a "just and equitable" approach to the federal budget, the letter notes that "children are 100% of our future. But because children do not vote, it all too often means that the needs of children are easily dismissed or put aside for later deliberation."

        See the letter at: http://bit.ly/VxzbEm

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