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Fwd: NASCAR STEM Opportunity

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      Subject: NASCAR STEM Opportunity
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      Hi Everyone,

      This just came across my desk. I'm sure we've got a few high school kids
      out there who are NASCAR fans:

      What is the
      Ten80 Student Racing Challenge:
      NASCAR STEM Initiative=AE?
      It is a project-based STEM* curriculum for middle
      and high school students based on the themes of
      motorsports and sustainable, safe transportation.
      It is also a National STEM Competition League
      and coalition of partners which motivate and
      support students and teachers.
      Students compete and collaborate with each
      other through the internet or face-to-face at
      local, regional and National events.
      Sponsorship Summary
      The U.S. Army is sponsoring 10 Regions including
      the U.S. Southwest around Phoenix, AZ. Direct
      funding can only go to high schools though events
      and training are open to middle schools as well.
      Provided to You: About $3,500 worth of
      materials, two days of professional development
      and two student events, one in Feb. 2013 and one
      to kick-off your initiative for the 2013-14 school
      year. Travel is provided for one team to attend
      National Finals in Charlotte, NC (May 18, 2013).
      Your commitment: The sponsorship is intended
      to enhance your project-based STEM offering for
      students and to help connect your science, math
      and project activities.
      Integrate the curriculum into your school=92s
      program however most benefits your students.
      It can be in a club or STEM/engineering course or
      elective. The curriculum can also be integrated
      in math, science, enterprise or graphic design
      One or more teacher attends professional
      development and fields a team of 10 or more
      students for the Feb 20, 2013 events and 2013-14
      season which can run from September to May.

      Any one interested in more information can contact me off list at


      And I can send the Information Flyer, (because we can send attachments via
      the list serve.


      Richard J. McNamara, M.Ed.
      STEM Technical Advisor
      Science Foundation Arizona
      (c) 480 206-9218

      *Arizonans want a strong economy, a good education system, and the
      availability of high-quality, high-paying jobs. Science Foundation Arizona
      was formed as a public/private partnership to help with exactly that.*
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