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Fwd: ASU MODELING WORKSHOPS next summer, for teachers of grades 8 to 12

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      Subject: ASU MODELING WORKSHOPS  next summer, for teachers of grades 8 to 12
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                                Nov. 2, 2012
      Attention, teachers of physics, chemistry, physical science, & math!
      Grades 8 to 12, & TYC faculty.

      For summer 2013, ASU offers 8 STEM courses for your professional development.

      These courses can count towards the ASU interdisciplinary Master of
      Natural Science degree (MNS) and graduate degrees in education. Use
      for re-certification and/or to become highly qualified (NCLB) and to
      prepare to teach Dual Enrollment or AP/IB.

      Courses are aligned with Arizona Standards and with the NRC Framework
      for K-12 Science Education, including all eight science practices.
      Math instruction is integrated seamlessly by an emphasis on
      mathematical modeling, in accord with Common Core Math Standards.


      Two summer sessions: June and July. ( 3 credits unless otherwise noted)

               MODELING WORKSHOPS:
      June 10-28: PHS 530/PHY 480: Methods of Teaching Physics I
                  (modeling workshop/mechanics. Jeff Steinert, 8-3:30MTWTh. 8-12F)
      June 10-28: PHS 594/PHY 494: Electricity for MIddle/Secondary Teachers
                  (CASTLE electricity. Rich McNamara; 8-3:30MTWTh. 8-12F)
      June 10-28: PHS 594/PHY 494: Physical Science with Math Modeling Workshop II
                  (motion, force, intro chemistry) /Phys Sci Methods
                  (Patricia Burr, Lee Rodgers. 8:30-1pm MTWThF at ASU-Tempe.
                         For 8th and 9th grade teachers)

      June 17-28:  CHM 594: Modeling Instruct in HS Chem II (2 credits)
                 (Brenda Royce of University HS in Fresno, CA: 8-3:30MTWTh. 8-12F)
      July 1-19: CHM 594/CHM 480: Methods of Teaching Chemistry
                    /Modeling Instruct in HS Chem I
                  (Russ Shaffer, 8-3:30MTWTh. 8-12F at Carl Hayden HS, Phoenix)

                OTHER GRADUATE COURSES (in JULY)
      July 1-Aug 2: PHS 505/CHM598: Energy & the Environment (in grades 9 to 12)
                  ( 3:30-6:20pm MTWTh at ASU-Tempe)
      July 1-Aug 2: PHS 560: Light and Matter
                 (Robert Culbertson, 11:10-2:00pm MTWTh at ASU-Tempe)

      Also: PHS 598: Leadership Workshop (1 credit):
                 (James Archambault, Friday afternoons in July at ASU-Tempe)


      Teachers wrote:
      * Great chem workshop.
      * It was, without a doubt, the single greatest professional
      development experience of my career.
      * I was extremely impressed with the course, the materials, and the
      instructors.  I can honestly say that this is the best course that I
      have taken in my journey to become a teacher.
             -- 8th grade teacher
      * ASU's summer program is a national treasure!  -- physics teacher
      * Thanks to taking physics modeling course work, I am highly
      qualified in physics.
      * I learned more about teaching and physics this summer than in 5
      years of college!
      * I LOVE this program!

      For information, visit  http://modeling.asu.edu/MNS/MNS.html
           ASU Graduate Program for Teachers of the Physical Sciences.

      Jane Jackson, Co-Director, Modeling Instruction Program
      Box 871504, Dept.of Physics, ASU, Tempe, AZ 85287
      480-965-8438/fax:965-7565 http://modeling.asu.edu
         For 22 years, the Modeling Instruction Program has
      helped teachers attain knowledge and skills needed
      to benefit their students. Modeling Instruction is
      designated as an Exemplary K-12 science program
      by the U.S. Department of Education.
         The American Modeling Teachers Assn (AMTA) is expanding the work:
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