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UEP teacher workshop registration

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    Uranium Education Workshop ... /*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/ Mansel A. Nelson Program Coordinator
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2002
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      Uranium Education Workshop

      >1 Graduate Credit, Mini Grant Writing, Teacher’s Manual, Internet Listings,
      >Free Geiger Counters per teacher
      >(Teachers with BA/BS/MA/MS Degrees only)
      >Uranium Education Program (UEP), Dine College-Shiprock, NM
      >Navajo Nation Rural Systemic Initiative (NNRSI), Shiprock, NM & Window Rock,
      >NAU-Environmental Education Outreach Program/Institute for Tribal
      >Professionals (UERO), Flagstaff, AZ
      >An Unbiased Approach to:
      >Adverse Impacts from Past Uranium Mining and the Nuclear Industry on the
      >Navajo Nation
      >(Environmental Science, Health, History, Navajo Prospective, Political
      >Science, Social Studies, and Economics of local mining and milling)
      >Perry H. Charley, Director, UEP, Diné College
      >Mark C. Bauer, Ph.D., Co-PI, UEP, Diné College
      >Steven C. Semken, Ph.D., WERC Navajo Dryland Environments Laboratory, Diné
      >Teresa A. Coons, Ph.D. Saccomanno Research Institute
      >Mansel Nelson, Environmental Program Coordinator, NAU
      >Fredrick Sherman, NAU
      >Katie Frevert, Program Manager and Jon Sharpe, Curriculum Manager,
      >NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Center, University of Washington, Seattle
      >Debra Thrall, PhD, Professional Development Coordinator, WERC, UNM
      >Glynn Alsup, US Army Corps of Engineers
      >And Others
      >Best Western, 700 Scott Avenue
      >July 8-12, 2002
      >7:30 A.M. ­ 6:00 P.M. DAILY
      >Perry H. Charley, UEP Director
      >Linda V. Torres, Health Educator, UEP
      >You can call us direct:
      >Phone No. (505) 368-3514/15/16
      >Toll Free No. 1-888-423-6151
      >Fax No. (505) 368-3510

      Mansel A. Nelson
      Program Coordinator Voice 928 523 1275 / 1496
      Environmental Education Outreach Program Fax 928 523 1280
      Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals mansel.nelson@...
      PO Box 5765
      Northern Arizona University Hanley Hall
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011 Bldg 7, Room 112

      "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our
      children." Native American Proverb

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