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Fwd: Job Opportunity - Volunteer Coordinator for Water Festival

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      Subject: Job Opportunity - Volunteer Coordinator for Water Festival
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      Position Available:
      Volunteer Coordinator for Children's Water Festival Program

      A Volunteer Coordinator is needed to join the Water Festival Team and to recruit and coordinate volunteers for the Water Festivals. The Water Festival Program includes Water Festivals for the Middle Rio Grande area, October 14 & 15 and for the Santa Fe area, February 9 & 10.

      Position Responsibilities:
      Recruit and Coordinate Festival Volunteers
      - Contact volunteers from previous Festivals to invite them to volunteer again.
      - Contact local businesses, colleges and high schools and community organizations to determine if they provide volunteers for community projects and if the Festival fits their criteria.
      - Work with Festival Team to develop volunteer information package.
      - Send volunteer package to potential volunteers.
      - Make follow-up calls in 10 to 14 days, reminder calls before Festival.
      - Coordinate volunteers on the days of the Festival.
      - Send Thank You letters after Festival.
      - Maintain volunteer database.

      Candidates should have superior communication and people skills, be able to work independently, pay impeccable attention to detail, enjoy making phone calls, own a computer and have moderate word processing and database skills, enjoy working with passionate water education champions.

      This is a contract position with somewhat flexible hours and schedule with more hours required closer to the events. Hourly rate depends on experience.

      More information about the Water Festival Program can be found at www.pioneerwest.net.

      To apply, contact:
      Susan Gorman, Festival Manager,
      2226B Wyoming NE, Suite 272
      Albuquerque, NM 87112
      Tel: 505-259-7190
      Email: H2ofest@...

      Mansel A. Nelson
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      Environmental Education Outreach Program          Fax 928 523 1280
      Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals  mansel.nelson@...
      PO Box 5765
      Northern Arizona University                       Hanley Hall
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011                               Bldg 7, Room 112

      "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our
      children."  Native American Proverb


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