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      >1. AAIP native American Youth Initiative
      >2. Tribal Colleges Grants Porgram
      >3. SACNAS E-nouncements (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and
      >Native Americans in Science)
      >4. Law School Scholarship
      >5. 2004 Patterson Research Conference,Commemorating the 50th
      >Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education & 40 Years of the Civil
      >Rights Act of 1964, Still Not Equal: Expanding Opportunity in Global
      >in Working Overseas?
      >7. American Indian Radio Internship Program
      >8. Friends Committee on National Legislation internship program
      >9. National Conference on Juvenile Justice
      >11. Program Announcement: Summer Academic Enrichment Program,
      >Headlands Indian/Health Careers
      >12. Program Announcement: Writing Intensive Summer Program, Bryn
      >13. Program Announcement: Native American Youth Enrichment Program
      >14. The Conservation Careers Diversity Internship
      >15. University of Arizona MEDCAMP University of Arizona MedStart
      >16. University of Arizona MedStart
      >17. Arizona Health Academy
      >18. Northern Arizona University/NASA Program.
      >19. North and Henry High Schools Need Classroom Volunteers!!
      >(Minneapolis, MN)
      >21. IHS Announces Hundreds of Scholarships to Fund Indian Medical
      >22. Plant Biology Undergraduate Internships at Cornell University
      >Request for help: Books for Crow Creek Tribal Schools—Give the gift
      >of knowledge!
      >**You are welcome to reprint, copy, archive, quote or re-post this
      >item, but please retain the original and listserv source.**
      >1. The Association of American Indian Physician's (AAIP)
      >annual National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI) will be
      >held in Washington, DC, June 19-27, 2004.
      >The National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI) program is an
      >intense academic enrichment and reinforcement program consisting of
      >mini block courses teaching leadership, communication, study and
      >testing skills plus assertiveness, networking and professional
      >behavior, interactive learning and time management. Courses are
      >designed to increase the student's background and skills so he/she
      >is better prepared to remain in the academic pipeline and pursue a
      >career in the health professions and/or biomedical research. It is
      >the goal of AAIP to prepare these students for admission to college
      >and professional school, and empower them to utilize these skills.
      >Topics will be presented in a series of lectures, field trips, and
      >tutorials. The summer program will inform students of the variety of
      >health careers available to Native American youth. AAIP members,
      >health professionals, and traditional healers will provide special
      >lectures regarding personal experiences toward a health career and
      >the collaboration between western and traditional medicine.
      >Native American high school students planning to enter the health
      >professions between the ages of 16 through 18 years old are eligible
      >to apply. Students must have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA (A = 4.0).
      >- One Page Essay expressing plans to enter the health professions
      > (double spaced)
      >- Current Academic Transcript
      >- Letter of Recommendation from school counselor/teacher
      >- Primary Data Sheet and
      >- Photograph
      >Selected scholars will receive all expenses paid. Each participant
      >will be provided with room, board and travel during the week long
      >program. It will be necessary for individuals to bring extra monies
      >for items (i.e. souvenirs) they may wish to purchase during their
      >Applications are also available for download on the AAIP web site at
      >Only a limited number of students will be accepted, therefore early
      > application is encouraged. Deadline is May 14, 2004. For more
      >information, please e-mail Carla Guy at cguy@... or call (405)
      > --
      > Carla Guy (Caddo)
      > Student Programs Coordinator
      > Association of American Indian Physicians
      > 1225 Sovereign Row, Suite 103
      > Oklahoma City, OK 73108
      > Tel: 405-946-7072
      > Fax: 405-946-7651
      > http://www.aaip.com
      >2. Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants Program
      >The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
      >(CSREES) solicits applications for the Tribal Colleges Education
      >Equity Grants Program (TEE). Approximately $1.7 million is available
      >for project grants for fiscal year (FY) 2004. Targeted areas of
      >institutional capacity building for teaching food and agricultural
      >sciences at the 1994 Land-Grant Institutions include:
      >(1) Curricula Design and Materials Development;
      >(2) Faculty Development and Preparation for Teaching;
      >(3) Instruction Delivery Systems;
      >(4) Student Experiential Learning;
      >(5) Equipment and Instrumentation for Teaching; and
      >(6) Student Recruitment and Retention.
      >Applications are due March 30, 2004.
      >3. SACNAS E-nouncements (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and
      >Native Americans in Science)
      >Published on February 12, 2004
      >Table of Contents
      > SACNAS National Conference
      > SACNAS News
      > New Job Listings
      > Scholarships/Internships/Fellowships
      > Graduate/Postdoc/Jr. Faculty/Faculty Opportunities
      > K-12 Opportunities
      > Upcoming Events
      > General Announcements
      > E-nouncements Guidelines
      > To View in Full please visit http://www.sacnas.org/enouncements1.htm
      >4. Great Law School Scholarship Information
      >Following is information on a GREAT scholarship, if you are coming to
      >law school this coming fall you need to apply for this NOW! This is
      >one of the scholarships I wish someone had told me about...so please,
      >apply now! If the school you attend has a matching program, this is
      >a $30,000 scholarship. You can only apply for it BEFORE you start
      >law school
      >Please share this with other interested folks. If I can help with
      >your law school application process in any way, I'm happy to. Also
      >feel free to pass my contact info on to other Native students
      >interested in college, grad or law school...I'm always available to
      >help. I have a copy of the people of color guide to law school
      >admissions, if you would like it, send me an email. Look online for
      >info on the PLSI and CLEO programs. PLSI was the best preparation
      >for law school, and is a MUST for Native pre-law students. Cleo is a
      >similar program, but open to all minorities. Most Indian people go
      >to PLSI. Let me know if you have any questions.
      >PLSI info: http://lawschool.unm.edu/AILC/plsi/
      >Cleo info: http://www.cleoscholars.com/all_about_cleo/index.htm
      >Also check out this minority law students link page:
      >5. 2004 Patterson Research Conference,Commemorating the 50th
      >Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education & 40 Years of the Civil
      >Rights Act of 1964, Still Not Equal: Expanding Opportunity in Global
      > Washington Hilton and Towers
      > 1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW
      > Washington, DC 20009
      > September 24-27, 2004
      >The Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute of the United Negro
      >Fund is proud to host an international conference celebrating fifty
      >of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954), forty years
      >Civil Rights Act of 1964, and their outgrowths and implications. The
      >Patterson Research Conference provides a venue for researchers,
      >practitioners, and professionals of all academic disciplines,
      >and/or advocacies to convene and address the status and condition of
      >of color in education and other contexts around the world. The 2004
      >Patterson Research Conference specifically highlights the continuing
      >implications of Brown, the Civil Rights Act, and/or other relevant
      >national, and international policies on the quest for opportunity.
      >The theme, Still Not Equal: Expanding Opportunity in Global
      >addresses the successes and failures of Brown and the Civil Rights
      >well as the continuing challenges to expanding opportunity in the
      >States and across the Diaspora. The conference is intended to
      >educational, political, and social influence of Brown, the Civil
      >Act, and their progeny. Still Not Equal: Expanding Opportunity in
      >Societies examines the dynamics that particularly impact the
      >educational and social experiences of people of color. Such global
      >complexities in education and other settings demand scholarly
      >Conference proposals are being accepted for papers, presentations,
      >workshops, posters, roundtables, and symposia. Proposals should be
      >to the implications of Brown, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and/or
      >relevant state, national, or international policies. Proposals
      >submitted electronically to pattersonconference@.... Be sure to
      >identify the type of submission. The deadline for submitting
      >April 1, 2004 at 11:59 p.m. (EST). Selected proceedings from the
      >conference will be compiled and disseminated in monograph form.
      >activities will accompany all plenary sessions and meal events.
      >materials and other related information can be retrieved from
      >The Conference Registration
      >Registration forms can be retrieved from www.patterson-uncf.org.
      >Registration fees for the conference are as follows:
      >Early Bird Registration: $150.00 (Before May 1, 2004)
      >Registration: $200.00 (Before August 1, 2004)
      >Late Registration: $250.00
      >Registration fee includes:
      >--Opening Gala and Reception
      >--Lectures and Luncheons
      >--Ecumenical brunch
      >--Mid-morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks
      >--Admission to all sessions and cultural activities
      >--Admission to exhibit hall/book signing.
      >--A printed copy of the Conference souvenir booklet
      >--One-year subscription to the Review of African American Education
      >The Conference Site
      >The Patterson Research Conference will be held at the Washington
      >Towers (www.hilton.com). The Washington Hilton and Towers is located
      >1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW; Washington, DC 20009.
      >RoSusan D. Bartee, Ph.D.
      >Program Manager and Senior Research Associate
      >Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute
      >United Negro College Fund
      >8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive
      >P. O. Box 10444
      >Fairfax, VA 22031-4511
      >Phone: (703) 205-3543
      >Facsimile: (703) 205-2012
      >E-Mail: rosusan.bartee@...
      >2004-2005, Interested in Working Overseas?
      >CANADEM seeks qualified MAs and other university graduates interested
      >development, human rights and peace building for overseas placements
      >starting June 2004. CANADEM's Junior Professional Consultants (JPCs)
      >placed with agencies such as the UNDP (United Nations Development
      >Programme), the OSCE (Organisation for security and Cooperation in
      >Europe), the IOM (International Organization for Migration) and
      >various countries around the world (Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Rwanda
      >Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Kazakhstan,
      >to assist in projects supporting post-conflict recovery,
      >HIV/AIDS, gender and human rights.
      >All candidates must be under 30, underemployed and meet all other
      >eligibility criteria (for more information please visit our website at
      >Of the over 140 JPCs placed by CANADEM over the past six years, most
      >relevant employment after completing their internships. Many continued
      >working as full-time staff members with their host organization.
      >On-Going Support
      >CANADEM JPCs are given assignments and responsibilities commensurate
      >their academic, working and volunteer experiences. Contracts include:
      >* An in-Canada pre-departure orientation (early summer);
      >* A six months overseas posting;
      >* On-going follow-up while on placement (including job leads); and
      >* A final in-Canada debriefing session.
      > Throughout the placements, CANADEM's JPC Program Coordinator
      >contact with the JPCs and, as the placements draw to a close, provides
      >assistance in reworking and updating resumes.
      >CANADEM's JPC program is undertaken within the Government of Canada's
      >Youth Employment Strategy (YES) with contributions from DFAIT and CIDA
      >(funding for 2003-04 is pending final approval ­ check website for
      >updates). CANADEM provides its JPCs with a $12,000 stipend (which
      >all direct expenses -- e.g. travel, health insurance, briefing
      >accommodations, etc).
      >For Application, Eligibility and Additional Information Visit:
      >"A national roster of Canadian skilled in human rights, peace
      >democratization, admin-logistics, security, reconstruction and other
      >tel: (613) 789_3328, fax: (613) 789_6125
      >email: neil.burron@... web: www.canadem.ca
      >Please send all completed applications to: <jpc@... .
      >7. ATTENTION -- American Indian High School Students
      >On March 25-29, 2004 six American Indian Students get a chance to
      >work in a one-on-one mentorship with a National Public Radio
      >professional producer. This pilot high school training program is
      >the result of a partnership between InterTribal Entertainment (a job-
      >training program of Southern California Indian Center, Inc.) and
      >Next Generation Radio (NPR) from Washington D.C.
      >In a five-day intensive training boot camp, students will learn how
      >to produce their own story for radio. The classes will be held at
      >the new NPR West Coast facility in Culver City at 9909 Jefferson
      >Blvd. Classes are free to participants.
      >4:00pm Sign up/Meet & Greet
      >5:00pm -- 9:00pm Class/Workshop
      >5:00pm -- 9:00pm Class/Workshop
      >ALL DAY Field production/Lab
      >ALL DAY Lab/Story Production
      >5:00pm -- 9:00pm Story Presentations/Wrap
      >Qualifications and Requirements
      >Serious High School Students with computer experience.
      >Be there on time everyday (15 minutes early!!!)
      >Using your best grammar and punctuation, please answer with NO LESS
      >THAN 50 words for each of the following two questions:
      >What do you like about radio?
      >What would be your vision of an American Indian Youth radio network?
      >Email to: info@... or Fax to: (213) 387-9061
      >Include your name, parent or guardian, mailing address, phone,
      >Email, age and grade in High School.
      >For questions call Roscoe at: (213) 387-5772.
      >We will contact you immediately to let you know we have received
      >your application. You will be notified of acceptance no later than
      >March 1.
      >8. Friends Committee on National
      >Legislation internship program is Monday, March 1, 2004.
      >references, and transcripts are all due then.
      >Each year at this time, FCNL offers several intern slots in its
      >Washington, D.C. Applicants must be college graduates or have
      >work or life experience. The internships last from the beginning of
      >September to the end of the following July. Interns receive a
      >salary, health care, a public transportation subsidy, and paid
      >Interns work with senior staff on the issue priorities and the vital
      >activities of the organization.
      >To obtain more information, please see the FCNL web site at
      >www.fcnl.org or
      >email Patricia Powers, intern coordinator, at pat@.... The
      >application form can be downloaded from the web site, so that the
      >can create space to answer the questions a little more fully.
      >transcripts are required. Reference forms are included on the web
      >along with the application; they should be filled out and returned
      >to the FCNL office.
      >Activities and Experiences of Interns
      >FCNL Interns may work on a range of public policy issues, including
      >disarmament, civil liberties, or Native American concerns. They may
      >with lobbying, with field operations, or with publications. Interns
      >engage in direct, personal interaction with constituents by email and
      >telephone or may respond to routine information requests. They may
      >create and distribute materials for a legislative campaign or a voter
      >registration campaign.
      >One of the current interns says, "Following legislative policy and
      >congressional activity on nuclear disarmament and North Korea,
      >attending hearings and briefings on Capitol Hill, has been an
      >learning experience. The learning curve while working at FCNL is
      >steep. This internship has prepared me for a masters program in
      >policy, international affairs, or whatever field I eventually
      >addition, I've seen a significant improvement in my ability to be an
      >effective advocate for peace and justice."
      >Another intern describes the pride and satisfaction she received from
      >work on a project as follows:
      >"I felt a great sense of accomplishment when the "Peaceful Prevention
      >Deadly Conflict" booklets came in. It's a very different feeling
      >you produce your own piece of writing. Bridget [Moix] wrote most of
      >contents of the booklet, but I wrote parts, put in a few sentences
      >was really glad to have added. And I spent hours and hours going
      >forth with the designer, adjusting the layout, correcting typos. I
      >the week that the FCNL office was closed in August with my old college
      >roommate in LA, and I remember lying on her apartment floor in a
      >sun with the pages of the latest PDF version of the booklet spread out
      >around me, marking changes with a yellow highlighter. When the
      >came in from the printer, I felt like I had been part of producing
      >that FCNL would use for a long time. It was something much better
      >could ever have produced on my own, but still I felt instrumental in
      >it happen."
      >For more information about the internship program see the FCNL web
      >http://www.fcnl.org and click on "FCNL's Intern Program."
      >9. The National Conference on Juvenile Justice
      >March 28-31, 2004
      >Las Vegas, Nevada
      > The National Conference on Juvenile Justice is the largest and most
      >prestigious conference in the country on issues effecting America?s
      >and the juvenile justice system.
      >This year?s conference will offer many courses focused on issues of
      >particular interest to those who work with Native American youth.
      >this year for the first time, a Native American Caucus will be held to
      >provide a forum for tribal, county, state, and federal justice
      >personnel to
      >meet and discuss jurisdictional and other issues in an informal
      >Seminars will include:
      >Native American Caucus
      >Minority Caucus
      >Helping Wounded Eagles Soar, Gay Munsell, Specialist in Native
      >Issues, Tulsa, OK
      >Developing MOUs in Indian Country, Stephen Wall, American Indian
      >Development Associates, Albuquerque, NM
      >Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Its Impact on the Courts, Raquelle Myers &
      >Nicole Myers-Lim, National Indian Justice Center, Santa Rosa, CA
      >Gangs on the Reservation, Kimo Keahi Souza, Tribal Social Services
      >Director, Pueblo of Zuni, NM
      >Suicide and Native American Youth, Michelle Chino, Executive Director,
      >American Indian Research and Education Center, Las Vegas, NV
      >What you need to know about 4-E Funds, Denise Askea, Senior Federal
      >Programs Specialist, TX Juvenile Probation Commission
      >Basic Issues in Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Interviewing, Judy
      >For more information, please contact:
      >Ian Curley
      >Program Manager
      >National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
      >University of Nevada, Reno
      >P.O. Box 8970
      >Reno, Nevada
      >Email: icurley@...
      >Fax: 775-784-6628
      >September 29-30, 2004
      >Washington State University
      >Pullman, Washington
      >The Native American Advisory Board to the President and the College of
      >Liberal Arts invite elders, tribal leaders, scholars, students,
      >researchers, educators, and other professionals and interested
      >members to participate in ?Honoring the Heritage of the Plateau
      >Past, Present, and Future.? The conference will explore the
      >contemporary social, political, educational, health, and economic
      >status of
      >the Plateau Tribes, as well as the preservation of language, culture,
      >history, and cultural and natural resources of the Plateau peoples.
      >Proposals for papers, individual or panel presentations,
      >exhibitions, poster sessions, and project exhibit tables that relate
      >above topics will be accepted through April 15, 2004. Proposals that
      >accepted will be notified by May 15, 2004.
      >Complete information for proposals and registration will be available
      >our WEB site:
      >You may also contact:
      >Mary Collins, Coordinator, Plateau Conference Planning Committee
      >509-335-4314, collinsm@...
      >Barbara Aston, Assistant to the Provost/Tribal Liaison
      >509-335-8618, aston@...
      >11. Program Announcement: Summer Academic Enrichment Program,
      >Headlands Indian/Health Careers
      >Application Deadline: 03/15/2004
      >The Headland Indian Health Careers Program is an eight-week summer
      >(June 6 - July 31, 2004) designed to increase the science and
      >backgrounds and communication skills of American Indian students
      >in a health career and presently in their senior year of high school
      >freshman year of college. Applicants should have completed at least
      >years of algebra and two science courses and maintained at least a
      >(B-/C+ average) in high school.
      >This academic enrichment and reinforcement program consists of
      >courses in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Communication
      >Writing Skills and is designed to increase the students' backgrounds
      >skills so they may achieve levels of performance necessary for
      >college academics. Topics are presented in a series of lectures and
      >laboratories, which are complemented with individual tutorials.
      >Participants receive: All expenses paid (room, board, and round trip
      >airfare) and $500 stipend. The program will be held on the main
      >the University of Oklahoma in Norman.
      >Counselor positions are also available: College Upperclassmen and
      >Professional Students will be selected to serve as dorm counselors,
      >and role models for the participants. Counselors will be provided
      >room and board during the eight week program as well as transportation
      >costs and receive a $1,600.00 stipend.
      >WARNING: This is not a summer camp, it is an intensive and rigorous
      >academic program. If the applicant is expecting an easy summer they
      >will be
      >rudely disappointed. Participant will be expected to attend all
      >field trips, keep up with a rigorous schedule and large amounts of
      >homework, and give a formal cultural presentation (speech) and write
      >paper on their tribe.
      >For more information visit our web site: www.headlands.ouhsc.edu.
      >a copy or our application material by clicking "How to Apply."
      >deadline is March 15.
      >If you have any questions, or are unable to print the application
      >materials, feel free to call us at 405-271-2250 or email us at
      >The Headlands Program is sponsored by the Oklahoma Native American
      >12. Program Announcement: Writing Intensive Summer Program, Bryn
      >Application Deadline: 05/01/2004
      >Bryn Mawr offers a writing-intensive summer program for high school
      >(rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors) beginning June 27 and
      >This summer's program is divided into three writing-intensive strands:
      >Creative Writing, Environmental Studies, and Urban Studies. The
      >purpose of
      >the program is to build the participants' reading, writing, and
      >skills, explore an area of study that they might want to pursue in
      >and be active self-directed writers and learners while developing a
      >portfolio. There is also a one-week college-search program where
      >focus on specific aspects of the college admissions process.
      >Students interested in attending WFC must fill out an application in
      >addition to submitting any required supplements. There is also a fee
      >attending WFC, which can be found in the brochure and on-line. For
      >program information, visit:
      >13. Program Announcement: Native American Youth Enrichment Program
      >Application Deadline: April 2004
      >The Native American Youth Enrichment Program is a 7-week summer
      >that runs June-August for Native American children ages 6-13. NAYEP
      >children of all tribal ancestries from all across the Boston area.
      >NAYEP is looking for enrolled undergraduate students from any
      >college/university and year to apply for senior counselor positions.
      >Senior counselors will lead a group of 8-10 children between 9 AM and
      >on weekdays. Our mornings are focused on curriculum and our
      >usually reserved for field trips and constructive recreation.
      >is developed by each senior counselor and therefore changes each
      >but all major academic areas are covered. We also spend a great deal
      >focus on Native culture, history, myth and identity, as well as
      >environmental issues, multiculturalism, and developing creativity.
      >We are also looking for applications for director positions. There
      >directors of the program. They run the overall administration,
      >and every-day happenings of camp. They are in charge of hiring a
      >senior counselors, junior counselors and getting participant
      >in. They are also in charge of raising money and making connections
      >the Native community of Boston.
      >We have a particular challenge in that our campers come from all
      >social and economic backgrounds. In-depth knowledge/experience in
      >Issues is not a prerequisite for the job of senior counselor or
      >Anyone with a real interest in learning and teaching is welcomed and
      >encouraged to apply. It is an amazing summer experience and the
      >opportunity to share your personal experiences with a wonderful group
      >Native children who are in desperate need of wonderful role models
      >their own community. Undergraduate students from any
      >and year are encouraged to apply for both positions.
      >Program Website: http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~nayep
      >For more information and applications please email: Sophia Taula at
      >taula@... or call (510) 967-5182.
      >14. The Conservation Careers Diversity Internship
      >Application Deadline: 02/09/2004
      >The Conservation Careers Diversity Internship Program offers students
      >opportunity to work with and be mentored by world-class scientists,
      >managers, and educators on pressing conservation and environmental
      >throughout the United States. US Fish and Wildlife Service program
      >such as the National Wildlife Refuge System, Fisheries, Ecological
      >field stations, and Migratory Bird and Law Enforcement offices provide
      >unique challenges for students who want to learn and grow as
      >while they make a real-world contribution.
      >Interns will receive:
      >-A $4,800 stipend for 12 weeks ($400/week)
      >-Free housing or a $1,000 housing allowance
      >-$300 for relocation assistance
      >For specific internship information and an application, please contact
      >Josephine Xiong at jxiong@..., 617-426-4783, ext. 142. or visit us
      >online at http://www.eco.org/fws
      >Kayenta Health Center
      >The Kayenta Health Center is sponsoring a four-week mentorship
      >program local Navajo high school students interested in health
      >When: July 2004
      >Where: Kayenta, Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation at The
      >Kayenta Health Center
      >Stipend: $1000 plus free housing
      >Contact: Contact Ellen Rothman, MD 928-697-4000 (w) or email
      >[mailto:EllenLRothman@...] for program description.
      >Weblink to Kayenta Service Unit:
      >15. University of Arizona MEDCAMP
      >The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) in Tucson is
      >sponsoring the 12th annual MEDCAMP -- a free, three-day summer health
      >careers camp, designed for Arizona high school juniors and seniors
      >considering a career in medicine, nursing, research or pharmacy.
      >Due to limited space, Arizona high schools nominate one male and one
      >female student who would benefit most from this type of experience.
      >(Because of space limitations, not every student is selected.
      >Selection is based on student essays and teacher recommendations.)
      >All MEDCAMP students are housed in a UA student dormitory and are
      >supervised by medical students. MEDCAMP 2004 begins Monday evening,
      >July 13th - July 16th, 2004. All day-time activities are held on the
      >AHSC campus. Students are expected to attend the entire program
      >without exception.
      >Nomination forms will be mailed to Arizona high schools in mid-March.
      >Each student nominee is asked to fill out an application and include
      >a letter of recommendation from his/her science teacher.
      >DEADLINE: May 1.
      >QUESTIONS: Please contact Katie Riley at (520) 626-7301 or
      >16. University of Arizona MedStart
      >High school juniors who have a strong interest in a health care
      >Arizona residents.
      >Minority (African-American, Hispanic, or Native American), rural
      >area, 1st generation college, and/or economically disadvantaged
      >All students must be permanent residents or US citizens.
      >All students must have a social security card upon acceptance. (This
      >is for financial aid processing)
      >For more information, click on link:
      >DEADLINE: Friday, February 20, 2004
      >17. Arizona Health Academy
      >A Health Professions Exploration and Academic Enrichment Program for
      >High School Students
      >Health Academy participants will be exploring health careers in a
      >limited hands-on manner (and/or shadowing) through practical
      >experiences in different departments throughout Maricopa Medical
      >1. Students entering their senior year of high school
      >2. Students from a low-income household or who come from an
      >environment that puts them at an academic disadvantage.
      >3. Student must currently live and/or attend school within Maricopa
      >All college expenses and program expenses are provided free of charge
      >to student. After successful program completion, students receive a
      >stipend of $1,250.
      >For more information, click on the link:
      >DEADLINE: Friday, April 2, 2004
      >18. Northern Arizona University/NASA Program.
      >The NAU/NASA Space Grant and the Department of Physics and Astronomy
      >is sponsoring a one-week program in astronomy for any Native American
      >high school students (open to students across the country). It will
      >be held at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff, Arizona.
      >Students live on campus, and NASA will provide the tuition, room,
      >board, field trips and materials. There are also limited travel funds.
      >Admission to this unique program is competitive and limited to grades
      >8-12 students interested in astronomy. To apply, please complete the
      >online application form at
      >http://www.spacegrant.nau.edu/olapplication/index.htm. You must
      >include a letter of recommendation from your science teacher or
      >counselor; this form is also online. The applications are sent
      >automatically. Please contact David Cole if you or your parents have
      >any questions at (928) 523-8017 or david.cole@...
      >19. North and Henry High Schools Need Classroom Volunteers!!
      >(Minneapolis, MN)
      > Are you interested in gaining experience working with children in
      > inner city? Are you interested in education or working with
      > Do you want experience working with a diverse group of people? Are
      > interested in sharing your time, knowledge and passion for learning?
      > North and Henry High Schools are now recruiting and training
      > for this school year. Volunteers are sought to work in the classroom
      > in a variety of subjects, volunteer on special projects, help tutor
      > students to pass the basic standards tests, and to share their
      > interests and talents. Volunteers are needed during the school day
      > (8:30am to 3pm) and for after school tutorials. Especially with the
      > budget cuts, these inner city high schools need your help!!!
      > For more information,
      > Contact Anne Rollings, Volunteer Coordinator
      > Anne.Rollings@...
      > (612) 290-4533
      > If you could put this in a listserve that went out to American
      > Studies students, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much
      > for your time!
      > Anne Rollings
      > Volunteer Coordinator
      > Minneapolis Public Schools
      > Anne.Rollings@...
      > (612)290-4533
      >A one-day conference organized by the Center for Gender Studies.
      >Saturday, February 28, 2004
      >University of Chicago's Ida Noyes Hall, Max Palevsky Theater, 1212
      >59th Street.
      >Speakers include:
      >Aihwa Ong
      >Judith Halberstam
      >Nancy K. Miller
      >Kate Millett
      >Sabrina Craig
      >Lynn Spigel
      >Michele Faith Wallace
      >Sharon P. Holland
      >Gayatri Spivak
      >Dorothy Allison
      >Organizing "Back to the Future: Generations of Feminism" was
      >by two overarching concerns: that feminism is becoming "assumed" out
      >existence; and that the relationship between second wave feminism and
      >later generations needs to be rethought. We have invited speakers at
      >different stages in their careers as feminist scholars and activists,
      >asked them to reflect on the past, and especially the future, of
      >feminism. Our goal is to produce a moment of reflection--both by
      >listening to
      >our distinguished panelists and generating discussion between
      >and audience members about the future(s) of feminism.
      >Speakers will respond to such questions as: Do you have a utopian
      >vision of the future? Did you once imagine utopias you have since
      >refined, or rejected? How did you come to feminism? Was there an
      >person, or experience that influenced your subsequent engagement with
      >the problem of gender? Has anything happened to change the way you
      >about or engage this problem? What might it mean to have become, or
      >one's work to have become, an "icon" or "classic" of feminist thought
      >and politics?
      >Ultimately, we hope in our discussion to confront the ways in which
      >feminism--as an academic discipline, a philosophy, a politics, or an
      >economic, legislative and cultural issue--has changed. Has the
      >aspect of contemporary feminist discourse--the conjoining of feminism
      >other political and/or epistemological projects--fundamentally
      >the discipline? Do globalization studies, race studies, queer
      >even "gender" studies, need to be re-infused with feminism? Is there
      >value to calling out feminism again on its own terms? Or not? These
      >questions are by no means exhaustive: we hope that each speaker will
      >contribute a unique perspective on where we have come and where we
      >ought to
      >be going.
      >The event is free and open to the public, though we request that
      >register in advance. For schedule details, panelists' biographies,
      >registration information, and direction, please visit
      >The Center for Gender Studies
      >University of Chicago
      >5733 South University Avenue
      >Chicago, IL 60637
      >773-702-9936 (ph)
      >773-834-2000 (fax)
      >21. IHS Announces Hundreds of Scholarships to Fund Indian Medical
      >Washington, D.C. ­
      >The Indian Health Service has announced the availability of
      >approximately $3,733,332 to fund scholarships for American Indians
      >and Alaska Natives pursuing preparatory, pregraduate, and
      >professional programs. Approximately 200 awards, 100 of which are
      >continuing, will run for at least 10 months and the average award to
      >a full-time student is approximately $20,000. In 2004, approximately
      >$1,500,000 is available for continuation awards and approximately
      >$2,233,000 is available for new awards. Approximately 340 awards will
      >be made under the Indian Health Scholarship (Professions) Program.
      >Awards will be made to both full-time and part-time students. These
      >awards are for 12 months in duration and the average award to a full-
      >time student is for approximately $23,500. Up to five percent of
      >available funds will be used for part-time scholarships. These grants
      >programs are intended to encourage American Indians and Alaska
      >Natives to enter the health professions and to assure the
      >availability of Indian health professionals to serve Indians.
      >Deadlines for applying for these grants is February 28, 2004.
      >For more information, visit
      >gpo.gov/2003/03-26698.htm or contact Mr. Jess Brien at (301) 443-
      >6197. For grants information, contact Mr. Bernard Covers Up at (301)
      >22. Plant Biology Undergraduate Internships at Cornell University
      >The Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP) at Cornell University and
      >Boyce Thompson Institute (Ithaca, New York) is sponsoring summer
      >internships for undergraduates. Internships are 8-10 weeks in length
      >in one of 16 participating labs currently doing plant research.
      >Interns will be mentored by a graduate student or post-doctoral
      >associate and will work with their mentors on a project related to
      >plant genomics. They will learn the latest in molecular biology
      >techniques, and depending on the lab, may also participate in
      >fieldwork. All students will be attending lab meetings, reading and
      >discussing recent literature related to their project, and will
      >present their research to the other students, principal
      >investigators, and mentors at our summer student symposium. For
      >participation in the program, student interns will be provided a
      >stipend, housing, and some travel expenses. Application deadline:
      >February 20th, 2004.
      >Please contact the internship coordinator, Nicole Markelz
      >(nph5@... or 607.254.6732) for more information.
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