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Fwd: [SAZ_pWET] Does your school want to host the large Nat Geo Map?

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  • Mansel Adelbert Nelson
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      Mansel A Nelson
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      Tribal Environmental Education Outreach

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      Hi Everyone!

      Arizona Project WET is passing on this unique opportunity from the Arizona Game ad Fish Department. They are sponsoring the National Geographic's Giant Traveling Map of North America and will be held in February of 2012!  Please see the below information for more details! If you have any questions or concerns please see the contact information below as Arizona Project WET is not the contact for this event.

      Thank you,
      Arizona Project WET

      The Arizona Game and Fish Department is sponsoring the National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Map of North America. It will be in Arizona in February 2012 to coincide with the Arizona SciTech Festival. Using the nearly 1000 square foot map, students and the public will be able to participate in a number of engaging activities looking at America’s great wildlife migrations, with a particular focus on animals that come through Arizona. People will follow the flight of sandhill cranes, bald eagles, monarch butterflies, and many more. This is an excellent way to bring ecology and geography alive. General information about the maps can be found at http://events.nationalgeographic.com/events/special-events/giant-traveling-maps/.


      We are currently looking for schools that would like to host the map for a day. Department employees will setup the map and lead most activities. The map and employees can remain into the evening if you would like for it to be part of a larger community or school science night. We could even offer professional development training to teachers before or after school to help extend the learning back in the classroom beyond this single day event. We can work with individual schools to customize activities for your particular needs. There is no fee associated with your participation. As a school, you simply need to commit to having a location set aside that is large enough to setup the map (which is 26’ by 35’) and room for participants to move around, and provide students/community members/teachers to participate in the activities.


      We would like the map to be available to a variety of communities. Therefore, we are looking for schools throughout the state. We are currently looking to fill four dates:

      ·         Tuesday, February 14

      ·         Thursday, February 16

      ·         Tuesday, February 21

      ·         Thursday, February 23


      If you are interested in bringing the map to your school, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Instead, send an email directly to eproctor@.... In the email, indicate your city and which day or days would work best for you. In addition, briefly explain how you see the map being used at your school. For example, would a single grade level rotate through to participate or would we see the entire school? Do you want to involve a brief (1-2 hour) professional development piece? Do you want us to stick around for an evening science festival?


      Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all requests. We will base our decisions on a number of factors including: location, time availability, expected impact or reach, and the specific outreach needs of the Department. We ask that all requests be submitted by September 9. However, requests will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the criteria mentioned. So, we do not recommend waiting until the last minute to send your email.


      We ask for patience during this process. This is the first time we are trying an event like this. If it is successful, we will consider bringing it back annually.


      Jessica Chase
      Student Assistant
      Arizona Project WET
      350 N. Campbell Ave
      Tucson, AZ 85719
      Work Phone: 520-621-8196

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