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Fwd: Summer Day Camp for 9 - 12 yr olds, July 25th - 29th

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      Subject: Summer Day Camp for 9 - 12 yr olds, July 25th - 29th
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      Shadow Mountain Day Camp
      EarthWise Learning Inc.

      Summer day camp for kids 9 to 12 years old!

      Let your kids explore, create, and have fun with us in the beautiful Bosque of the Rio Ojo Caliente.  Our camp is the perfect addition to your child's summer.

      EarthWise Learning is a not for profit organization that wants to make a difference in the lives of Espanola area youth.

      Our mission is to foster, nurture, and encourage people of all ages to develop and sustain a lasting and fulfilling relationship with the natural world... and what better group to begin with than children, and what better place then right here!  Kids share a natural curiosity about the world they inhabit, and should be encouraged to explore.  Our activities are aimed at helping them learn about how to express this innate energy in positive ways that they can take home and apply to their lives immediately.

      The camp will take place 15 minutes north of Espanola.  Parents will drop their children off at the gate each morning and pick them up each afternoon.  We provide a healthy and yummy lunch and nutritious snacks.  Check out our two day option.

      Contact us in writing at PO Box 1191, Espanola, 87532 or find out more info and even reserve a space for your child on line at: www.earthwiselearning.org or speak with us at 505-795-2788.

      Quick Facts

      What?  5 or 2 day, day camp for kids
      When?  The week of July 25th thru July 29th
      Where?  10 miles south of Ojo Caliente and 15 minutes north of Espanola 0r'!US 285
      Who?  Kids aged 9 to 12
      How much?  5 days only $100!  $50 for two days.  EWL may help you pay the fee.  Visit our website or phone for more information.

      Kids! Check out the things that you will be doing at Shadow Mtn. Day Camp.

      We cannot do all these things in only one week, but we are going to try!

      Learn to tie a knot that will impress your mom and dad!
      Design and build a boat that you can sit in, out of plastic water bottles!
      Build a solar oven and cook something to eat with it!
      Learn to identify lots of reptiles like snakes, lizards and turtles
      Cool off in the Rio Ojo Caliente on hot days
      Learn to identify lots of different animal tracks!
      Meet new friends!
      Learn about labyrinths, and help build one!
      Make a buddy sandwich
      Hike some cool trails
      Learn how to juggle!
      Make some amazing sculptures!
      Design and paint a mural on a wall!
      Learn to use the 'talking stick'
      Learn about and make a sundial!
      Visit a 'ceremonial' teepee and learn why teepees are special!
      Learn how to use a compass to find your way around
      Learn how to solve problems
      Practice being part of a team

      Well there is more to add to the list but we had to stop somewhere!

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