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Fwd: New Outdoor Semester Program in Traditional Skills in Flagstaff

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
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      >From: Mary Thompson <Mary.Thompson@...>
      >Subject: New Outdoor Semester Program in Traditional Skills in Flagstaff
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      >>Subject: New Outdoor Semester Program in Traditional Skills in Flagstaff
      >>My name is Tony Nester and I teach primitive living and traditional
      >>wilderness skills courses at NAU and through my own company. I am in the
      >>process of promoting a new 12-week semester program for credit in
      >>traditional wilderness skills, Southwest natural history, and native
      >>american studies here in Flagstaff and am sending out the press release
      >>for it to different organizations. I would be grateful for any assistance
      >>in getting this out to students. If you would ever like to join us for
      >>one of our wilderness fieldcourses, just let me know.
      >>Thank you for your time.
      >>Best regards,
      >>Tony Nester
      >>Ancient Pathways, LLC
      >>Flagstaff, AZ
      >>For Immediate Release
      >>Contact: Tony Nester
      >>For students who are tired of being in the classroom, a semester living
      >>in the wilderness of northern Arizona with Ancient Pathways may be just
      >>the answer.
      >>Ancient Pathways, LLC, a Flagstaff-based wilderness company, puts a new
      >>twist on academic studies by offering the opportunity for students to
      >>learn traditional outdoor skills, immerse themselves in native American
      >>culture, and gain experience in a diversity of Southwestern habitats.
      >>Students are mentored in how to live closely with the land by practicing
      >>skills such as making fire without matches, collecting wild foods and
      >>medicinal plants, shelter construction, and by applying their skills on a
      >>daily basis and on walkabouts that traverse the mesas and canyonlands
      >>throughout northern Arizona. Numerous expeditions throughout the 12-week
      >>program include a kayaking trip on the Colorado River, an ultralight trek
      >>in the Grand Canyon, and visits with native guides on the Hopi and
      >>Hualapai tribal lands.
      >>“This is such a unique program since it is held in a region where three
      >>different natural settings converge– the Painted Desert, Grand Canyon,
      >>and San Francisco Mountains,” said Tony Nester, the founder of the
      >>program. “Plus the close proximity to native American tribal lands and
      >>numerous archeological sites, make this an incredible learning
      >>environment. We also have a world-renowned group of lecturers and field
      >>researchers from the Southwest who join us throughout the semester to
      >>share their expertise and knowledge,” said Nester.
      >>Ancient Pathways offers a wide array of courses ranging from 7 to 90 days
      >>in length and involving activities such as desert survival and ecology,
      >>bushcraft, traditional native crafts like pottery and basketry,
      >>flintknapping arrowheads, mountain lion tracking and biology, and edible
      >>plant uses. Students can receive college credit in subjects such as
      >>anthropology, botany, archeology, outdoor recreation, and environmental
      >>“Given the stunning location and the wealth of practical outdoor skills
      >>that students are exposed to each day, the Southwest Semester Program is
      >>an unparalleled learning opportunity,” Nester said. “There is no other
      >>outdoor program of this scope found in North America.”
      >>Ancient Pathways courses take place all year and cost anywhere from $695
      >>for week long treks to $6800 for the semester program. For more
      >>information, contact Tony Nester at 928-774-7522, email
      >>anester@..., or visit
      >><http://www.southwestsemester.com>http://www.southwestsemester.com for a
      >>complete description.
      >Mary E. Thompson
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      >Women Talk About, 1858

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