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Fwd: NASA is hiring H.S. Students for Summer Research

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
      >Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:23:14 -0700
      >From: Fonda Swimmer <Fonda.Swimmer@...>
      >Subject: Fwd: NASA is hiring H.S. Students for Summer Research
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      >>Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 19:48:08 -0700
      >>From: Yvonne Yazzie / YazzieNet <yazzie@...>
      >>Subject: NASA is hiring H.S. Students for Summer Research
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      >>From: "Chris Sharp" <chris.sharp@...>
      >>From: James Strandquist <jstrandquist@...>
      >>Dear Concerned Indian Educator,
      >>The NASA SHARP program is seeking academically talented rising juniors
      >>and seniors for its Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program
      >>for 2004. I am asking your assistance to see that American Indian
      >>students get equal access to this outstanding program.
      >>NASA SHARP is specifically designed to attract and increase
      >>underrepresented students' participation and success rates in mathematics
      >>and science courses as well as to encourage career paths that help build
      >>a pool of underrepresented science and engineering professionals in the
      >>workplace. NASA seeks diversity in all student support programs and all
      >>eligible students are encouraged to apply. The NASA SHARP experience
      >>provides high school students with an opportunity to develop and
      >>strengthen their research techniques as well as their written and oral
      >>communication skills, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering,
      >>Mathematics and Geography (STEM+G) fields. Top NASA, university, and
      >>research professionals mentor qualified students selected to participate
      >>in SHARP. NASA SHARP is comprised of two components; the Commuter and
      >>the Residential. Students are paid an hourly stipend for the eight hours
      >>a day, eight-week program.
      >>To become a participant in NASA SHARP, applicants must meet all of the
      >>following requirements by the start of the Program in June:
      >>* Be a U.S. citizen or national* who will be at least 16 years old by
      >>the time the program starts in June.
      >> * A "national of the United States" is a citizen of the United
      >> States or a native resident of a possession of the United States. It
      >> does NOT refer to a citizen of another country who is a U.S. permanent
      >> resident. U.S. permanent residents are not eligible for the program,
      >> unless they comply with the Child Citizen Act of 2000, Public Law 106-395.
      >>* Demonstrate a strong interest in and aptitude for a career in
      >>science, mathematics, technology, engineering, or geography.
      >>* Complete at least two mathematics courses and two science courses
      >>with an average grade of "B" or better in each course and an overall
      >>average of "B" or better in all other coursework.
      >>* Speak and write English at a level that does not require significant
      >>* Be willing to participate in a formal interview, if chosen as a
      >>finalist, as part of the placement process.
      >>* Be available on a full-time basis (Monday through Friday, 40 hours
      >>per week) for the entire duration of the Program.
      >>In addition, those who wish to participate in the Commuter Component of
      >>NASA SHARP must permanently reside and attend a school within a
      >>fifty-mile radius of a participating NASA Field Installation.
      >>Those who wish to participate in the Residential Component must be
      >>willing to live on campus at the university selected by MTSI for the
      >>entire duration of the Program. Transportation to and from the university
      >>is covered by MTSI.
      >>Please visit our web site at www.nasasharp.com for more information and a
      >>downloadable application. The deadline for applying is Monday February
      >>9, 2004.
      >>Thank you for your time.
      >>James M. Strandquist
      >>NASA SHARP Deputy Program Manager
      >>c/o Modern Technology Systems, Inc. (MTSI)
      >>6801 Kenilworth Ave Ste 200
      >>Riverdale, MD 20737-1331
      >>301-985-5171 Ext. 114
      >>301-985-5176 (Fax)
      >>Toll Free 1-888-985-0303 Ext. 114
      >Fonda D. Swimmer, Director
      >Multicultural Engineering Program
      >Northern Arizona University
      >College of Engineering & Technology
      >Box 15600
      >Flagstaff, AZ 86011
      >phone: (928) 523-2110
      >fax: (928) 523-8951 or 2300
      >email: fonda.swimmer@...

      Mansel A. Nelson
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