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Fwd: BOEP 12th annual conference

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    Subject: BOEP 12th annual conference

    Why This Conference?

    The Colorado Plateau Bioregional Outdoor Education Conference is part of the Four Corners School’s Bioregional Outdoor Education Project. BOEP was started in 1999 to allow students and teachers to study their roles in the natural and cultural heritage of the Colorado Plateau. This conference is held annually to bring together K­8 teachers and other educators from the Colorado Plateau Bioregion to learn how to better incorporate bioregionally focused, place-­based, hands on, outdoor education into their classrooms.

    During the conference we are presenting a variety of workshops (over 20 to choose from) that give teachers a wide variety of ideas for lessons they can incorporate into their classroom immediately following the conference.

     What is BOEP ?

    The Bioregional Outdoor Education Project (BOEP) has been a program of the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education (FCS) in Monticello, Utah since 1998. BOEP promotes understanding and appreciation of the Colorado Plateau Bioregion through core­-based, place­-based, outdoor education for grades K – 8th. It serves teachers and students on the Colorado Plateau through a Roving Teacher Education and Mentoring delivery system. Our goal is to reach all K – 8th grade public and BIA schools in the 96 school districts of the Colorado Plateau Bioregion (S. Utah, SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, N. Arizona). 

    Attached you will find our 2011 BOEP call for proposals for the annual
    conference. There are some changes this year, as it will be held at
    Monticello High School, UT, and will be held on Friday night and Saturday only.

    There will be a share fair on Friday night, if you are interested let me know.
    We look forward to seeing you there, please feel free to contact us with any

    Becky Kerr, New Mexico Regional Coordinator
    Bioregional Outdoor Education Project
    A program of Four Corners School of Outdoor Education
    PO Box 830
    Flora Vista, NM 87415
    Cell phone 505.320.5706


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