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Internship available with Grand Canyon Trust (fwd)

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  • Mansel A Nelson
    If any of you know someone who may be interested in this opportunity, please pass it along. GRAND CANYON TRUST SEEKS INTERN Job Title: Program Intern,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2004
      If any of you know someone who may be interested in this opportunity,
      please pass it along.


      Job Title: Program Intern, Sustainable Economic Development, Native
      American Program
      Location: 2601 N. Fort Valley Road, Flagstaff, AZ
      Position: 20-30 hours per week
      Wage: $10.00 an hour
      Supervisor: Tony Skrelunas
      Closing Date: Open Until Filled
      Contact Person: Kelly A. Janecek, Program Manager, (928) 774-7488
      FAX (928) 774-7570, email: janecek@...

      General Description:
      The Trust's Native American Program currently focuses on researching and
      developing potential economic development projects that are environmentally
      sustainable and culturally appropriate for implementation by the Hopi and
      Navajo governments, communities, or individuals. The Program Intern will
      help implement the Native American Program by assisting the Director and
      participating as a member of the Native American Program Team.

      The Program Intern will:
      * Research and write reports related to potential sustainable economic
      development projects.
      * Work with the Hopi Tribe, Villages, and Western Navajo Nation Agency
      communities and other local organizations as requested by the Director.
      * Help develop and implement an outreach plan for representatives of
      tribal governments, communities, and organizations to 1) Solicit their
      ideas and thoughts about potential projects and, 2) Provide them with
      information about potential projects developed by the Trust and other
      interested organizations.
      * Assist the Trust and partnering organizations to influence policies
      at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels so they support economic
      development projects that are sustainable and culturally appropriate.
      * Work with the Trust's development team to raise funds for Native
      American Program projects and initiatives.
      * Other duties as assigned by the Native American Program Director
      Qualifications/Skill Requirements:
      * Self-directed graduate level student with advanced knowledge of
      economic development approaches, research experience, proficiency with
      common word processing software, excellent verbal and written
      communications and presentation skills, effective interpersonal skills.
      * Familiarity with Hopi governmental organization, Village relationship
      building, and unique culture.
      * An interest in environmental issues and sustainable economic

      Todd Barnell, Research Specialist
      Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
      928-523-3840 (phone) 928-523-1266 (fax)
      *Tribal Environmental Resource Center
      *Environmental Compliance Training Program

      "Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide
      awake and a basic understanding of how the world works."
      --Carl Sagan
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