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FWD: 2004 National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI)

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    ... ===== Here is another opportunity for students. Suzette V. Martin Environmental Program Coordinator Tribal Solid Waste Program Inter Tribal Council of
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      >===== Original Message From Suzette Martin <suzette.martin@...>
      Here is another opportunity for students.

      Suzette V. Martin

      Environmental Program Coordinator
      Tribal Solid Waste Program
      Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.

      2214 N. Central Avenue Ste. 100
      Phoenix, AZ 85004

      (602) 258-4822
      (602) 307-1522


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      Subject: FW: 2004 National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI)

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      Subject: FW: 2004 National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI)
      >The Association of American Indian Physician’s (AAIP) annual National
      >Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI) will be held in Washington, DC,
      >June 19-27, 2004.
      >The National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI) program is an
      >intense academic enrichment and reinforcement program consisting
      >of mini block courses teaching leadership, communication, study and
      >testing skills plus assertiveness, networking and professional behavior,
      >interactive learning and time management. Courses are designed to
      >increase the student’s background and skills so he/she is better prepared
      >to remain in the academic pipeline and pursue a career in the health
      >professions and/or biomedical research. It is the goal of AAIP to prepare
      >these students for admission to college and professional school, and
      >empower them to utilize these skills.
      >Topics will be presented in a series of lectures, field trips, and
      >tutorials. The summer program will inform students of the variety of
      >health careers available to Native American youth. AAIP members,
      >health professionals, and traditional healers will provide special lectures
      >regarding personal experiences toward a health career and the
      >collaboration between western and traditional medicine.
      >Native American high school students planning to enter the health
      >professions between the ages of 16 through 18 years old are eligible to
      >apply. Students must have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA (A = 4.0).
      >© One Page Essay expressing plans to enter the health professions
      >(double spaced)
      >© Current Academic Transcript
      >© Letter of Recommendation from school counselor/teacher
      >© Primary Data Sheet and
      >... Photograph
      >Selected scholars will receive all expenses paid. Each participant will
      >be provided with room, board and travel during the week long program.
      >It will be necessary for individuals to bring extra monies for items (i.e.
      >souvenirs) they may wish to purchase during their stay.
      >Applications are also available for download on the AAIP web site at
      > http://www.aaip.com/student/nnayi.html
      >Only a limited number of students will be accepted, therefore early
      >application is encouraged. Deadline is May 14, 2004. For more information,
      >please e-mail Carla Guy at
      >cguy@... or call (405)946-7072.
      >Carla Guy (Caddo)
      >Student Programs Coordinator
      >Association of American Indian Physicians
      >1225 Sovereign Row, Suite 103
      >Oklahoma City, OK 73108
      >Tel: 405-946-7072
      >Fax: 405-946-7651
      > http://www.aaip.com
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      Mansel A. Nelson
      Program Coordinator
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