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Fwd: HHS Emerging Leaders Program Recruits for 2004

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2003
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      >Subject: HHS Emerging Leaders Program Recruits for 2004
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      >HHS has started the recruitment for the 2004 Emerging Leaders Program. A
      >career fair will be held in Washington D.C. on February 12, 2004 at the
      >Humphrey Building. Please share this information with students and others
      >who may be interested in a position with HHS.
      >HHS Emerging Leaders Program Recruits for Class 2004
      >The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking dynamic, driven and
      >achievement-oriented individuals for the Emerging Leaders Class of 2004. The
      >program was established to attract the best and brightest Bachelor and Masters
      >level graduates to combine scholastics achievement and professional experience
      >at the forefront of our nations health and human services department.
      >The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a two-year challenging, career
      >program for individuals seeking an opportunity of a lifetime within the
      >Government. The program includes: a structured orientation to the
      >Department of
      >Health and Human Services and its operating divisions; a blended learning
      >environment that incorporates classroom training, web-based training, on-the
      >job learning activities and an introduction to corporate level competencies;
      >diverse developmental assignments; 3-5 rotational assignments within HHS;
      >assignment of a mentor to assist with career development; and the ability to
      >choose a career in the following career paths: (1) Scientific, (2) Public
      >Health, (3) Social Sciences, (4) Information Technology and (5)
      >Eligible candidates enter the Emerging Leaders Program at the GS-9 grade level
      >with promotion potential to the GS-12 grade level. For application
      >join us at one of the many career fairs throughout the country (the ELP
      >recruitment schedule can be found at www.hhs.gov/jobs/calendar.html).
      >Please be
      >advised, to apply to the Emerging Leaders Program, candidates must attend a
      >career fair. Additional information about the ELP is available by visiting our
      >web site at www.hhs.gov/jobs/elp or email us to
      >Athena S. Elliott, M.P.A.
      >Director, Management Policy Support Staff
      >Twinbrook Building, Suite 625-A

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