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  • Mansel Nelson
    ... Subject: Become Inspired by Experts at NSTA s Phoenix Conference on Science Education Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:43:49 -0700 From: NSTA
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      Subject:Become Inspired by Experts at NSTA's Phoenix Conference on Science Education
      Date:Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:43:49 -0700
      From:NSTA <pleasedonotreply2@...>
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      If you’re a science educator and interested in professional development, NSTA’s Conference on Science Education in Phoenix, Dec. 3-5 offers an intriguing destination and an agenda to covet. Nationally-known presenters like Matthew E. Kaplan, speaking on DNA: The Strand That Connects Us All will inspire and touch you. Workshops on critical issues like assessment and inquiry will help your teaching strategies, and sessions on topics like electricity and magnetism will build your subject knowledge. We offer discipline-specific full day programs in chemistry, biology, physics and physical science. Field trips to places like the internationally-recognized Heard Museum, devoted to stories of Native American people through the beauty of their art and history, offer attendees interesting outings and a venue for networking. Favorite of many teachers is the Exhibit Hall where hundreds of companies come to share their products and talk to science educators. Bring a tote to take home their giveaways. Register by October 23 and save.

      See just a short sample of session titles:

      • Science Notebooking in the Elementary Classroom
      • Inquiry Matters—Conduct two tests on four look-alike household liquids, then use their characteristic properties to identify unknowns. Handouts. Elem-Middle School
      • Facing the Future—Explore sustainability issues and the incorporation of literacy in the science classroom through hands-on, inquiry-based activities. CD-ROM provided. Middle-High School
      • Ice Core Records: From Volcanoes to Stars—Use absolute and relative dating techniques with high-resolution ice core data and historic volcanic eruptions to correlate and date supernova events from nitrate anomalies. High-College
      • Modeling the Spectrum—Come engage in a unit that examines the EMS—from pre to post assessment activities. Middle-High
      • Forensic Science: The Context for Integration—Middle-High
      • Bacteria, Blogs, Bioinformatics, and More: Using Technology to Enhance a College Microbiology Course—College
      • Chemistry Is Cooking: Cooking Is Chemistry—This cross-curricular, standards-based event linking chemistry and culinary arts, simultaneously enhances relevance and rigor for both courses while facilitating relationships. High School/Supervision
      • Developing a Network of Teacher Leaders in Science—Middle/Supervision

      Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to be the best educator you can be. For more information or to register, visit http://www.nsta.org/conferences/2009pho/?lid=con&lid=conph20090925

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