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    "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our
    children." Native American Proverb
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    Subject: [Hunap-opportunities] HUNAP OPPORTUNITIES- July 10, 2009

    OPPORTUNITIES is compiled by the Harvard University Native American Program and includes internship, scholarship, fellowship, grant, and career opportunities as well as announcements for conferences, workshops and symposia.
    The Harvard University Native American Program provides "Opportunities" as a free information service and is not affiliated with or responsible for any non-Harvard events, programs, or organizations listed.
    To SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE to this free service, please send an email to hunap@...<mailto:hunap@...>. In the body write: subscribe hunapopportunities 'your email address'. To unsubscribe write: unsubscribe hunapopportunities 'your email address'.
    If you would like to include a listing for distribution, please e-mail the information (2 paragraphs in length ONLY) to hunap@...<mailto:hunap@...>, subject heading "Opportunities Announcement". Please send your listing as a Microsoft Word attachment (non-graphics attachments, please). Your listing should consist of a brief description of the position or event and sources to contact for further details and application instructions.
    Please note that we can only accept documents submitted in this format.
    Harvard University Native American Program
    14 Story Street, 4th Floor, Suite 400
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Ph: 617-495-4923, FAX: 617-496-3312
    Email: hunap@...<mailto:hunap@...>
    WEB: www.hunap.harvard.edu<http://www.hunap.harvard.edu/>


    This is the Opportunities Newsletter compiled by the Harvard University Native American Program for July 10, 2009.

    Opportunities Table of Contents

    I. Internship Opportunities

    II. Graduate Opportunities

    III. Employment Opportunities

    IV. Fellowship Opportunities

    V. Call for Papers

    VI. Powwow Opportunities

    VII. Miscellaneous

    Internship Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Intern, ACCWT Summer Associate Program
    Deadline: Rolling
    Location: Various
    Contact: Kat Bawden
    Phone: 304-461-3135
    Email: training@...<mailto:training@...>
    Website: http://www.accwt.org/aboutus.html & http://www.accwt.org/summer_associate.html

    The Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team is looking for Summer Associates to live and work in low-income communities dealing with contaminated streams, depressed economies and other issues related to abandoned mine lands. ACCWT Summer Associates will spend 8 or more weeks working closely with local community watershed groups that have mobilized to alleviate these problems and make their home-place-watersheds healthier places to live and work.

    Benefits: Living allowance of $1560 for 8 weeks and an option for a $1000 education award* or a $200 cash stipend to be paid upon completion of service.

    Please send your resume and a 1-page letter of intent to Lucas Elser via email.
    Internship Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Public Health/Psychology/Social Work Intern
    Location: Ipswich, MA (on the North Shore commuter rail).
    Contact: Shelley A. Welch, MA, Project Director
    Phone: 978-302-5969
    Website: www.thecapturingspiritproject.org<http://www.thecapturingspiritproject.org/>

    Seeking Public Health/Psychology/Social Work Intern for The Capturing Spirit Project, a national non-profit research and development project focused on American Indian (A.I.) maternal infant attachment and traditional childbirth practices. The project’s Phase I duties will include: collection of journal data and research, implementation of a MySpace page for the project, and development of a map of American Indian Health organizations that serve A.I. pregnant women and their infants.

    Minimum of 4 telecommuting hours weekly to start. Monthly two hour supervision and project planning on-site required. Access to medical libraries and ability to navigate journal research necessary. Paid travel. Thorough review of the project’s website is highly recommended before inquiry. Duration and hours flexible.


    Graduate Opportunities

    Title: MIT CONVERGE Program
    Deadline: August 1, 2009.
    Date(s): October 1-4, 2009
    Contact: Gail Rock
    Phone: 617-253-2620
    Email: grock@...
    Website: http://web.mit.edu/converge/ (application)

    MIT's CONVERGE program is a graduate preview weekend held on campus from October 1-4. The program seeks to attract candidates from underrepresented and under-served communities and to offer on-campus exposure to those interested in pursuing graduate studies at MIT.

    Exposure to graduate life and learning are fundamental to the CONVERGE program. Invitees will have the opportunity to develop faculty contacts within their primary department of interest, as well as to meet central office administrators.

    Applicants must be US citizens, permanent residents, or attend a US college or university. Students should be within 1-2 years of attending graduate school, have strong research skills, a minimum 3.5 grade point average, and have a genuine interest in obtaining a PhD. Those who are invited to attend this fall preview weekend will have all their expenses paid.

    Position Opportunity Announcement

    New Opportunity!
    Title: Program Manager, Native American and Alaska Native Program, U.S Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, Morris K. Udall Foundation
    Deadline: August 15, 2009
    Contact: Olivia Montes
    Email: montes@...
    Website: www.ecr.gov<http://www.ecr.gov/>

    The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute) is a program of the Morris K. Udall Foundation, a federal agency dedicated to honoring the legacy of the late Congressman Udall in consensus-building, environmental policy and Native American affairs. The U.S. Institute was created by Congress as an impartial, non-partisan service organization to assist in resolving environmental, natural resources, and public lands conflicts involving the federal government.

    The U.S. Institute seeks an individual with knowledge, expertise, and life experience with Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian cultures and governments as well as experience with collaborative decision making, consensus-building, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. The successful candidate will join a current Tucson-based team of about 24 people. The successful candidate will work closely with the Senior Program Manager for the Native American and Alaska Native Program. Initially, the successful candidate’s primary responsibility will be to manage (in coordination with the Senior Program Manager) and continue the implementation of the Native Dispute Resolution Network and Skills Exchange Workshop, and to conduct Program related outreach to Tribes, Federal Agencies, States and other stakeholders. Depending on performance and expertise, it is expected that the successful candidate will ultimately take on additional responsibilities by managing environmental conflict resolution (ECR) projects where contracted neutrals are the primary service providers.

    Position Opportunity Announcement

    New Opportunity!
    Tenure-Track Investigator, Pediatric Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research
    Deadline: July 15, 2009

    Applicants must have an M.D. and/or Ph.D. in a relevant field with extensive post-doctoral experience, and a strong publication record demonstrating potential for creative independent research in the application of molecular biology and or genetics/genomics to pediatric oncology. The incumbent will direct an independent research program consisting of postdoctoral fellows and technicians funded by the NCI intramural program. The incumbent will receive research support for developing a state-of-the-art laboratory that includes sufficient space, equipment and supply budget in order to sustain a research program in pediatric oncology. Interested applicants should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests and future plans (1 to 2 pages), and three letters of reference.

    Electronic applications are encouraged and should be sent to the Executive Secretary at: glynnc@...<mailto:glynnc@...>.

    By mail:
    Dr. Paul Meltzer; Chair, Search Committee
    Pediatric Oncology Branch
    Center for Cancer Research, NCI
    c/o Clare Glynn, Executive Secretary
    9000 Rockville Pike
    10 CRC - Room1W-3750 - MSC 1104
    Bethesda, Maryland 20892-1104

    New Opportunity!
    Tenure-Track Investigator, Genes, Cognition and Psychosis Program, National Institute of Mental Health
    Deadline: Review of applications will begin on July 20, 2009, but applications will continue to be accepted and considered until the position is filled.)

    The Division of Intramural Research Programs (DIRP), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), invites applications for a Tenure Track Investigator in the field of psychiatric neurobiology, to work in the Genes, Cognition and Psychosis Program (GCAP) under the direction of Dr. Daniel Weinberger, Program Director. The candidate is expected to have experience in biological studies of mental illness and to develop an independent research program in translational neuroscience research focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of genetic risk factors associated with schizophrenia. The candidate must have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree, and broad research experience as a molecular and/or cellular biologist and/or geneticist working with model systems of mental illness. Candidate will be provided with personnel and budget to conduct this research. Salary is commensurate with experience and accomplishments, and a full Civil Service package of benefits (including retirement, health, life, and long term care insurance, Thrift Savings Plan participation, etc.) is available.

    Interested candidates should send letter of interest, CV/bib, statement of research interests, accomplishments, and goals, together with three reference letters to:

    Dr. David Goldman, Chair, GCAP Search Committee
    National Institute of Mental Health
    Bldg. 10, Rm. 4N-222, 9000 Rockville Pike
    Bethesda, MD 20892
    Email: steyerm@...<mailto:steyerm@...>

    New Opportunity!
    Tenure-Track Investigator, Cancer and Inflammation Program, National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research
    Deadline: July 22, 2009

    Applicants should have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree, a strong publication record, and a demonstrated potential for imaginative research. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Applicant will independently direct a research group of postdoctoral fellows and technicians funded by the NCI intramural program and will be provided sufficient space, equipment and supply budget. The applicant’s research activity will be expected to be cooperative and well integrated in the Program’s scientific focus of advancing the understanding of the inflammatory mechanisms involved in cancer initiation, promotion, progression, and dissemination with the ultimate goal to identify new therapeutic targets for cancer prevention and therapy. Several state of the art technical facilities in Frederick and in Bethesda, MD, will be accessible to the selected candidate including a fully staffed flow cytometry facility (http://web.ncifcrf.gov/research/flow-cyto-lab.asp ). A one- or two-page statement of research interests and goals should be submitted in addition to three letters of recommendation and a curriculum vitae to:

    Ms. Lisa Virts, Administrative Officer
    NCI-Frederick, PO Box B, Bldg. 578
    Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201
    Phone: 301-846-5079
    Email: virtsl@...<mailto:virtsl@...>.

    Position Opportunity Announcement

    Title: The Walk Home Support Staff
    Location: Maine -Arizona
    Contact: Terrol Dew Johnson
    Email: tdewj@...
    Phone: 520-235-1030
    Website: http://www.tocaonline.org/Home.html

    Beginning in June, five members of the Tohono O’odham Nation will embark on a 3000 mile walking journey to promote indigenous solutions to the health crisis effecting Native American communities. Starting in the Native communities on the coast of Maine, the group will Walk Home to the Tohono O’odham Nation in Southern Arizona. Along the way, they will visit dozens of Native communities, promoting traditional Native foods and fitness as an essential tool for creating community wellness. The Walk Home is seeking committed individuals to work in support of the walk.

    The support staff position will have the following responsibilities during the walk:
    · Assist in making arrangements for presentations, host families and other logistics along the route.
    · Drive support vehicle for the walkers.
    · Help with shopping and cooking for walkers.
    · Assist in maintaining the web site for the walk.

    · Reliable, responsible, organized, positive, flexible, adventurous and motivated.
    · Valid Drivers License and clean driving record.
    · Computer and web skills.

    Position Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Development Officer, Corporate and Tribal Relations, American Indian College Fund
    Deadline: Open until filed.
    Contact: Gina Del Castillo, Human Resource Manager
    Mail: American Indian College Fund, 8333 Greenwood Blvd, Denver, CO 80221
    Phone: 303-430-5340
    Email: gdelcastillo@...
    Website: www.collegefund.org<http://www.collegefund.org/>

    The Development Officer is responsible for prospecting, developing, and stewarding corporate and tribal donors on a national level. This position requires creating new partnerships with potential supporters by identifying alignment strategies with donor philanthropic goals and existing programs at member tribal colleges. Additionally, the Development Officer will meet with current corporate and tribal supporters in Colorado and throughout the country to ensure proper stewardship of funds and to strengthen existing relationships. The incumbent is expected to reach fundraising objectives and goals.

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities Include:

    * Implement plan to prospect, re-establish, maintain and develop new corporate and tribal donor relationships nationally and throughout Indian Country.
    * Monitor tribal and corporate fundraising plan and analyze the results to determine necessary revisions.
    * Collaborate with internal resource development teams to develop fundraising initiatives based on national empirical evidence and donor database analysis.

    Position Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Research and Media Specialist, American Indian College Fund
    Date: Open until filled.
    Contact: Gina Del Castillo, Human Resource Manager
    Mail: American Indian College Fund, 8333 Greenwood Blvd, Denver, CO 80221
    Phone: 303-430-5340
    Email: gdelcastillo@...
    Website: www.collegefund.org<http://www.collegefund.org/>

    The primary responsibilities for this position are to manage the Fund’s research and story-gathering process and multimedia including the web site and social media sites, and to assist in the coordination and production of content for public education materials.

    Essential Function/Responsibilities Include:
    · Gather, write, and develop a continuous collection of student and tribal college stories. Stories may be documented with writing, video interviews, audio taped interviews and/or still photography.
    · Develop relationships with tribal colleges, AIHEC, and Tribal College Journal to collaborate, share, and obtain photos and stories.
    · Establish relationships with tribal college scholarship alumni for direct marketing and public awareness purposes and develop and maintain a searchable alumni database.
    · Gather statistics about student retention, graduation, community and economic impacts of the tribal colleges.


    Title: Director for American Indian/Alaskan Native Head Start Training & Technical Assistance (Req# CC9011sch)
    Email: employ@...<mailto:employ@...>
    Mail: AED/HR, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20009
    Website: http://www.aed.org<http://www.aed.org/> & http://employment.aed.org/openings/grade8/9011-8.htm

    The Academy for Educational Development (AED)’s American Indian & Alaska Native Head Start Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) System for Region 11 manages the provision of T/TA to American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start and Early Head Start programs in 26 states. This program develops, implements, and manages services that provide comprehensive technical assistance to all grantees in support of full compliance with Head Start Program Performance Standards and all applicable federal regulations.

    * Masters in one of the following or related fields: Early Childhood, Health Ed. & Behavioral Science or Human Resources Management required or equivalent combination of education and work experience.

    * 13 year(s) of relevant experience required.


    Fellowship Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Endocrinology Fellowship Opportunity
    Deadline: Open until filled.
    Contact: Carla Deal, Fellowship Coordinator
    Phone: (405) 271-3613
    Email: carla-deal@...<mailto:carla-deal@...>
    Website: http://w3.ouhsc.edu/Endocrinology/Fellowship%20Program.asp & http://www.ouhsc.edu/Endocrinology/FellowshipCurriculum.pdf

    The Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), Section of Endocrinology & Diabetes and the Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center is actively requesting candidates to apply for a 2-year Endocrinology fellowship program.

    Interested applicants must hold U.S. Citizenship. American Indians are strongly encouraged to apply. Upon completion of the fellowship training, a 2-year payback will take place at the Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service in the role of Area Consultant for Endocrinology.

    Fellowship Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Post-Doctoral positions in Cardiovascular Genetic Epidemiology, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
    Deadline: Open until filled.
    Contact: Linda Schreyer, SIPID-GE Program Administrator, Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Biostatistics
    Phone: 314-362-1565
    Email: linda@...<mailto:linda@...>
    Website: http://www.biostat.wustl.edu/training/training.shtml

    The Division of Biostatistics at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine seeks candidates for multiple post-doctoral positions in genetic epidemiology who will be involved in the development and application of novel statistical methods for analysis of data from family/genetic studies with an emphasis on substantive applied orientation in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and CVD risk factors. Background in one or more areas among biostatistics, statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, and bioinformatics is highly desirable. Candidates with research interests in the development of novel analytic methods in genetic epidemiology are particularly encouraged to apply.

    Washington University School of Medicine is among the world’s premier biomedical research institutions. It is home for several large scale centers at the forefront of research in their chosen fields, including nationally funded Centers in the areas of genome sequencing, cancer, and Alzheimer Disease.

    Interested candidates are encouraged to apply with a statement of research interests, CV, and two letters of recommendation to: Dr. D. C. Rae, Division of Biostatistics, Washington University School of Medicine, 660 South Euclid, Campus Box 8067, St. Louis, MO 63110-1093 or email post-doc-search@...<mailto:post-doc-search@...>.

    Call for Paper Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Sixth Annual Southeast Indian Studies Conference
    Deadline: January 11, 2010
    Conference dates: April 8-9, 2010
    Location: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke, NC
    Contact: Dr. Mary Ann Jacobs, American Indian Studies Department
    UNC Pembroke
    P.O. Box 1510, Pembroke, NC 28372
    Phone: (910) 521-6266
    Email: mary.jacobs@...

    Proposals are invited for papers and panels addressing the study of American Indians in the Southeast cultural area. Topics may include academic or creative works on: archaeology, education, history, socio-cultural issues, religion, literature, oral traditions, art, identity, sovereignty, health and other matters. Creative works may include any written, visual, musical, video, digital or other creative production that connects to Southeast Indian peoples’ experiences, histories or concerns. Proposals are welcome from all persons working in the field. Only complete proposals will receive full consideration. Individuals may submit only one proposal.

    Proposals are to be submitted electronically or by mail by January 11, 2010. Proposals may not be accepted after this date. Send to alesia.cummings@...<mailto:alesia.cummings@...> or Alesia Cummings at American Indian Studies, PO Box 1510 Pembroke, NC 28372-1510.

    Powwow Opportunity Announcement

    Title: “Teepee Capitol of the World” 91st Annual Crow Fair Pow-Wow
    Date: August 13-17, 2009
    Website: www.crowtribe.com<http://www.crowtribe.com/> & http://www.crow-fair.com/

    Grand Entry Times:
    Aug 13 --- 6:00 pm (Crow Style Contest Begins)
    Aug 14 --- 7:00 pm
    Aug 15 --- 6:00 pm
    Aug 16 --- 6:00 pm
    Aug 17 --- Approx 2:00 pm

    Daily Parades:
    Date(s): Fri. 14th, Sat. 15th, and Sun. 16th (Starting at 10:00am)
    Location: “Gas Cap Hill” – Daily Prizes in several parade categories
    Contact: Rhonda Rides Horse
    Phone: 406 699-3015

    Teepee Creepers Run
    Date: Saturday, Aug 15th (Registration --- 6:30 am; Race starts --- 7:30 am)
    Location: South end of dance arbor
    Contact: Wayne Not Afraid or Dean Bird
    Phone: 406 679-1085 or 406 8601440

    Traditional Crow Arrow Throwing
    Contact: Victor Dust or J.R. Dust
    Phone: 406 639-8902 or 406 639-2005

    Miscellaneous Opportunity Announcement

    New Opportunity!
    Title: Maine International Film Festival Feat: The Language of America
    Deadline: Saturday, July 18 & Sunday, July 19
    Phone: 207-861-8138
    Email: info@...<mailto:info@...>
    Website: http://www.miff.org/tickets/film.php?id=359&page=5&flm_cat=?id=359&page=5&flm_cat=&forwarded=1

    USA 2009 Digital Projection 90 Minutes In English and in various Native languages with English subtitles.
    Director, Producer, Print Courtesy: Ben Levine

    Once lost, how can a language, an invaluable treasure, be revived? Ben Levine, whose Reveil: Waking Up French looked at the French language here in Maine, goes deeper in the world premiere of his new film, made with the Wampanoag, and Narragansett Tribes of New England, and in particular with Maine’s own Passamaquoddy, who have carefully tended their language to keep it alive. All are native cultures and languages that have been severely threatened by the culture of the relative newcomers to this hemisphere. The Language of America, a project many years in the making, takes us to places we’ve never been, in words we’ve never before heard.
    Miscellaneous Opportunity Announcement

    Title: Native Insight Competition
    Deadline: September 15, 2009
    Phone: 907-274-3611
    Email: info@...
    Website: http://www.nativeinsight.org/

    Writing Competition Invites Native Americans to Share Insights on Economy
    The Alaska Federation of Natives, in partnership with the National Congress of American Indians and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, has launched "Native Insight: Thoughts on Recession, Recovery & Opportunity," a writing competition designed to encourage Native Americans to share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the current economic and political landscape.

    The national competition will distributed a total of $60,000 among three Alaska Native winners and three Native Hawaiian/Lower 48 American Indian winners ($10,000 each), with opportunities for their winning essays to be published in Native journals and magazines across the United States. The competition is open to Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and American Indians of all ages.

    Miscellaneous Opportunity Announcement

    Title: 14th Annual Contemporary Indian Art Show Preview Party
    Date: July 10-12, 2009
    Location: Cahokia Mounds, State Historic Site, 30 Ramey St., Colinsville, IL 62234
    Phone: 618-344-7316 (call for tickets @ $15)
    Website: www.cahokiamounds.org<http://www.cahokiamounds.org/>

    Mix & Mingle with the artists, be the first to view and purchase the work on display, and enjoy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. Judging and awarding of prizes for artwork, and visitors vote for the People's Choice Award.

    Preview party & judging: Friday, 6:30-9pm; Public show & sale: Sat & Sun 9-5pm
    Miscellaneous Opportunity Announcement

    Title: National Native Youth Golf Championships & Career Education Fair
    Date: August 5-6, 2009
    Location: Chickasaw Nation’s WinStar Golf Course in Oklahoma
    Contact: Steve McDonald, Youth Tournament Director
    Phone: 785.685.6902
    Email: Golf@...<mailto:Golf@...>

    Please call for additional information.
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