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      Environmental Educator Announcement:
      Environmental Education Internship at Fenton Ranch in the beautiful Jemez Mountains of New Mexico

      Fenton Ranch is a residential environmental education facility owned and operated by Manzano Day School, a private elementary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It is located in a beautiful canyon in the Jemez Mountains 80 miles north of Albuquerque.   

      The spring internship runs March 24 through May 8, 2009.  This position involves teaching environmental education programs to children ages 4-8, supervising meals, free time and journaling activities, participating in campfires and other evening programs, attending to the logistical and maintenance aspects of running a residential program, as well as playing, laughing and sharing with very enthusiastic children.  

      Weekends are free for exploring the area-- ancient Anasazi ruins, hot springs, and wilderness areas full of biking, hiking and rock climbing opportunities.  Nearby Jemez Springs is a pleasant mountain village, and Los Alamos, home to restaurants and a movie theater, is 40 miles away.

      Individuals are given full room and board, $200/week, plus full room and board. Housing is provided in a private room in a cabin on the property.  Pets are not permitted.  Since Fenton is in a rather remote part of the Jemez Mountains, a car is very helpful.  However, the Fenton staff sometimes share rides on weekend explorations.  The staff is small (1 caretaker, 1 cook and 1 other educator), and is expected to work and live together cooperatively.  

      Applicants should have experience with elementary aged children, an appreciation for the natural world, and an interest in environmental education.  They should be reliable, mature, enthusiastic, creative, independent, and team players. All viable candidates will be contacted for an interview after Febuary 1st. Please send a resume and letter to:

      Carolyn Nesbitt
      Manzano Day School
      1801 Central Ave NW
      Albuquerque, NM 87104

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