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  • Mansel A. Nelson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2003
      >Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 15:24:07 -0700
      >From: Ingrid Novodvorsky <novod@...>
      >Subject: Re: NASA teacher wrkshp
      >X-Sender: novod@...
      >To: david.cole@..., tslater@..., mansel.nelson@...
      >I just posted the note to TCHRS...
      > Ingrid
      >At 12:08 PM -0700 6/6/03, David Cole wrote:
      >>Dave Cole here from Flagstaff.
      >>I'm trying to get the word out about a one-day teacher workshop we are
      >>Please post the following to your teacher listserv--with my THANKS!
      >>This is a follow-up to a similar rqst made a few weeks ago.
      >>Please attend our free, one-day, star-knowledge teacher workshop in
      >>Flagstaff, sponsored by the NASA Space Grant. It is specifically
      >>intended for in-service K-14 science teachers, but anyone is welcome.
      >>Presenters include:
      >>Donald Scott from NASA/AMES
      >>Mick Bowen from NASA/Dryden
      >>Bryan Bates-archaeoastronomy
      >>Nancy Maryboy-ancient/cultural star knowledge
      >>Cherilynn Morrow of the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Co.
      >>Date & Time, Location:
      >>Saturday, June 14th, from 9 am - 4 pm or so.
      >>On the campus of Northern Ariz. Univ.
      >>Physical Sciences Bldg. (#19 on any campus map)
      >>Room 321
      >>No formal reservations or applications are required, but it is requested
      >>that you contact:
      >>dept of phy & ast, NAU
      >>928) 523-8017
      >>with any questions or comments, and to RSVP.
      >>There will be some free-bees, lots of interesting discussion, and an
      >>opportunity to be "Lunar Sample-Certified"; which means you can request,
      >>from NASA, a loaner of lunar samples for your classroom. Come prepared
      >>to have your perspectives challenged!
      >>Hope you can attend!
      >>dave cole
      >>Free NASA Star Knowledge Workshop
      >>On the Campus of NAU on Sat. June 14th
      >>The Department of Physics & Astronomy at Northern Arizona University, in
      >>conjunction with NASA Space Grant, is
      >>hosting its fourth annual one day teacher workshop on modern and ancient
      >>star knowledge. It is on the campus of NAU,
      >>and will occur from 9 am till mid afternoon on Saturday, June 14, 2003.
      >>Although everyone is invited, the workshop will
      >>seek to provide usable curricula to K-14 science teachers. Join NASA
      >>outreach education specialists, who always give away
      >>goodies, and indigenous knowledge holders for a fascinating look at the
      >>big picture. Come prepared to have your
      >>perspectives challenged, and to become "moon rock certified"; which
      >>means you can borrow lunar samples from NASA for
      >>your classroom. The workshop is free.
      >Ingrid Novodvorsky
      >Physics Dept.
      >Univ. of Arizona
      >Tucson, AZ 85721
      >520-626-4187 (phone)
      >520-621-4721 (fax)

      Mansel A. Nelson
      Program Coordinator Voice 928 523 1275 / 1496
      Environmental Education Outreach Program Fax 928 523 1280
      Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals mansel.nelson@...
      PO Box 5765
      Northern Arizona University Hanley Hall
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011 Bldg 7, Room 112

      "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our
      children." Native American Proverb

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