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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    ... ===== Educational Opps for Indigenous Peoples Educational Opps for Indigenous Peoples Messages In This Digest (24 Messages) 1. IITC Statement on the
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      =====Educational Opps for Indigenous Peoples

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      IITC Statement on the Adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of I From: Alyssa Macy
      UNPLUG '07: October 13th Give Mother Earth a Rest! From: Alyssa Macy
      INVITE: NM CD1 Fundraiser, Martin Heinrich (D) From: Alyssa Macy
      Updated Native American Academic Journal & Listserve Document From: Nicole Bowman
      Call for Entries: “The Crossover”- a fusion of female stylez From: Alyssa Macy
      Amiercan Indian Heritage Day in Billings, MT From: Lita Pepion
      FW: Temp IHS Director From: Vedis Murillo
      2007 Native American Youth Conference, Phoenix Arizona From: la_blackhorse
      FW: Job opportunity From: Nicole Bowman
      Public Opinion Research with American Indians From: Michael Hamill Remaley
      From the Init-Tho list-serve:  Scholarship info From: Rosepetl5@...
      CU-Boulder Report On Climate Change And Its Impact On Native Communi From: Alyssa Macy
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      Teach about the Jena 6! Revealing Racist Roots, An Educator's Resour From: Alyssa Macy
      Funding Available for K-12 Financial EducationPrograms - Deadline Se From: NIEA@...
      Upcoming Conferences? From: Nicole Bowman
      Reminder: A History of Hope-GYC Peace Day Event in NYC, Sept 21, Int From: Alyssa Macy
      NARF National Call for Native artist entries-deadline October 12th From: Crystal Echo Hawk
      Press Rel: Native Americans Rally At UCB over Ancestral Remains From: Alyssa Macy
      Ph.D. program preview event @ U. of Michigan forunderrepresented min From: KispokoT@...
      Great Lakes Indian Law Center's Tribal Resources webpage From: Alyssa Macy
      New FREE Workshop: "Does Your Native Community Need a Credit Union?" From: Alyssa Macy



      IITC Statement on the Adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of I

      Posted by: "Alyssa Macy" alyssamacy@...

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)

      Contact: Andrea Carmen, Executive Director, International Indian Treaty
      Phone: (907) 745-4482
      Email: andrea@treatycounci l.org
      Printable version of IITC Statement attached

      History is made for Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations!

      Treaty Rights, Land Rights and Self-determination of Indigenous Peoples are
      recognized internationally with the adoption of the Declaration on the
      Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the UN General Assembly on September 13th

      On September 13, 2007 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the
      Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. One hundred forty-four
      states ("countries" ) voted in support (Montenegro registered their vote
      after the fact). 4 voted against and 11 abstained. The United States,
      Canada, Australia and New Zealand voted against the adoption, stating that
      in their view it "goes too far" in recognizing the rights of Indigenous
      Peoples. A burst of spontaneous applause from states, Indigenous Peoples
      and United Nations officials broke out when the final vote was posted on a
      huge electronic tally sheet at the front of the General Assembly hall.

      This vote is of special significance for the International Indian Treaty
      Council (IITC), which was founded in 1974 with a mandate to bring Treaty
      rights and Treaty violations to the United Nations (UN). With the adoption
      of the Declaration, for the first time, the UN officially recognizes that
      the rights affirmed in Treaties are "matters of international concern,
      interest, responsibility and character" and that states are obligated to
      uphold and honor them.

      The vote marks a historic day for the world's Indigenous Peoples. This is
      the first time that Indigenous Peoples have been recognized as "Peoples"
      without qualification in an international instrument. The Declaration also
      recognizes Indigenous Peoples' inherent rights to self-determination,
      traditional lands, territories and natural resources, cultures and sacred
      sites, means of subsistence, languages, identities as well as their
      traditional life ways and concepts of development based on free, prior and
      informed consent, among others.

      Many Indigenous delegates, states and UN representatives present at the
      proceedings noted that this was the first time that a UN human rights
      instrument had been developed with the direct and active participation of
      the "beneficiaries" of the rights, in this case the Indigenous Peoples of
      the world.

      Even though a UN Declaration is not considered to be legally binding upon
      states, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has political
      and moral force and delineates states' obligations to uphold these rights
      throughout its provisions. Indigenous Peoples around the world will be able
      to use the Declaration to redefine their relationships with states, address
      their grass-roots human rights issues and struggles, and call upon states to
      put the rights it recognizes into practice.

      This vote culminates a decades-long struggle by Indigenous Peoples for
      recognition of their rights and dignity at the UN. Andrea Carmen, Yaqui
      Nation and IITC's Executive Director, witnessed the historic vote from the
      floor of the General Assembly with other regional co-coordinators of the
      Indigenous Peoples' Global Caucus, as well as Indigenous dignitaries and
      chiefs. She stated that IITC will now focus attention on implementation of
      the rights affirmed in the Declaration. "We finally have an
      internationally- recognized standard and framework that can be utilized by
      Indigenous Peoples to hold states and the UN system accountable for
      upholding their human rights" she said after the vote. Andrea also pointed
      out that 3 of the 4 states voting against the Declaration (US, Canada and
      New Zealand) are the very states that have the most Treaties with Indigenous
      Peoples and Nations, Treaties which they continue to violate to this day.

      Chief Willie Littlechild, Ermineskin Cree Nation and the Indigenous expert
      member from North America on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues,
      was a participant in the process from its first days in Geneva. He was also
      present for the historic vote, accompanied by Chief Victor Buffalo of the
      Samson Cree Nation. After the final tally was projected, Willie stated with
      elation that, "the adoption of the Declaration finally recognizes officially
      at the highest level and body of the UN, the rights we have always
      possessed. We finally see the respect and recognition that we have fought
      to achieve for more than 30 years."

      The adoption was immediately heralded by the President of the UN General
      Assembly and a range of UN Officials. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
      issued a statement warmly welcoming the adoption as a "triumph" and a
      "historic moment" for Indigenous Peoples around the world. He also called
      upon "Governments and civil society to urgently advance the work of
      integrating the rights of Indigenous Peoples into international human rights
      and development agendas, as well as the policies and programs at all levels,
      so as to ensure that the vision behind the Declaration becomes a reality."

      IITC Board Member Bill Means, Oglala Lakota, who also participated in the
      process of drafting the Declaration when it began in the early 1980's,
      stated "this has been a thirty year struggle since the first Indigenous
      Peoples' conference at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland in 1977. The
      principles of Self-Determination, Treaty Rights, and the protection of our
      cultures and languages contained in the Declaration are basic Human Rights
      to build on. The UN has finally realized that 400 million Indigenous
      Peoples around the world can no longer be ignored or excluded from the
      family of Nations."

      The Declaration will have far reaching impacts for Indigenous peoples in
      many countries. Francisco Cali, IITC Board president and a Mayan Kachiquel
      from Guatemala has also been involved in this process for many years. He
      confirmed that "for the Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala the adoption of the
      Declaration by the UN General Assembly is a historic moment because is it
      the fruit of more so many years of direct negotiations between states and
      Indigenous Peoples, including the Mayan Peoples of Guatemala."

      He also expressed appreciation for the active role played by the government
      of Guatemala, along with Mexico, Peru and countries from the European Union,
      Latin America and Nordic regions who took the lead to work closely and
      respectfully with Indigenous Peoples. These states took on the challenging,
      and at times seemingly impossible, task of supporting the development of a
      Declaration that could be adopted by the UN General Assembly but which also
      strongly upholds the fundamental rights that Indigenous Peoples insisted
      must be maintained.

      The Guatemalan government stated after the vote, "the Declaration is the
      expression of the political will of the international community to recognize
      the rights of Indigenous Peoples." Ecuador hailed it as "the beginning of a
      new opportunity to remedy injustice."

      The Human Rights Council Declaration text, adopted in June 2006 in Geneva,
      was supported by most Indigenous Peoples and many states. But its progress
      towards adoption was stalled last year in New York by a split decision in
      the General Assembly's "Third Committee" which addresses Human Rights. A
      group of member states, in particular African states who had not been
      actively involved in the process, insisted on more time for consultations in
      order to address their concerns and questions. The last round of
      negotiations attempting to reconcile differences between the states which
      supported adoption of the Human Rights Council text and the African states
      was initiated in May. The goal was to seek a solution that would ensure
      adoption with minimal changes, maintaining the integrity of the Human Rights
      Council text, while also creating enough state support to prevent very
      unfriendly amendments which were certain to be proposed during the voting
      process by states such as Canada.

      These negotiations, which did not include any Indigenous Peoples'
      representatives, produced 9 amendments to the text adopted by the Human
      Rights Council. Indigenous Peoples from all regions were given very little
      time to respond to these proposed modifications once they were finalized in
      the final days before the vote. But most of those who responded expressed
      that this "modified" version should be supported, or at least not opposed,
      if it could guarantee that no further amendments would be included from the
      floor. Although some Indigenous Peoples could not agree with the
      modifications, most noted that they did not include any changes to key
      provisions upholding self-determination, land and natural resources, free
      prior informed consent, Treaties, and others. On that basis, and to protect
      those essential provisions from being undermined, most Indigenous Peoples
      either expressed their support for adoption of the modified text, or stated,
      as did IITC, that they would not oppose it under the circumstances. A few
      stated provisional support but with expressed reservations regarding one or
      two of the amendments.

      The modified Declaration with the 9 changes was put forth for adoption on
      September 13th and had the support of the vast majority of UN member
      states. No amendments were presented on the floor.

      Acknowledging that some Indigenous Peoples feel the final Declaration as
      adopted by the UN General Assembly does not go far enough, or contains too
      many compromises with states made over the years to enable its final
      adoption, Andrea Carmen stressed that the Declaration itself affirms that it
      is only a "minimum standard." In addition, Article 45 states that "Nothing
      in this Declaration may be construed as diminishing or extinguishing the
      rights indigenous peoples have now or may acquire in the future," providing
      an additional overreaching safeguard.

      Therefore, while affirming all the core rights that Indigenous Peoples
      fought for throughout the process, the Declaration also leaves the door wide
      open to advance even stronger recognitions of Indigenous Peoples' rights in
      the future. This could be done through the development of a UN Convention
      that would be legally-binding upon states, or though adoption of a strong
      "American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples" which is
      currently under development by states and Indigenous Peoples in the
      Organization of America States. Quoting one well-known Indigenous leader,
      Ms. Carmen affirmed that "this Declaration is the floor, it's not the

      While celebrating the historical significance of the day, Indigenous Peoples
      from the countries who voted against the Declaration at the General Assembly
      also expressed strong condemnation for their positions. IITC Board Member
      Ron Lameman, from the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations in Canada
      stated, "As Nations who have been involved in this process from the
      beginning, we want the record to state that our Nations are extremely
      concerned and disappointed in the stance that has been taken by the
      Government of Canada. We also condemn all of the work that they have done in
      their attempt to actively undermine over two decades of very difficult and
      precedent - setting work that was done collectively by Indigenous Peoples
      with states, including Canada and all of the states who are now in
      opposition." Similar views were expressed by many other representatives of
      First Nations from throughout Canada.

      The IITC expresses our deep appreciation to the UN Working Group on
      Indigenous Populations and its Chair Madame Erica Irene Daez; the UN
      Subcommission for the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of
      Minorities; the UN Commission on Human Rights and the Chairmen of its
      Intersessional Working Group on the Draft Declaration Ambassador Urrutia and
      Luis Enrique Chavez of Peru; and the UN Human Rights Council and its first
      President Ambassador Luis de Alba of Mexico. These bodies and UN officials
      played vital roles in advancing and supporting the Declaration in its
      progress though the UN system over the years, working hand in hand with
      Indigenous Peoples throughout the process.

      The IITC, in particular, thanks all of the Indigenous leaders who worked
      tirelessly to develop and defend the Declaration, keep it strong and move it
      forward. These include IITC Board members, Directors, spiritual leaders and
      staff who have walked ahead of us into the spirit world. Today we remember
      with great honor and affection Phillip Deer, Ed Burnstick, Kawaipuna
      Prejean, Bill Wahpepah and Ingrid Washinawatok, along with respected elders
      and chiefs from many Nations such as Tony Blackfeather, Leon Shenandoah,
      Roberta Blackgoat, Kee Watchman, Tomas Banyaca, Grandfather David, Harrison
      Bull, Cecil Currie, Albert Lightning and Leo Cattleman, among others. We
      express our gratitude for their leadership, vision and commitment to this
      effort. We will carry this struggle forward with the wisdom, dedication and
      strength that they have imparted to us.

      The adoption of the Declaration marks an historic step forward for the
      world's Indigenous Peoples in our struggles to defend our rights from the
      local to the international levels. It is but one of many steps to be taken
      along this path. IITC and many others will now begin to focus on
      implementation of the Declaration in their local communities, at the
      national level in the respective countries, at the UN Human Rights Council
      and a range of other international bodies. States are called upon by the
      Declaration to act in good faith to implement its provisions. We will work
      to monitor this solemn commitment, and to ensure that our peoples will be
      able to see the results.

      For all our relations.

      ************ ********* *****
      1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the recognition, observance and
      enforcement of Treaties, Agreements and Other Constructive Arrangements
      concluded with States or their successors and to have States honour and
      respect such Treaties, Agreements and other Constructive Arrangements.
      2. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as to diminish or
      eliminate the rights of Indigenous Peoples contained in Treaties, Agreements
      and Constructive Arrangements.
      -- Article 37, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous

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      Alyssa Macy
      Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon

      Indigenius Media
      http://www.indigeni usmedia.com< br>
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      Alyssa Macy
      Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon

      Indigenius Media
      http://www.indigeni usmedia.com< br>
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      UNPLUG '07: October 13th Give Mother Earth a Rest!

      Posted by: "Alyssa Macy" > alyssamacy@...

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)

      *UNPLUG 2007: October 13th Give Mother Earth a Rest!
      PASS ON THE WORD!!! * *


      The "Unplug America" campaign was introduced by Indigenous Peoples in 1992
      in response to the 500 year anniversary of the arrival of Columbus to the
      Americas. October 13, 1992 was designated as a starting point to look
      forward to the next 500 years and work to make a sustainable and just world,
      starting by giving Mother Earth a rest!

      Unplug Day is an invitation to all people to show our love and respect for
      Mother Earth by challenging unhealthy patterns of consumption and the
      continued production of poisons that destroy our environment. October 13th
      is a day to unplug – turn off the TV and radio, shut off the taps, and leave
      the fossil-fuel burning vehicle at home! Instead, take a walk with friends
      and family, tell stories, do something artistic, and say a prayer for Mother
      Earth and our communities. It's only one day but also a fist step in
      reducing our carbon footprint, exploring consumer choices and ways of life
      that are more healthy and sustainable, and acting for future generations!


      www.ipetitions. com/petition/ unplug_day/

      To let us know what you plan to do for Unplug Day!

      For more information, contact:
      Jihan Gearon
      Indigenous Environmental Network
      P.O. Box 2696
      Flagstaff, AZ 86003
      ienenergy@igc. org

      *Tia Oros Peters, Executive Director*
      *Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development *
      *Ph 707-825-7640 *

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      Alyssa Macy
      Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon

      Indigenius Media
      http://www.indigeni usmedia.com< br>
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      INVITE: NM CD1 Fundraiser, Martin Heinrich (D)

      Posted by: "Alyssa Macy" alyssamacy@...

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Keegan King <keegank@gmail. com>
      Date: Sep 21, 2007 11:59 AM
      Subject: You're Invited!!
      To: Keegan King <keegank@gmail. com>

      Hello Friends,

      Check out the invitation below and if you are in the area come down and meet
      Martin Heinrich who is running against Heather Wilson for Congress.

      Martin has been an amazing leader on the City Council, and can lead our
      state into a progressive future with your help. I have been trying to
      fundraise for the campaign because I know that the special interests will be
      pouring money into CD1 to help swing New Mexico in 2008.

      So do what you can, no amount is too small, together we can make a
      difference for New Mexico's future. The margin of victory in 2006 for
      Heather was 800 votes! 800 votes!!! Just call me and I can pick up a
      check to deliver or come to the party on the 24th.

      Thanks! Keegan

      You are Invited to a Young Professionals Fundraiser for Martin Heinrich
      Democratic Candidate for Congress

      Monday, September 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
      Savoy Bar & Grill
      10601 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Albuquerque
      (Corner of Montgomery and Juan Tabo)

      $100 Suggested Contribution
      (all contributions accepted)

      To contribute on-line go to: www.ActBlue. com

      Steve Archibeque, Yolanda Archuleta, Javier Benavidez, Ozawa Benishi Albert,
      Hakim Bellamy, David Berkey,
      James Bristol III, Sandy Buffett, Jason Burnette, Manuel Casias, Robert
      Chavez, Jeff Cheney, Jason Cohen, Claire Dudley, Katy Duhigg, Troy
      Fernandez, Steve Gallegos, Joseph Garcia, Keegan King, Jennifer Garcia
      Kozlowski, Patrick Greibel, Danny Hernandez, Webb Johnson, Nicholas
      Koluncich, Rachael Lazar, Leanne Leith, Danny Lopez, Peter Lopez, Michelle
      Mares, Sophie Martin, Maria Martinez, Kenneth Owens, Ann Marie Padilla,
      Giovanna Rossi, Reggie Russell, Joseph Sapien, Tamara Stands and Looks Back,
      DeAnza Valencia

      ++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ ++

      Alyssa Macy
      Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon

      Indigenius Media
      http://www.indigeni usmedia.com< br>
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      Updated Native American Academic Journal & Listserve Document

      Posted by: "Nicole Bowman" nbowman@...   nbowman01

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)

      The latest version is attached. If there are changes or additions, please
      do not hesitate to email me. I'll update it again at the end of 4th
      quarter. Thanks for sharing your resources. It helps to keep our list
      current so all can benefit from it. Please share with others. Anushiik,

      Nicky Bowman (Mohican)

      Owner, Bowman Performance Consulting

      www.nbowmanconsulti ng.com


      Call for Entries: “The Crossover”- a fusion of female stylez

      Posted by: "Alyssa Macy" alyssamacy@...

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)

      Please enter or forward to any interested female artist
      YOUNITY Presents:
      "The Crossover"- a fusion of female stylez, ideaz and skillz
      *Who want's to get down!*

      Call for submissions: Female artists, photographers, graphic designers,
      fashion designers, and craft artists for an upcoming exhibit in November at
      the Showroom Gallery in NYC!
      http://www.theshowr oomnyc.com
      *Deadline: October 2,2007*
      Please submit up to 3 (jpgs) of your *dopest *pieces to:
      contactyounity@ gmail.com
      Send the following info:

      link to your work online:

      female stylez, ideaz and skillz
      contactyounity@ gmail.com


      http://www.am- files.com/
      http://www.tooflyny c.com/

      ++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ ++

      Alyssa Macy
      Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon

      Indigenius Media
      http://www.indigeni usmedia.com< br>
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      Amiercan Indian Heritage Day in Billings, MT

      Posted by: "Lita Pepion" LitaPepion@...

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)

      September 6, 2007
      Save the Date!
      American Indian Heritage Day

      Billings – Everyone is invited to celebrate Montana American Indian Heritage Day on Friday, September 28 at Rocky Mountain College! The theme of this year’s celebration is “Protecting Our Future: Choose To Live.” The event allows organizations, teachers, students and the public to come together to celebrate and learn about the unique histories, cultures and philosophies of American Indian groups and to share information and resources that promote making healthy and safe choices throughout our lives.

      Come early and register to join the Health Walk that starts at 10:30 am. Throughout the day, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm, kids can enjoy outdoor activities, including arts, crafts and games, while older kids and adults can benefit from free health screenings and valuable health and safety information from local organizations. Presentations in Losekamp Hall include flute music, a youth panel will discuss the challenges and rewards of living drug and alcohol free, and nationally-known keynote speaker Richard Malone will discuss driving safety in an engaging presentation. At 3:30 pm, join an interpretive Black Otter Trail walk and at 6:00 pm attend the final event of the day, the RMC Powwow.

      Time Activity Location

      8:30 am Health Walk Registration begins RMC Green
      10:00 am Welcome & Opening by Burton Pretty On Top RMC Green
      10:15 am Performance by Youth Drum Group Wolf Voice RMC Green
      10:30 am Health Walk begins RMC Football Field
      11:30 – 12:30 Keynote Speaker: Richard Malone: Losekamp Hall
      Choosing to Live
      12:30 – 1:00 Flute Presentation: Chieftan Child by Walt Runs Above Losekamp Hall
      1:30 – 2:30 Youth Panel: Living a Drug & Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Losekamp Hall
      Panelists: Walt Runs Above, April Flores, Steven Davis,
      Velvet Cummins, Rosebud Big Horn, Telsa Madden

      3:30 – 5:00 Interpretive Walk: History of Black Otter Trail Swords Park parking by Howard Bogess lot

      6:00 RMC Powwow Fortin Gymnasium

      Mark the date on your calendar now, and look for expanded information about all of the day’s events very soon!

      For more information:

      AIHD Activities: 256-6809, ext. 126.
      Health Walk: 247-7118.
      Rocky Mountain College Powwow: 657-1106


      Lita Pepion CRL Consulting Health & Fitness Consulting & Education Program Development & Evaluation PO Box 30012 Billings, MT 59107 www.crlhealth. comEmail: LitaPepion@crlhealt h.c omLitaPepion@... Home Office: (406)252-1667 Cell: (406)208-5779 Fax: 775-593-1957 Let's improve the Native American's Health Status which is Lower than the Overall U.S. Population! DISCLAIMER / CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE This communication is for use by the intended recipient and contains information that may be privileged, confidential or copyrighted under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby formally notified that any use, copying or distribution of this e-mail, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this e-mail from your system. Unless explicitly and conspicuously designated as “E-Contract Intended", this e-mail does not constitute a contract offer, a contract amendment, or an acceptance of a contract offer. This e-mail does not constitute consent to the use of sender's contact information for direct marketing purposes or for transfers of data to third parties.


      Posted by: "Alyssa Macy" nativeshare@...   nativeshare

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:14 pm (PST)


      Due to 515 years after the first invasion of our ancestral
      territories, the
      war of conquest, the plunder and exploitation; a call was made to
      gather all
      indigenous communities, tribes, and nations of the Americas . The
      will take place on the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th days of October,
      2007 in
      the community of Vícam, Yaqui Territory , Municipality of Guaymas ,
      State of
      Sonora , Mexico . Topics that will be discussed at this meeting will
      be (1)
      The war of conquest in the indigenous communities in the Americas;
      (2) The
      resistance of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the defense
      mother earth, their territories, and their cultures; and, (3) Why
      people of America struggle. For more information on the
      "Encuentro/Gatherin g" or if you are interested in participating
      please visit
      the following link: http://www.encuentr oindigena. org/

      Please come and join us at The Festival de la Otra Campaña, which is
      all-day festival whose proceeds will benefit the Encuentro de Pueblos
      Indígenas de América, which will take place in Sonora, Mexico from

      Schedule (Daytime activities free!)
      Activities will be held in the WorldBeat Center, Outside, and in the
      Cultural de La Raza

      10:30 am Opening Ceremony and Blessings
      11am – 12pm Youth Circle, Mural Making Workshop and Bike Workshop
      12 pm – 1 pm Feminism y Que Workshop, Soccer Game
      1 pm – 1:30 pm Peace and Dignity
      1 pm – 2 pm Presentation by CITTAC: Know Your Rights/Struggle Against
      1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Danza
      2 pm – 3 pm Black Panthers in Africa
      2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Spoken Word
      2 pm - 4 pm Altar/Dia de los Muertos Workshop
      3 pm – 4 pm Uhuru Movement

      3:30 pm – 4:30 pm No Borders Camp
      4 pm - 6 pm Film/Discussion, Children's Event, and Closing Ceremony
      7 pm-Benefit Concert ($8 pre-sale $10 at the door)

      If you would like to purchase a ticket, make a donation or need more
      information, please call me at (619) 267-9891

      <http://insurreccion .org/files/ festivalsmall. JPG>

      orinda moreno wrote:

      Movimiento con- safos-y-que- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com>

      mario, gracias, gracia molina de pick has expressed intents of going,
      as has fernando and georgia, both in texas. who else?
      lets each keep contact so you can meet.
      also, german at frontera/tribal groups/water/ health - should be there.
      i shall share info from anyone who responds their attendance.

      mario torero wrote:
      here is something 'crazy' to do
      going to sonora mex, to a yaqui village
      for a hemispheric encounter
      "Encuentro" of Indigenous People next month in Sonora, Mexico
      (information below)
      the weekend of Oct 12th
      I'll go to represent the Afro-Peru, Chincha awareness (earthquake &
      space objects landing)
      whos coming?

      Check the event at the WBC this saturday,
      the evening concert w/ QUINTO SOL should be HOT

      mario torero
      858-774-1286 cell
      619-299-2840 studio
      http://www.fuerzamu ndo.org

      From: "David Valladolid"
      Subject: Festival de la Otra: Sept 22-Please distribute
      Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 07:37:46 -0700

      Hola Raza: As many of you know, my daughter Maite has been and is
      working with La Otra Campana to raise funding for a hemispheric
      "Encuentro" of Indigenous People next month in Sonora, Mexico
      below). Please support her work by attending the events this
      and/or by sending her a contribution. MAIL YOUR CHECK TODAY TO OUR
      3704 Glen Verde Court, Bonita, CA 91902. Make your Check out
      to: "Children
      for Chiapas Foundation" and please make sure to put on the subject
      title of
      the check: Indigenous Encounter. She leaves for Sonora on September
      27th so
      please send your contributions today. I thank you in advance for
      generous contribution.

      Adelante a la luz, David Valladolid

      FW: Temp IHS Director

      Posted by: "Vedis Murillo" vnmur@...

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:15 pm (PST)

      From: BabyDoc53@msn. comTo: napolidsaz@cox. net; Boesch1@arvig. net; ihpehall@mindspring .com; shankate41@cox. net; herrier@pharmacy. arizona.edu ; stevy87@yahoo. com; sannjuan@cox. netCC: vnmur@hotmail. com; acasinc@aol. com; ACROPILOT@aol. com; prostate@dakotacom. net; Fairfield@loganrec. com; tgan2000@yahoo. com; Tom44Tom@buckeye- express.com ; winona_az@hotmail. comSubject : Temp IHS DirectorDate: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 17:05:00 -0700

      News ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETuesday, September 18, 2007 Contact: HHS Press Office(202) 690-6343=20Statemen t by Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services, on RobertG. McSwain Assuming the Role of Acting Director of the Indian Health ServiceI am pleased that Bob has taken on this position, having served as DeputyDirector of the Indian Health Service (IHS) since February 2005.

      Over his 30-year career in the Department, Bob has played a pivotal role,most recently sharing responsibility with the IHS Director for managing a $4billion national health care delivery program. His leadership has helpedensure that the IHS is able to provide top quality preventive, curative, andcommunity care to approximately 1.9 million American Indians and AlaskaNatives. =20

      During his tenure, Bob has received two Presidential Rank Awards forDistinguished and Meritorious service. I am confident he will continue toprovide strong leadership for the IHS in serving as its Acting Director.


      Note: All HHS press releases, fact sheets and other press materials areavailable at http://www.hhs. gov/news <http://hhs.gov/ news>

      Last revised: September 18, 2007

      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _____ ____ _
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      http://gethalo3 gear .com?ocid= SeptemberWLHalo3 _WLHMTxt_ 2

      2007 Native American Youth Conference, Phoenix Arizona

      Posted by: "la_blackhorse" la_blackhorse@...   la_blackhorse

      Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:15 pm (PST)

      Date: September 14, 2007

      Contact: Lisa Blackhorse, 480-236-7040 email LA_Blackhorse@ yahoo.com
      LA_Blackhorse@ yahoo.com>

      RE: 2007 NAYC, Phoenix

      Arizona Indian Education Association

      2007 Native American Youth Conference

      October 18, 19, 2007

      Black Canyon Conference Center, Phoenix AZ

      2007 NAYC WebSite: http://2007nayc. tripod.com/< wbr>index.html
      <http://2007nayc. tripod.com/< wbr>index.html>

      Registration fee: $95.00 per person. (Registration, Youth guideline &
      agreement form, Chaperone/Guardian guideline & agreement forms are
      available on the website: http://2007nayc. tripod.com/
      <http://2007nayc. tripod.com/> or you may request by emailing
      LA_Blackhorse@ yahoo.com LA_Blackhorse@ yahoo.com> )

      Conference Goal: The goal of this conference is provide exposure to
      career options and paths to achievements through education for Native
      American youth in grades 9 –12.

      Conference Features: Keynote Presentations, Educational Workshop topics
      include: Education, Media, Medical, Dental, Public Service, Vocational
      Training, College/Education/ Career Exhibit Hall, Club ASU and more.

      Keynote Speakers:

      * Thursday Morning - Ryan Wilson Ryan Wilson is an enrolled member
      of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. His family is from the Pine Ridge Indian
      Reservation in South Dakota. Mr. Wilson currently is the President of
      National Alliance to Save Native Languages (www.savenativelang uages.org
      <http://www.savenati velanguages . org/> ) and past National Indian
      Education Association President (www.niea.org <http://www.niea. org/> ).
      Mr. Wilson is a nationally recognized leader in positive Native youth
      development and is deeply driven by the need to make our schools better
      for Native learners. * Thursday Afternoon - Freddie Johnson, Self
      Indentity. Mr. Johnson is a well known Navajo language and cultural
      instructor that offers Navajo language and cultural classes in the
      Phoenix Area. We are very honored to have him talk to our youth about
      self inde

      (Message over 64 KB, truncated)
    • Mansel Nelson
      ************************************************************************************************** *UNDERGRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES*
      Message 2 of 8 , Dec 5, 2007




        Undergraduate Opportunity Announcement


        Title: The Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program

        Deadline: March 4, 2008

        Website: http://www.udall.gov


        The Scholarship Program awards eighty $5,000 merit-based scholarships for college sophomores and juniors seeking a career in tribal health, tribal public policy or the environment. Scholarship recipients participate in a five-day Orientation in Tucson , AZ , to learn more about tribal and environmental issues. Applications must be submitted through a Udall Faculty Representative at the student's college or university. More information about Faculty Representatives can be found on the Udall website. The application deadline for the 2008 academic year is March 4, 2008.



        Undergraduate Opportunity Announcement


        Title: SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships), Caltech

        Deadline: February 22, 2008



        SURF is open to students in all fields, with students working at either the Caltech campus or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).


        Caltech's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships program introduces students to research under the guidance of seasoned research mentors at Caltech and JPL. Students experience the process of research as a creative intellectual activity.



        Students may be freshmen through non-graduating seniors. Students of all citizenship statuses may SURF at Caltech; however, students applying for JPL projects must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.


        Support: SURF students will receive a $6000 award.

        Application: Online applications are due February 22, 2008.



        Undergraduate Opportunity Announcement


        Title: MURF Undergraduate Research Fellowships, Caltech

        Deadline: January 5, 2008

        Website: www.murf.caltech.edu



        Caltech’s MURF program provides support for talented undergraduates to spend a summer working in a research laboratory on the Caltech campus. The MURF program aims to increase the representation of underrepresented students (such as African American, Latino, and Native American) in science and engineering graduate programs and to make Caltech’s programs more visible to students not traditionally exposed to Caltech.


        Applications are encouraged from students who wish to work in a modern academic research laboratory under the guidance of experienced scientists and engineers. The program will expose students to the excitement and opportunities of a research career. This experience provides excellent preparation for students interested in subsequently pursuing a Ph.D.



        Students must be current sophomores through non-graduating seniors and must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

        Support: MURF students will receive a $6000 award, round-trip air transportation, and free housing no the Caltech campus.

        Application: Online applications are due January 5, 2008.



        Undergraduate Opportunity Announcement


        Title: AMGEN Scholars Program, Caltech

        Deadline: February 1, 2008

        Website: www.amgenscholars.caltech.edu



        Amgen Scholarships will be offered in the following fields:  biochemistry • bioengineering • bioinformatics • chemical and bio-molecular engineering • biopsychology • biotechnology • chemistry • immunology • medical pharmacology • microbiology • molecular genetics • molecular medicine • molecular pharmacology • molecular, cell, and developmental biology • neurobiology • neuroscience • pathology • physiological psychology • physiological science • statistics • toxicology



        Students must be current sophomores through non-graduating seniors, must be attending a four-year university, and must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents. A minimum GPA of 3.2 is required.


        Support: MURF students will receive a $5500 award, round-trip air transportation, a generous housing allowance, and a food allowance.

        Application: Online applications are due February 1, 2008.





        Summer Internship Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Native American Congressional Internships, Morris K. Udall Congressional Internship
        Deadline: January 31, 2008
        Website: http://www.udall.gov

        The Native American Congressional Internship was established to provide Native American and Alaska Native students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in federal government legislative processes and decision-making in order to benefit their tribal communities and enhance tribal self-governance.

        The Udall Foundation provides Interns with:

        • Placement in a congressional office or federal agency in Washington , D.C. ;
        • Two-day Orientation to introduce Interns to Washington , D.C. , and the Internship Program;
        • Meetings with distinguished members of Congress, directors and staff of federal agencies, and Native American professionals;
        • Specially arranged tours of federal buildings and national museums;
        • Community-style living convenient to Capitol Hill* with on-site coordinator;
        • Roundtrip airfare to and from Washington , D.C. , and a daily allowance for meals, transportation and incidentals;
        • A $1,200 educational stipend upon completion of the internship.

        Udall Interns have worked in House and Senate offices, with the Departments of Defense, Interior, and Education, and in the White House. Depending on the individual's skills and abilities, Interns research legislative issues, attend hearings and briefings, and provide general office support.




        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Tenure-Track Position, Native American Studies Program, Portland State University

        Email: garrisont@...



        The Native American Studies Program at Portland State University seeks a tenure-line assistant, associate, or full professor of Native American Studies. The program, which presently offers a minor, is committed to civic engagement with urban and regional Native communities and seeks a faculty member who will share that philosophy. The search committee will consider all disciplines and areas of research scholarship and teaching, although applicants must show 
        promise of tenure in a field in the university’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Special consideration will be given to those candidates who hold expertise in urban Indian communities and/or the history, culture, or languages of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest (broadly construed).


        The candidate must have substantial experience living, working, and/or participating in a Native community and must demonstrate an interest in collaborating with local and regional Native communities. PhD or other appropriate terminal degree required. Teaching experience, publications, and a demonstrated ability to secure external funding preferred. PSU is on the quarter system; generally speaking, the teaching load is two courses per quarter. For more information about the program, see www.nas.pdx.edu.  PSU is an AA/EO institution and welcomes applications from diverse candidates and candidates who support diversity. Please send letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference to Tim Garrison, Department of History,  Portland State University , PO Box 751 , Portland , OR 97207-0751 . Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2007, and will continue until finalists are identified. Correspondence will be conducted primarily by email. Send email address with application, or clearly indicate if you do not have e-mail.  For more information, contact Tim Garrison at garrisont@....



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Renewable Energy and Conservation Program Coordinator, Environmental Specialist, Water Quality Technician, Back Haul Technician, Circuit Rider


        The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council is hiring for the following positions: Renewable Energy and Conservation Program Coordinator, Environmental Specialist, Water Quality Technician, Back Haul Technician, Circuit Rider.


        All positions are full-time positions for at least one year and provide a benefits package with health care. Salary is dependent on experience. Some travel to remote Alaska and Yukon Territory communities will be required.


        All Positions are open until filled and will begin January 1, 2008. For more information please contact Bryan Maracle at bmarale@...



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Consultant

        Website: www.ndnlanguage.com


        Thornton Media, Inc. is the only language tool company in the world devoted to Native Languages. Thornton Media, Inc. is currently looking for students and graduates for paid consultants.



        -         Must have a strong knowledge of Indian Country

        -         Proficiency with Computers

        -         Patient, good interpersonal skills

        -         Strong presentation and communication skills

        -         Positive, diplomatic attitude, and ability to work as a team player

        -         Ability to multi-task; detail-oriented individual is a plus!

        -         Flexible schedule, like to travel  to Native Communities

        -         Proactively  and creatively identify and solve client problems

        -         Must respect elders!


        Please email 2 letters of recommendations from either professors or previous employers and resumes attention to jobs@...



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Director of Education

        Organization: Rumsey Racheria, California

        Closing Date: January 3, 2008

        The Director of Education for the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians is responsible for overall planning, management and coordination of all education services including operation of the tribal school, Yocha-De-He Preparatory School .


        For More Information:

        Contact Della C. Warrior at dellawarrior@.... Letters of interest, resumes and three references should be mailed to Ms. Warrior at 2816 Camino Principe, Santa Fe, NM 87505.



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Director of the American Indian Studies Center , University of California , Los Angeles

        Email: AISCsearch@...

        Deadline: December 15, 2007



        The University of California , Los Angeles (UCLA) invites inquiries, nominations and applications for the position of Director for the American Indian Studies Center.  Qualifications for success are a strong scholarly research and publication record; experience developing interdisciplinary research and instructional programs in Native American Studies; the ability to administer budgetary and personnel processes; and proven experience in obtaining and managing extramural funding in the form of research grants and development activity.  Above all, we are looking for a dynamic individual to provide intellectual and programmatic leadership for the Center.  This is a tenured appointment in the appropriate department or school. 


        Established in 1969 as one of the first ethnic studies centers, the American Indian Studies Center is an Organized Research Unit whose mission is to promote research, education and community service within an academic framework.  The AISC maintains a reference library, publishes books and the American Indian Culture and Research Journal.  The Center provides academic counseling and support to students, and administers postdoctoral and pre-doctoral fellowships and research awards through the Institute of American Cultures .  During the past three decades, the Center has become nationally and internationally recognized as one of the leading American Indian Studies programs.


        Inquiries, nominations and applications are invited.  Applications should include a curriculum vita and should be sent electronically to AISCsearch@....  Inquiries may be addressed to Traci Considine, Manager of Executive Recruitment, at 310-206-8003.  For full consideration, nominations and applications should be sent by December 15, 2007.  Candidate review begins immediately, with an appointment to be made in spring 2008, and a preferred starting date of July 1, 2008. 



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Tenure Track Investigator

        Deadline: January 2, 2008

        E- mail: ungerlel@...



        The Laboratory of Neuropsychology (LN) of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) seeks a highly accomplished Tenured or Tenure Track Investigator conducting cognitive neuroscience research in nonhuman primates to head an active, ongoing program in this area.  The position comes with complementary budget and staff.  The strong scientific environment and outstanding resources at NIMH for carrying out such a program make this a unique opportunity for a high-achieving cognitive neuroscientist.  The position also offers unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists throughout the NIH.  The successful candidate will be expected to strengthen the current program.



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Head – Outreach Research Program

        Website: www.nwaexecutivesearch.com


        This is an outstanding opportunity to develop and establish a new community-based interventional research program on cancer education, screening and prevention to address the problems and challenges faced by cancer patients and their families in rural Maine that are served by Eastern Maine Medical Center ’s Cancer Care of Maine and affiliated organizations.


        This is a rare chance to craft a vital and distinctive program. In this context, the Head of the Outreach Research Program will be responsible for developing and implementing a 3-10 years strategic plan, integrating selected successful existing programs from around the world, innovating and adapting them to Maine’s rural population, building collaborations and leveraging existing resources, and introducing new research-based programs to significantly improve cancer education, screening and prevention in communities that include in Native American tribes, Acadians, French- Canadians, and others. The Head of the Outreach Research Program will work closely with the Subsidiary’s Director, consultants, and senior administrators to develop the clinical research-based outreach programs.


        The ideal individual will be entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, highly motivated, and an energetic, committed scientist with flexibility, transparency, and integrity who will partner closely with the Subsidiary Director. MD, PhD, or equivalent professional qualification. Strong evidence of education and years of experience in research and/or clinical trials in community and outreach programs.



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Chair, Department of American Indian Studies, University of South Dakota


        The University of South Dakota is pleased to announce the opening of a position for CHAIR of the Department of American Indian Studies for Fall 2008.  Complete job description can be found at https://yourfuture.sdbor.edu. Scroll to University of South Dakota and scroll to Associate Professor/Professor/Chair-American Indian Studies.  Learn more about the Department at http://www.usd.edu/iais.



        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Assistant or Associate Professor, Native American Studies, UMass Amherst

        Website: http://www.umass.edu/hfa


        The College of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts Amherst solicits applications for a tenure-track appointment at the assistant or associate professor level starting Fall 2008 with an emphasis in Native American Indian Studies. Application for this position is open to all candidates qualified to be appointed in any department within CHFA (http://www.umass.edu/hfa). Must have Ph.D. or MFA for appointment.  Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


        The successful applicant will be committed to promoting methodologies and pedagogies of indigenous knowledge affecting teaching, course and program development. UMass Amherst Native programs and organizations include the Certificate Program in Native American Indian Studies (established in 1997 offering both a Northeastern and a hemispheric focus); Native American Student Services; the Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center; Native American Students Association; Kanonhsehsne (a living space for Native and Ally students) and Native American Graduate Students. The College is committed to developing and sustaining a more diverse faculty, student body, and curriculum.


        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Clinical Tenure-Track Position in Malaria Pathogenesis and Human Immunity, National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases

        Deadline: December 3, 2007

        Website: http://healthresearch.niaid.nih.gov


        The National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Division of Intramural Research (DIR), Laboratory of Malaria & Vector Research (LMVR), located in Rockville , MD is seeking an outstanding tenure-track investigator to develop a clinical research program in malaria pathogenesis and human immunity that includes field and laboratory studies.  A tenure-track investigator is equivalent to an Assistant or Associate Professor in a University setting. 


        The LMVR conducts high-impact, innovative scientific research on malaria and the mosquitoes responsible for its transmission. Overseas field work in Africa and Southeast Asia is integral to these activities. Results from LMVR research lead to new information on parasite and host factors that affect malaria transmission and infection, biological responses that affect the course of disease, and genetic determinants that affect outcomes in vaccine trials and drug treatment. 


        Interested candidates may contact Dr. Thomas Wellems, Chief, LMVR via email at twellems@... for additional information about the position. 


        To apply for the position, send your curriculum vitae, bibliography, an outline of your proposed research program (no more than two pages), and list of 3-5 most significant research papers by December 3rd, 2007  via email to Ms. Wanda Jackson at jacksonwa@.... In addition, three letters of recommendation must be sent to Chair, LMVR Search Committee c/o Ms. Wanda Jackson, 10 Center Drive MSC 1356, Building 10, Room 4A-26, Bethesda , Maryland 20892-1356 . E- mail is preferred.  Please note search #017 when sending materials.


        Position Opportunity Announcement


        Title: Two tenure-track positions: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Sociology

        Deadline: November 1, 2007 & December 1, 2007


        The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Sociology invites applications for a tenure-track position at the assistant or associate professor rank that will begin August, 2008. We are seeking a quantitative scholar with an active research agenda; substantive area of expertise is open. The successful candidate will have completed the PhD by August, 2008. Preference will be given to candidates with the ability and interest to teach quantitative methods and statistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The successful candidate will also be expected to pursue extramural funding. UWM is an AA/EO Employer and a Carnegie Doctoral/Research University-Extensive with numerous centers of urban and interdisciplinary research. The Department of Sociology offers the M.A degree and participates in the interdisciplinary PhD program in Urban Studies.


        Send a letter specifying your interest and qualifications along with a curriculum vitae, three letters of reference, a piece of sole authored work, and evidence of teaching experience to: Chair, Recruitment Committee-Quantitative Methods, Sociology@... or Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201. Electronic applications preferred. Applications must be postmarked by November 1, 2007, in order to receive full consideration.


        The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Sociology invites applications for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor rank that will begin August 2008. We are seeking a scholar whose focus is on the sociology of medicine or public health. The successful candidate will have completed the PhD by August, 2008. In addition, candidates should have a demonstrated ability and interest in conducting research and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The successful candidate will also be expected to pursue extramural funding. UWM is an AA/EO Employer and a Carnegie Doctoral/Research University-Extensive with numerous centers of urban and interdisciplinary research, including The Center for Urban Population Health. The Department of Sociology offers the M.A degree and participates in the interdisciplinary PhD program in Urban Studies. Send a letter specifying your interest and qualifications along with

        (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

      • Mansel Nelson
        ******************************************************************** Educational Opps for Indigenous Peoples
        Message 3 of 8 , Jan 6, 2009



          Messages In This Digest (23 Messages)

          YACHAY WASI: Million Native Trees Campaign in the Peruvian Andes From: ghwelker3@...
          Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS) From: Alyssa Macy
          Seniors Housing Executives / Continuous Education From: Open Eye Corporation
          [BHIC Web Log] December 17 From: BHIC Web Log
          [BHIC Web Log] December 22 From: BHIC Web Log
          Fwd: IEIA Scholarships for Native American College Students 2009 From: Debra Utacia Krol
          Endangered Species Act ‘Doesn’t Help Support Any Species, Including From: ghwelker3@...
          ABC Casting Hosts Workshop for Native American Actors From: Rosepetl5@...
          Tobacco Prevention Ads from the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Heal From: Alyssa Macy
          URGENT, need 1,335 more VOTES TONIGHT for a chance to get Leonard Pe From: K Wright
          Crazy Horse Memorial - Comments / Help From: ghwelker3@...
          January,  2009 NATIVE VILLAGE YOUTH and EDUCATION News From: senecagina
          White Buffalo Calf Woman Society celebrating 31 years From: ghwelker3@...
          2009 Partnerships for Indian Education conference From: renee_hlt
          A Call to Young Warriors, to all Young People From: ghwelker3@...
          10 Academic Resources Daily (January 1st, 2009 Issue) From: Radu Iliescu
          Basic Fitness Training for Natives From: Lita Pepion
          [BHIC Web Log] December 23 From: BHIC Web Log
          INDIGENOUS FILM ARCHIVE From: ghwelker3@...
          EEOP Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue 4 From: Mansel Nelson
          List of Needs: If Someone You Know Has A 501(c)3, Could You Please G From: p_tonweenyon
          [BHIC Web Log] December 29 From: BHIC Web Log



          YACHAY WASI: Million Native Trees Campaign in the Peruvian Andes

          Posted by: "ghwelker3@..." ghwelker3@...   ghwelker

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)

          YACHAY WASI
          Million Native Trees Campaign in the Peruvian Andes.

          TREES FOR LIFE FIRST STAGE OF ONE MILLION NATIVE TREES IN THE PERUVIAN ANDES. In December 2008, during the beginning of the rainy season, the first stage of the Campaign will be implemented: planting 2000 native trees around the village and lake of Acopia.

          Yachay Wasi has started its Campaign of planting ONE MILLION NATIVE TREES in the Circuit of Four Lakes at an altitude of 3,600 meters (11,800 feet) in the Peruvian Andes. The Native Trees, which have been selected by local Biologists, are: 100,000 units each of Chachacomo, Qeu€  ña, Qolle, Kiswar, Molle, 50,000 units each of Sauco, Sauce and 400, 000 units of other species.

          FIRST STAGE: In December 2008, during the beginning of the rainy season, the first stage of the Campaign will be implemented: planting 2000 native trees around the village and lake of Acopia. In November, training on how to plant the trees, organized by Yachay Wasi with the participation of local biologists, is being given to residents of Acopia and nearby villages. Each school child will be invited to select a tree and to care for it and watch it grow.

          Yachay Wasi has reached out to world citizens to contribute $1.00 per tree. A partial amount of the $2,000.00 needed was raised from donations from the public. Contributions are still needed. Yachay Wasi is a Planting Partner in United Nations Environment Program Billion Trees Campaign.

          Under the inspiration of Eliane Lacroix-Hopson, Marie-Danielle Samuel from Yachay Wasi can be achieved the cultivation of 1 million native in the circuit of the four lakes in Cuzco

          http://www.unep. org/billiontreec ampaign/Campaign News/Yachay_ Wasi.asp

          http://www.yachaywa si-ngo.org/ lakesproject. htm
          http://www.yachaywa si-ngo.org/ MillionTrees. htm
          http://www.yachaywa si-ngo.org/ MillionTreesDono rs.htm


          Diciembre de 2008 en el pueblo andino de Acopia, departamento de Cusco (Per€  ú) Yachay Wasi ha iniciado su Campa€  ña de Plantaci€  ón de un Mill€  ón de €  Árboles Nativos en el Circuito de las Cuatro Lagunas a una altitud de 3600 metros (11800 pies) en los Andes del Per€  ú.

          Los €  árboles nativos, seleccionados por bi€  ólogos locales, son: 100.000 unidades de cada de Chachacoma, Qeu€  ña, Qolle, Kiswar y Molle; 50.000 unidades de cada de Sa€  úco y Sauce y 400.000 unidades de otras especies.

          En diciembre de 2008, con el inicio de la temporada de lluvias, se ejecutar€  á la primera etapa de la campa€  ña: la plantaci€  ón de 2000 €  árboles nativos cerca del pueblo y el lago de Acopia. En noviembre una formaci€  ón sobre c€  ómo plantar los €  árboles, organizada por Yachay Wasi con la participaci€  ón de bi€  ólogos locales, se empez€  ó a impartir a los residentes de Acopia y de pueblos cercanos. Cada ni€  ño de las escuelas ser€  á invitado a seleccionar un €  árbol para cuidarlo y verlo crecer.

          Yachay Wasi hace un llamado a los ciudadanos del mundo para que donen un d€  ólar por €  árbol. Una cantidad parcial de los 2000 d€  ólares necesarios ha sido recaudada con donaciones del p€  úblico. A€  ún se necesitan contribuciones. Yachay Wasi es un Socio Plantador en la Campa€  ña de los Mil Millones de €  Árboles del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente:

          http://www.unep. org/billiontreec ampaign/Campaign News/Yachay_ Wasi.asp


          Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)

          Posted by: "Alyssa Macy" alyssamacy@...

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)

          *What Are You Doing In SUMMER 2009!?*

          If you are a Native college or university student in your second semester of
          sophomore year or above, you should consider Washington Internships for
          Native Students (WINS)! This experience may change the way you think about
          your future.

          Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS) provides a professional,
          real-world work experience, ideal for jump starting a career or enhancing a
          graduate school application. This challenging program offers internships in
          a variety of fields within leading government agencies and other
          organizations, including local law firms. In addition to your internship,
          participants take course work centered around Indian policy and career

          Take advantage of this great opportunity to live, learn, and intern in
          Washington, DC with WINS, hosted at American University. If selected for
          this capital city program, the sponsoring internship organization will pay
          for your tuition, books, housing, meal plan, and transportation costs. All
          forms are available through our website at http://www.american .edu/wins. If
          you have any questions about the application process or the requirements,
          please feel free to contact WINS at (202) 885-5934 or 1-800-853-3076 or by
          email at wins@american. edu.

          Join us for a challenging summer that you will help develop your next steps
          in life!

          Director, Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)
          Washington Semester AI/NA Program
          American University
          Capital Building, Room 114
          4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
          Washington, DC 20016-8083 USA
          T - 202-895-4879
          F - 202-895-4882
          C - 202-445-5211
          soto@american. edu

          http://www.american .edu/wins

          ... I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to
          depend simply upon himself.

          ~ Lone Man (Isna-la-wica) Teton Sioux

          Seniors Housing Executives / Continuous Education

          Posted by: "Open Eye Corporation" server@...

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)

          This three hour course is designed to bring executives up to date on Trends in Over 50s Housing.

          The 9:30am to 12:30pm seminar/workshop will provide you with a thorough briefing on all Trends in Over 50s Housing (All economic strata)

          This intimate setting allows both industry newcomers/greenhorn s and well-established operators an opportunity to learn years of study in 3 hours.

          The trends will cover all Over 50s Housing in independent, semi-dependent and dependent sectors.

          Who is the Seminar Aimed At
          Builders, developers, financiers, architects, owners, seniors housing executives who are either, contemplating entering the over 50s housing sector and long standing industry players who need an outside view to freshen up thinking, perspective or re-evaluate industry positioning.

          Detailed analysis of the 100 sub-trends in +50s independent housing, as well as the sub-trends in semi-dependant housing and the future of nursing homes, socio-economic trends, social impacts, financing techniques and an overview of best practice developers, funders, managers and operators as well as a review of design, architecture, construction and business models.

          Presentation Coordinator
          The half day session will be presented by the research editor of www.seniorshousing. us one of the foremost authorities worldwide on seniors housing trends).

          These sessions are so valuable because they are run in very small numbers and only twice a year.

          New York Mon 23 Feb 2009 9:30am to 12:30pm
          Toronto Tue 24 Feb 2009 9:30am to 12:30pm
          Chicago Wed 25 Feb 2009 9:30am to 12:30pm
          Vancouver Thu 26 Feb 2009 9:30am to 12:30pm
          Los Angeles Fri 27 Feb 2009 9:30am to 12:30pm

          C$248 per person, if booked and paid by 5pm 19 December 2008

          Continuing Education Credits
          Designation Credits: CAASH

          Continuing Education Credit: CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGR, GMB, MASTER-CSP, CSP, CMP. MIRM

          The seminar / workshop is registered with the Architects Association in the USA (AIA) and is to be accredited under the Continuing Education Program for 2009.

          The AIA Board of Directors modified the AIA-member continuing education requirement to include 4 hours of education in sustainable design as part of the existing 18-hour annual requirement. This sustainable design requirement goes into effect in calendar year 2009 and extends through 2012.

          The Sustainable Design MCE does not replace the original requirement for 18 total hours, eight of which must be under Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) subjects, as HSW is a subject of Learning Units, and Sustainable Design may be a subject of HSW. It designates that four (4) of the total hours be in sustainable design topics.

          This course will satisfy this latter requirement

          Limit of 15 per daily session.
          Cancellation fee: 100% refund up to 30 days before event, 50% refund up until 7 days, thereafter 100% cancellation rate applies.

          Materials Provided
          Study Manual on Trends (100 pg)
          Copy of power point presentation (trends in +50s Housing)
          6 DVDs on Seniors Housing Award Winners
          Baby Boomer Housing Study - (96pages)
          Housing Seniors (Joint Venture for Housing Studies of Harvard University)
          Transgenerational Design Matters
          Profile of Buyers Home Feature Preferences
          Pulte/Del Webb Seniors Housing Survey Results

          How to Book
          To download the order form go to:
          http://www.seniorsh ousing.us/ HalfDaySeminars/ CAN-HD-Trends- Feb2009.pdf

          a) Email: sales@seniorshousin g.us
          b) Fax : +1 323 908 6218
          c) Mail : Open Eye Corporation
          468 N. Camden Dr #200
          Beverly Hills CA 90210

          Who We Are
          Open Eye Corporation specializes in filming property trends across the world and making them available to industry participants in every country, in a cost efficient and visually instructive way.

          Open Eye Corporation conducts specialist research into trends in the Over 50s Housing Market around the world and presents this research in exclusive intimate seminars from time to time.

          Who is the Research Aimed At
          Architects, Designers, Investors, Industry Executives, Town Planers, Government Officials and those interested in learning about trends in this growth sector and who are thirsty for knowledge but are time poor but still wish to stay abreast of international trends and standards will be the main beneficiaries.

          If You Wish to be Added to Our Database:
          Email: sales@seniorshousin g.us and nominate the address to be added.

          Head Office
          Open Eye Corporation
          468 N. Camden Dr #200
          Beverly Hills CA 90210

          P: +1 310 860 5116
          F: +1 323 908 6218
          E: sales@seniorshousin g.us
          W: www.seniorshousing. us

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          Send an email to sales@seniorshousin g.us with "UNSUBSCRIBE <nativeshare@ yahoogroups. com>" in the subject line.

          All requests in writing processed within 48 hours.

          Please do not reply to this message, this mailbox is not monitored.

          Direct all correspondence to sales@seniorshousin g.us

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          [BHIC Web Log] December 17

          Posted by: "BHIC Web Log" health_gaps@...

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)

          http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/

          * NIH Summit Update

          o Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on
          the Social Determinants of Health

          o The Community Health Promotion Handbook: Action Guides to Improve
          Community Health

          o Moving Upstream: How Interventions That. Address the Social
          Determinants of Health Can. Improve Health and Reduce Disparities

          * Health Literacy and Management of Chronic Disease Podcast

          * Articles on Youth Health

          o Youth Health and Wellness: Core Issues and Views on Existing

          o Food and Beverage Marketing to Children and Adolescents: What
          Changes are Needed to Promote Healthy Eating Habits?

          * The Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun)

          NIH Summit Update <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3957>

          The speaker's at today's NIH Summit on the Science of Health Disparities
          were all dynamic and knowledgeable. Governor Howard Dean MD, Chairman,
          Democratic National Committee started off the day with a rousing speech
          on the future of health care in the US. He was followed by several
          panelists speaking on the intersection of science, policy and practice.
          The lunch keynote speaker, Elijah Cummings, United States Congress,
          Washington, DC capped off the morning with a powerful and inspiring talk
          that had audience members visibly moved. Moving into the afternoon
          breakout sessions was more of the same - presentations and sharing of
          knowledge and action around overcoming health disparities. Below are
          some resources I learned about while at the Summit

          Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on the
          Social Determinants of Health
          http://www.who. int/bookorders/ anglais/detart1. jsp?sesslan= 1&codlan= 1&cod
          col=15&codcch= 741
          Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health
          Nonserial Publication
          World Health Organization
          The Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health sets
          out key areas of daily living conditions and of the underlying
          structural drivers that influence them in which action is needed. It
          provides analysis of social determinants of health and concrete examples
          of types of action that have proven effective in improving health and
          health equity in countries at all levels of socioeconomic development.

          The Community Health Promotion Handbook: Action Guides to Improve
          Community Health
          http://www.cdc. gov/steps/ actionguides/
          Partnership for Prevention(r) and the Centers for Disease Control and
          Prevention have developed The Community Health Promotion Handbook:
          Action Guides to Improve Community Health, an evidence-based tool that
          bridges the gap between research and practice. Five selected
          recommendations from the Task Force on Community Preventive Services'
          The Guide to Community Preventive Services: What Works to Promote
          Health? have been translated into action guides that provide public
          health practitioners and others interested in health promotion with the
          necessary "how to" guidance to implement effective community-level

          Moving Upstream: How Interventions That. Address the Social Determinants
          of Health Can. Improve Health and Reduce Disparities
          http://www.nursingc enter.com/ pdf.asp?AID= 819665 (pdf)
          David R. Williams, Manuela V. Costa, Adebola O. Odunlami, and Selina A.
          J Public Health Management Practice, 2008, November(Suppl) , S8-S17
          Copyright[1] C 2008 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

          Health Literacy and Management of Chronic Disease Podcast
          <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3954>

          http://www.healthli teracyoutloud. com/
          Andrew Krueger, M.D. is the Medical Director for Accordant Health
          Services (a division of CVS Caremark Corporation) . His responsibilities
          include directing and supporting Health Management Medical Affairs,
          providing medical leadership to numerous projects and committees, and
          serving as the senior clinician providing guidance for Accordant's
          disease management programs. In this podcast, he talks with Helen
          Osborne about health literacy and management of chronic disease. Topics

          * What disease management programs are and why health literacy
          * Ways to communicate with patients including by telephone, mail,
          and the Web
          * How helping patients understand their conditions can improve
          health outcomes

          Articles on Youth Health <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3949>

          Youth Health and Wellness: Core Issues and Views on Existing Resources
          This report focuses on teens and young adults (ages 13-24) and where
          they go to identify health information. The majority tend to utilize
          online resources to get health related information. The report also
          identifies which health related issues they think are most important. To
          review this resource, visit:
          http://www.isis- inc.org/in- print/Youth_ Health_and_ Wellness_ Report_2008. p

          Food and Beverage Marketing to Children and Adolescents: What Changes
          are Needed to Promote Healthy Eating Habits?
          Robert Wood Johnson Foundation prepared this brief that summarizes the
          latest research about the ubiquity of food and beverage marketing
          targeting youths and how marketing may influence their dietary patterns
          and health. It also describes national regulations to protect children
          from deceptive marketing practices, and details what research is still
          needed to understand and limit the potential for marketing to adversely
          affect young people's health. For more information, visit:
          http://www.rwjf. org/pr/product. jsp?id=35968& c=EMC-ADV

          NAFH E-News Alert #11

          The Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun)
          <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3946>

          http://www.fda. gov/cdrh/ medsun/
          provides a representative profile of reports from healthcare facilities,
          such as hospitals. MedSun improves understanding of medical device
          problems so FDA, healthcare facilities, clinicians, and manufacturers
          can better address safety concerns. Over 350 health care facilities,
          primarily hospitals, participate in the network. MedSun is unique
          because it educates health care professionals about the importance of
          monitoring, being aware of, and reporting device related problems to FDA
          and the manufacturer. MedSun also ensures that new safety information is
          rapidly communicated to the medical community thereby promoting patient

          The content that FDA produces is not copyrighted. Stories can be
          reprinted without permission and copies can be downloaded and displayed
          free of charge. If you are an editor who wishes to use our material in
          your publication, we ask only that you acknowledge MedSun as the source
          and send us copies of your stories for our records. If you click on
          "Subscribe to email updates" you will automatically receive monthly
          updates. Questions may be directed to Tina Powell at 1-800-859-1292 or
          email at: medsun@...

          Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, MSLIS
          Community Outreach Liaison
          National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region
          Creighton University Health Sciences Library
          2500 California Plaza
          Omaha, NE 68178
          800-338-7657 in CO,KS,MO,NE, UT,WY
          402-280-4156 outside the region
          siobhan@creighton. edu <mailto:siobhan@creighton. edu>
          http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/> (Web Log)
          http://www.digitald ivide.net/ profile/siobhanc hamp-blackwell
          <BLOCKED::http://www.digitald ivide.net/ profile/siobhanc hamp-blackwell>
          (Digital Divide Network Profile)

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          health_gaps mailing list
          health_gaps@ creighton. edu
          http://lists. creighton. edu/mailman/ listinfo/ health_gaps

          [BHIC Web Log] December 22

          Posted by: "BHIC Web Log" health_gaps@...

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)

          http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/

          * Grant Opportunity

          * Conferences

          o Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) 2009 Conference

          o 2009 Public Health Preparedness Summit

          * Grants

          o Nomination Period Opens for Purpose Prize

          o Former Talk Show Host Jenny Jones Announces Continuation of
          Community Grant Program

          o Kaiser Family Foundation Offers Media Fellowships in Health

          * Webcast: NIH Summit On Eliminating Health Disparities

          Grant Opportunity <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3972>

          http://www.rwjf. org/applications /solicited/ cfp.jsp?ID= 20506
          Salud America! is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson
          Foundation (RWJF) that supports research on environmental and policy
          solutions to the epidemic of obesity among Latino children. The program
          also aims to develop a network of researchers whose findings will help
          identify the most promising obesity-prevention strategies specifically
          tailored for Latino communities. Findings will advance RWJF's efforts to
          reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

          If anyone is participating in this research could you please contact
          Medical Librarian and blog reader Annabelle Nunez at
          anunez@ahsl. arizona.edu

          Conferences <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3968>

          Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) 2009 Conference
          Latinos in the Heartland
          http://www.cambiode colores.org
          May 18-20, 2009
          Millennium Center
          University of Missouri - St. Louis
          St. Louis, Missouri
          The deadline for submitting abstracts is January 23rd, 2009.
          The full Call for Abstracts is available in the Web, at the following
          http://www.cambiode colores.org/ 2009/Documents/ 2009CallForAbstr acts.htm
          Cambio de Colores is an annual conference that, since 2002, brings
          together researchers, practitioners, and community members to discuss
          the issues that Missouri and Heartland states face as a result of the
          demographic changes that became evident in the 2000 Census. The 2009
          meeting will be a multi-state conference. For this occasion, the
          University of Missouri's Cambio Center is working in cooperation with
          the twelve-state North Central Regional Center for Rural Development,
          and the Immigrants in Midwestern Communities Inter University Network.

          2009 Public Health Preparedness Summit
          Public health preparedness professionals from across the nation will
          share innovative best practices, tools, and resources to help you build
          and sustain your community's capacity to prepare for, respond to, and
          recover from a public health emergency or disaster.
          http://www.phprep. org/2009/ ?CFID=2487407& CFTOKEN=48417005

          Grants <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3965>

          Nomination Period Opens for Purpose Prize
          Deadline: March 5, 2009
          The Purpose Prize ( http://www.purposep rize.org/ ) provides five awards
          of $100,000 each to people over the age of 60 who are working to address
          society's biggest challenges. To be eligible for the prize, nominees
          must be at least 60 years old (by the deadline of March 5, 2009) and be
          a legal resident of the United States (including its territories) .
          Nominees should have initiated important innovations as part of an
          encore career and should be currently working in a leadership capacity
          in an organization or institution (public, private, nonprofit, or
          for-profit) to address a major social problem in the U.S. or abroad.
          Nominees should have demonstrated recent creativity and leadership, with
          the promise of more to come.
          http://fconline. foundationcenter .org/pnd/ 15016227/ purposeprize

          Former Talk Show Host Jenny Jones Announces Continuation of Community
          Grant Program
          Deadline: Open
          Talk show host and philanthropist Jenny Jones has announced that she
          will donate an additional $1 million to continue her Jenny's Heroes (
          http://www.jennyshe roes.com/ ) community grant program. The Jenny's
          Heroes program awards grants to individuals who submit the best ideas
          for tangible, lasting community projects. Jenny's Heroes provides grants
          of up to $25,000 each to fund projects that promise long-term community
          benefits. Through the fifty grant recipients so far, funds have been
          used to provide items and services such as library books, school
          computers, firefighting gear, nursing home upgrades, sports equipment,
          free dental services, wheelchairs, coats for children in domestic
          violence shelters, and a running track at a women's prison.
          http://fconline. foundationcenter .org/pnd/ 15016232/ jennysheroes

          Kaiser Family Foundation Offers Media Fellowships in Health
          Deadline: March 3, 2009
          A program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Kaiser Media Fellowships
          in Health program is a flexible opportunity for print, broadcast, and
          online journalists to pursue an area of interest in U.S. health policy
          issues. Any journalist, editor, or producer specializing in health
          reporting - or wanting to do so - is eligible.
          http://fconline. foundationcenter .org/pnd/ 15016236/ kffmediafellows

          Copyright (c) 2000-2008, the Foundation Center. All rights reserved.
          Permission to use, copy, and/or distribute this document in whole or in
          part for non-commercial purposes without fee is hereby granted provided
          that this notice and appropriate credit to the Foundation Center is
          included in all copies. RFP Bulletin (December 19, 2008)

          Webcast: NIH Summit On Eliminating Health Disparities
          <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ ?p=3962>

          This three-day summit attempted to showcase the collective contribution
          of NIH in the development of new knowledge in the Science of Eliminating
          Health Disparities; highlight the progress of NIH minority health and
          health disparities research activities to improve prevention,
          diagnostic, and treatment methods; increase awareness and understanding
          of disparities in health; showcase best-practice models in research,
          capacity-building, outreach, and integrated strategies to find solutions
          to health disparities; and identify gaps in health disparities research.
          View the webcast at
          http://www.kaiserne twork.org/ health_cast/ hcast_index. cfm?display= detail&

          Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, MSLIS
          Community Outreach Liaison
          National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region
          Creighton University Health Sciences Library
          2500 California Plaza
          Omaha, NE 68178
          800-338-7657 in CO,KS,MO,NE, UT,WY
          402-280-4156 outside the region
          siobhan@creighton. edu <mailto:siobhan@creighton. edu>
          http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/ <http://nnlm. gov/mcr/bhic/> (Web Log)
          http://www.digitald ivide.net/ profile/siobhanc hamp-blackwell
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          Fwd: IEIA Scholarships for Native American College Students 2009

          Posted by: "Debra Utacia Krol" dkrol@...

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)


          Deb Krol
          ____________ _________ _
          Debra Utacia Krol
          Marketing Communications Manager
          Heard Museum
          2301 N. Central Ave.
          Phoenix, AZ 85004
          602/251-0218 [office]
          602/550-2356 [mobile]
          DKrol@heard. org

          "World Famous For a Reason"

          "Get Sourced. Get Quoted. Get Famous: www.helpareporter. com -
          Putting Journalists and Sources together, one quote at a time."

          http://digg. com/users/ heardmuseum
          Deb's Facebook site: http://tinyurl. com/32djv4
          http://twitter. com/Debkrol
          www.youtube. com/heardmuseum


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          private and we do not share it with any person or organization. Should
          you wish to be removed from this e-mail list, please reply to this
          e-mail with the word "remove" in the subject line. Contact
          dkrol@heard. org if you have any questions. Thank you.

          Endangered Species Act ‘Doesn’t Help Support Any Species, Including

          Posted by: "ghwelker3@..." ghwelker3@...   ghwelker

          Mon Jan 5, 2009 9:47 am (PST)

          Perino: The Endangered Species Act €  ’±Doesn€  ’²t Help Support Any Species, Including Our Own€  ’²

          http://thinkprogres s.org/2008/ 11/20/perino- endangered- species/

          The Associated Press reports today that, as part of its long-fought campaign to gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Bush administration is pushing a last-minute regulatory change that would significantly weaken the ESA:

          The rules would eliminate the input of federal wildlife scientists in some endangered species cases, [by allowing] the federal agency in charge of building, authorizing or funding a project to determine for itself whether a project would be likely to harm endangered wildlife and plants.

          At today€  ’²s White House press conference, a reporter asked if the Associated Press had accurately described the proposed regulatory change. Perino responded first by saying she didn€  ’²t have the documentation with her, but suggested that the rule change would have little effect because the ESA doesn€  ’²t help protect €  ’³any species, including ours€  ’´ anyway:

          PERINO: I don€  ’²t have [the documentation] with me. I know conceptually what we support. And I know that the Endangered Species Act is a tangled web that doesn€  ’²t actually help support any species, including our own. €  ’¥

          Q: (Laughter) So you€  ’²re proposing eliminating it?

          PERINO: No.

          Watch it:

          Perino€  ’²s wholesale dismissal of the ESA could not be more inaccurate. Indeed, the law is responsible for saving, among other species, the Grey Wolf, the Grizzly Bear, and perhaps most notably our national bird, the American Bald Eagle. While Perino dismissed the rule change as insignificant, a spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation explained, €  ’³These changes take unbiased, professional wildlife biologists out of the equation and put decisions in the hands of political appointees.€  ’´

          More disturbing, however, is how widespread the last-minute assault on the federal government€  ’²s environmental regulatory structure has become. The White House€  ’²s other last minute initiatives include:

          €  ’¶ Eliminating environmental reviews of fishing regulations. A rule change proposed by National Marine Fisheries Service would repeal a requirement that €  ’³environmental impact statements be prepared for certain fisheries-managemen t decisions.€  ’´ Instead, the government would €  ’³give review authority to regional councils dominated by commercial and recreational fishing interests.€  ’´

          €  ’¶ Allowing more emissions from power plants. Over the objections of half of its 10 regional administrators, the Environmental Protection Agency is €  ’³finalizing new air-quality rules that would make it easier to build coal-fired power plants, oil refineries and other major polluters near national parks and wilderness areas€  ’´ by weakening the Clean Air Act.

          €  ’¶ Opening protected wilderness areas to energy development. Despite being blocked by €  ’³federal court and administrative rulings,€  ’´ the Bureau of Land Management is €  ’³reviving plans to sell oil and gas leases in pristine wilderness areas in eastern Utah that have long been protected from development.€  ’´

          As Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV), chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, told the Wall Street Journal, €  ’³This administration will stop at nothing to jam through as many reckless proposals as they can before the clock runs out.€  ’´

        • Mansel Nelson
          Mansel A Nelson Environmental Education Outreach Program 928 523 1275 ... Mansel A Nelson Environmental Education Outreach Program 928 523 1275 Begin forwarded
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            Mansel A Nelson
            Environmental Education Outreach Program
            928 523 1275

            Begin forwarded message:

            From: "Baker, Natasha R." <natasha_baker@...>
            Date: June 5, 2009 1:18:59 PM GMT-07:00
            To: "hunap-opportunities@..." <hunap-opportunities@...>
            Subject: [Hunap-opportunities] HUNAP Opportunities- June 5, 2009

            OPPORTUNITIES is compiled by the Harvard University Native American Program and includes internship, scholarship, fellowship, grant, and career opportunities as well as announcements for conferences, workshops and symposia.
            The Harvard University Native American Program provides "Opportunities" as a free information service and is not affiliated with or responsible for any non-Harvard events, programs, or organizations listed.
            To SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE to this free service, please send an email to
            hunap@.... In the body write: subscribe hunapopportunities 'your email address'. To unsubscribe write: unsubscribe hunapopportunities 'your email address'.
            If you would like to include a listing for distribution, please e-mail the information (2 paragraphs in length ONLY) to
            hunap@..., subject heading "Opportunities Announcement". Please send your listing as a Microsoft Word attachment (non-graphics attachments, please). Your listing should consist of a brief description of the position or event and sources to contact for further details and application instructions.
            Please note that we can only accept documents submitted in this format.
            MAILING ADDRESS:
            Harvard University  Native American Program
            14 Story Street , 4th Floor, Suite 400
            Cambridge , MA 02138
            Ph: 617-495-4923, FAX: 617-496-3312


            This is the Opportunities Newsletter compiled by the Harvard University Native American Program for June 5, 2009.

             Opportunities Table of Contents

            I.                    Internship Opportunities

            II.                 Graduate Opportunities

            III.               Employment Opportunities

            IV.              Fellowship Opportunities

            V.                 Call for Papers

            VI.              Conference Opportunities

            VII.            Powwow Opportunities

            VIII.         Miscellaneous




            Internship Opportunity Announcement


            New Opportunity !

            Title: Intern, ACCWT Summer Associate Program

            Deadline: Rolling

            Location: Various

            Contact: Kat Bawden

            Phone: 304-461-3135

            Email: training@...

            Website: http://www.accwt.org/aboutus.html & http://www.accwt.org/summer_associate.html


            The Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team is looking for Summer Associates to live and work in low-income communities dealing with contaminated streams, depressed economies and other issues related to abandoned mine lands.  ACCWT Summer Associates will spend 8 or more weeks working closely with local community watershed groups that have mobilized to alleviate these problems and make their home-place-watersheds healthier places to live and work.


            Benefits: Living allowance of $1560 for 8 weeks and an option for a $1000 education award* or a $200 cash stipend to be paid upon completion of service.

            Please send your resume and a 1-page letter of intent to Lucas Elser via email.


            Internship Opportunity Announcement


            New Opportunity !

            Title: Public Health/Psychology/Social Work Intern

            Location: Ipswich , MA (on the North Shore commuter rail). 

            Contact: Shelley A. Welch, MA, Project Director

            Phone: 978-302-5969

            Website: www.thecapturingspiritproject.org


            Seeking Public Health/Psychology/Social Work Intern for The Capturing Spirit Project, a national non-profit research and development project focused on American Indian (A.I.) maternal infant attachment and traditional childbirth practices.  The project’s Phase I duties will include: collection of journal data and research, implementation of a MySpace page for the project, and development of a map of American Indian Health organizations that serve A.I. pregnant women and their infants. 


            Minimum of 4 telecommuting hours weekly to start.   Monthly two hour supervision and project planning on-site required.  Access to medical libraries and ability to navigate journal research necessary.  Paid travel. Thorough review of the project’s website is highly recommended before inquiry.  Duration and hours flexible. 




            Graduate Opportunities


            New Opportunity !

            Title: MIT CONVERGE Program

            Deadline: August 1, 2009.

            Date(s): October 1-4, 2009

            Contact: Gail Rock

            Phone: 617-253-2620

            Email: grock@...

            Website: http://web.mit.edu/converge/ (application)


            MIT's CONVERGE program is a graduate preview weekend held on campus from October 1-4. The program seeks to attract candidates from underrepresented and under-served communities and to offer on-campus exposure to those interested in pursuing graduate studies at MIT.


            Exposure to graduate life and learning are fundamental to the CONVERGE program. Invitees will have the opportunity to develop faculty contacts within their primary department of interest, as well as to meet central office administrators.


            Applicants must be US citizens, permanent residents, or attend a US college or university. Students should be within 1-2 years of attending graduate school, have strong research skills, a minimum 3.5 grade point average, and have a genuine interest in obtaining a PhD. Those who are invited to attend this fall preview weekend will have all their expenses paid.


            A complete application consists of the following materials:

            ·        application form

            ·        all official undergraduate transcripts

            ·        two (third optional) strong faculty recommendation letters


            See the website above for details.



            Position Opportunity Announcement 


            New Opportunity !

            Title: Biological Science Laboratory Technician - Fermentation Biotechnology Research

            Deadline: June 17, 2009

            Location: Peoria , Illinois

            Website: http://jobview.usajobs.gov/GetJob.aspx?JobID=81331835&lid=17652&sort=rv


            The incumbent serves as a technician in the Fermentation Biotechnology Research Unit where research is focused on the biochemistry, genetics, physiology and engineering of microorganisms with emphasis on developing fermentation and enzyme technology for conversion of agricultural commodities into fuel ethanol and value-added products.  The incumbent applies an understanding of microbial physiology, recombinant DNA technology and microbiological and biochemical procedures to research involving the development of microorganisms and enzymes that can be used to convert lignocellulosic feedstocks to monomeric sugars for the production of biofuels and value-added products.


            Position Opportunity Announcement 


            New Opportunity !

            Title: Development Officer, Corporate and Tribal Relations

            Deadline: Open until filed.

            Contact: Gina Del Castillo, Human Resource Manager

            Mail: American Indian College Fund, 8333 Greenwood Blvd , Denver , CO    80221

            Phone:  303-430-5340

            Email: gdelcastillo@...

            Website: www.collegefund.org


            The Development Officer is responsible for prospecting, developing, and stewarding corporate and tribal donors on a national level. This position requires creating new partnerships with potential supporters by identifying alignment strategies with donor philanthropic goals and existing programs at member tribal colleges. Additionally, the Development Officer will meet with current corporate and tribal supporters in Colorado and throughout the country to ensure proper stewardship of funds and to strengthen existing relationships.  The incumbent is expected to reach fundraising objectives and goals.


            Principal Duties and Responsibilities Include:

            • Implement plan to prospect, re-establish, maintain and develop new corporate and tribal donor relationships nationally and throughout Indian Country.
            • Monitor tribal and corporate fundraising plan and analyze the results to determine necessary revisions.
            • Collaborate with internal resource development teams to develop fundraising initiatives based on national empirical evidence and donor database analysis.


            Position Opportunity Announcement 


            New Opportunity !

            Title: Research and Media Specialist, American Indian College Fund

            Date: Open until filled.

            Contact: Gina Del Castillo, Human Resource Manager

            Mail: American Indian College Fund, 8333 Greenwood Blvd , Denver , CO    80221

            Phone:  303-430-5340

            Email: gdelcastillo@...

            Website: www.collegefund.org


            The primary responsibilities for this position are to manage the Fund’s research and story-gathering process and multimedia including the web site and social media sites, and to assist in the coordination and production of content for public education materials.


            Essential Function/Responsibilities Include:

            ·        Gather, write, and develop a continuous collection of student and tribal college stories.  Stories may be documented with writing, video interviews, audio taped interviews and/or still photography.

            ·        Develop relationships with tribal colleges, AIHEC, and Tribal College Journal to collaborate, share, and obtain photos and stories.

            ·        Establish relationships with tribal college scholarship alumni for direct marketing and public awareness purposes and develop and maintain a searchable alumni database.

            ·        Gather statistics about student retention, graduation, community and economic impacts of the tribal colleges.


            Position Opportunity Announcement 


            New Opportunity !

            Title: Coordinator, Guidance and Recruitment, American Indian Program, New Mexico State University

            Deadline: Review of applications will begin June 08, 2009 and will continue until position is filled.



            • Coordinate, plan, organize, implement and assess a comprehensive recruitment, retention, persistence, and completion program.
            • Coordinate a peer mentor program as well as academic and social programming.


            For complete job description visit:  http://www.nmsu.edu/~personel/postings/professional/ Req# 2009004023         



            • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Human Service, or related field required with three years job related experience.
            • Master’s degree in College Student Personnel preferred.
            • Must have a valid New Mexico driver’s license. Job requires regional and state travel.
            • Must be available to work evenings and weekends.


            To apply: submit a letter of interest, resume, unofficial transcripts and names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three references to: Mr. Justin McHorse , Director, American Indian Program, ATTN: Juanita M. Herrera, New Mexico State University, MSC 4188, Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001.




            New Opportunity !

            Title: Director for American Indian/Alaskan Native Head Start Training & Technical Assistance (Req# #CC9011sch)

            Email: employ@...

            Mail: AED/HR, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW , Washington , D.C. 20009

            Website: http://www.aed.org & http://employment.aed.org/openings/grade8/9011-8.htm


            The Academy for Educational Development (AED)’s American Indian & Alaska Native Head Start Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) System for Region 11 manages the provision of T/TA to American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start and Early Head Start programs in 26 states.  This program develops, implements, and manages services that provide comprehensive technical assistance to all grantees in support of full compliance with Head Start Program Performance Standards and all applicable federal regulations.


            • Masters in one of the following or related fields: Early Childhood, Health Ed. & Behavioral Science or Human Resources Management required or equivalent combination of education and work experience. 


            • 13 year(s) of relevant experience required.



            Fellowship Opportunity Announcement

            New Opportunity !

            Title: Native Investigator Development Program, the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health in the School of Public Health at University of Colorado Denver

            Deadline: July 1, 2009

            Contact: Dedra Buchwald , MD

            Email: Dedra@...

            Website: http://aianp.uchsc.edu/nerc/application_process.htm


            The purpose of this solicitation is to recruit American Indian and Alaska Native junior faculty (MD, PhD) to apply to join the next 2-year cohort of the Native Investigator Development Program, which is an academic career development program in the Resource Center for Minority Aging Research at the University of Colorado Denver . 


            The Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health in the School of Public Health at University of Colorado Denver is the only National Institute on Aging funded Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) devoted to Native Elder health. This leading-edge program is designed to train the next generation of Native Investigators to study the pressing gerontological health issues in American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). The purpose of this solicitation is to recruit the next cadre of Native Investigators into the program. The program provides a unique opportunity for qualified candidates to improve their research capabilities and skills in the social, behavioral and health sciences. The ultimately goal is for the candidates to become self-sustaining independent investigators conducting research at the interface of aging, health and culture.        


            The Native Investigator Program is a career development program that focuses on acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for submission of a career development grant and progression to an independently-funded research career. The training program includes formal didactic sessions, workshops, mini-courses, regular meetings, mentoring activities by Core Faculty, and consultations with Affiliated Faculty.



            Fellowship Opportunity Announcement

            New Opportunity !

            Title: Endocrinology Fellowship Opportunity

            Deadline: Open until filled.

            Contact: Carla Deal, Fellowship Coordinator

            Phone: (405) 271-3613

            Email: carla-deal@...

            Website: http://w3.ouhsc.edu/Endocrinology/Fellowship%20Program.asp & http://www.ouhsc.edu/Endocrinology/FellowshipCurriculum.pdf


            The Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), Section of Endocrinology & Diabetes and the Harold   Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center  is actively requesting candidates to apply for a 2-year Endocrinology fellowship program. 

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