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879FWD: EPA to Award Environmental Education Grants in 2007

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  • Mansel A. Nelson
    Apr 11, 2007
      >===== Original Message From EPA_Education@... =====
      In response to limited and delayed funding, EPA has decided not to issue a
      solicitation for new environmental education grant proposals in Fiscal Year
      2007. In order to award grants in a timely manner and reach teachers by early
      summer, EPA will select a limited number of proposals from those received in
      response to the 2006 Solicitation Notice. EPA will select and fund additional
      grants from the most highly qualified and highly scored proposals that were
      not funded in the 2006 grant cycle.

      In response to the 2006 Solicitation Notice, EPA received 966 proposals
      nationwide and had funding available to award 138 grants, or less than 15% of
      the total proposals submitted. There is still an abundance of excellent
      proposals from which to select additional awards in accordance with fair
      competition policies. EPA asserts that giving the most highly qualified and
      worthy proposals the opportunity to be funded this year best serves the public
      interest and Congressional intent. We believe this action is far more
      equitable than beginning a new solicitation process this late and not issuing
      any grants until 2008. Timing is particularly significant for this program
      because most of the grants are based on the school year cycle, and teachers
      are available for training in the summer months.

      EPA has begun to contact the most qualified applicants from the proposals
      submitted for the 2006 grant cycle. Because funding for environmental
      education was reduced in 2007, we anticipate funding significantly fewer
      grants this year. The grants selected for funding will be posted on our Web
      site as soon as possible.

      Subject to the availability of funds for Fiscal Year 2008, EPA anticipates
      posting a new Solicitation Notice in September 2007 and will welcome new grant
      proposals at that time.

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