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3331Mold Remediation Webinar

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  • Mansel Adelbert Nelson
    Aug 22, 2014



    We are happy to announce a free webinar from U.S. EPA on September 24th, Wednesday, 11:30 ? 12:30 Pacific Time.


    This webinar is provided for tribal stakeholders, and those who work with them, by U.S. EPA Region 9, in cooperation with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals / Northern Arizona University (ITEP/NAU).


    Mold Remediation Basics

    What you can do and what you should leave to professionals.


    Several months ago, Barbara Spark, EPA Region 9 Indoor Air Coordinator gave a very thorough webinar on Moisture, Molds & Health ? What You Need to Know


    Unfortunately, Barbara retired before she could follow-up with a Mold Remediation webinar. 


    As Barbara?s successor, I will be giving that presentation.  Please see the attached flyer and registration form.



    Excess moisture indoors can create problems in any climate, all you need is condensation or a leak.  This one-hour webinar will provide simple information for anyone from maintenance staff, to health care professionals, parents and community home health visitors, to tribal leaders, with a basic understanding of how to remediate mold problems.  Learn what is reasonable to tackle yourself and when it?s time to call the professionals.  Learn what to expect from professionals and how to tell if they?re doing it right!



    Tribal health, housing and environment officials, staff and advocates

    Maintenance staff and those who may perform mold remediation or oversee those who do.

    Health care providers, including school nurses.

    Home health visitors and outreach workers.

    Schools / Tribal child care facility managers and administrators


    Your speaker is Shelly Rosenblum, Indoor Air Coordinator for U.S. EPA Region 9.  Shelly has been working on Indoor Air Quality issues and specifically the Tools for Schools program for 20 years.  For more information contact Shelly at 415-947-4193 or Rosenblum.shelly@...


    To register, go to:



    Please note that you will be able to listen to the webinar via phone or through your computer?s speakers.  If you are sharing your computer with others for this webinar you may need external speakers for everyone to hear.


    Mansel Nelson
    Senior Program Coordinator
    Tribal Environmental Education Outreach