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3259Fwd: Paid Research Internship for High School Teachers

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  • Mansel Adelbert Nelson
    Apr 16 11:22 AM

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    From: Lillie S Giffen <Lillie.Giffen@...>
    Subject: Paid Research Internship for High School Teachers
    Date: April 16, 2014 at 9:45:50 AM MST
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    High School Teacher Research Internship at Northern Arizona University
    The National Science Foundation has funded a high school teacher research experience in microbial ecology.  The objective of this exercise will be to characterize the microbial communities in arid soils through DNA sequencing.  We are recruiting several teams of high school science teachers who will be charged with collecting the soil samples, preparing the soil samples for chemical analyses, and extraction of DNA.  High school teachers will need to have access to a car to collect soil samples. The DNA will be submitted to the EnGGen facility on the NAU campus which will sequence fragments of DNA.
    Specifically the experiment will characterize bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic microorganisms in aridosols. Aridisols dominate the deserts and xeric shrublands, which occupy about one third of the Earth's land surface. They have a very low concentration of organic matter, reflecting the paucity of vegetative production on these dry soils. Water deficiency is the major defining characteristic of Aridisols. Limited leaching in Aridisols often results in one or more subsurface soil horizons in which suspended or dissolved minerals have been deposited: silicate clays, sodium, calcium carbonate, gypsum or soluble salts. Accumulation of salts on the surface can result in salinization (Wikipedia). 

    Agenda: The research will take place during three weeks in June:
    Week 1: Plan sampling trip, identify sampling locations (requires one afternoon on Flagstaff campus on 6/8 but more time planning and meeting online).
    Week 2 (6/15 – 6/20): Travel around southwestern United States to collect aridisol samples.
    Week 3 (6/23 – 6/28) Extract DNA from soil samples and send away soil samples for analysis (requires presence on Flagstaff campus).
    Stipend: A $4,000 stipend will be paid to each participant.
    Supplies and Reimbursement: The grant will purchase all supplies and equipment required to complete the experiment.  Teachers will be reimbursed for their mileage during the soil collection trip.
    Lodging: The grant will reimburse the teachers for lodging during the sampling trip.
    If you are interested in applying for this internship please e-mail Egbert Schwartz (Egbert.Schwartz@...). Please describe:
    1.      The classes that you teach.
    2.      The school you work in.
    3.      Do you have a car and/or a valid driver license?

    4.      Please give a brief explanation of why you are interested in participating.

    Lillie Giffen
    Administrative Associate
    Center for Science Teaching and Learning
    Northern Arizona University
    Box 5697
    Flagstaff, AZ  86011
    Ph: 928.523.7187
    Fax: 928.523.7953

    Mansel Nelson
    Senior Program Coordinator
    Tribal Environmental Education Outreach