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2064Fwd: High School Teacher Recruitment

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  • Mansel Adelbert Nelson
    Aug 1 4:59 PM

      Mansel A Nelson
      Program Coordinator
      Tribal Environmental Education Outreach

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      From: Harold Begay <hgbegay@...>
      Date: August 1, 2011 4:24:24 PM PDT
      High School Teacher Recruitment

      Hello, All - this is Harold Begay from Tuba City, AZ.  We have worked in partnership, or communicated, or have met in some capacity regarding high quality schooling for underserved populations over the past decade, two decades? But now serving as the Interim Superintendent of Schools for Tuba City Unified School District, in Tuba City, AZ, back from early retirement, I am looking at and working on an ambitious project district wide, i.e., beginning an International Baccalaureate Schools in our district, The College Board connection, MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), but at the outset, in the very immediate future, I need math, science, and English teachers, two biological science teachers for our high school, two math teachers for same and two HS English teachers.  My purpose for contacting you is to see if you might help me get in contact with appropriate departments to recruit potential teachers who may be seeking challenging work in a challenging environment.  I want our Native American students to excel and I need the very best teachers to reify that vision.   If there is anyway you might forward this search to others, this would be extremely helpful and will be gratefully acknowledged.  Thank you.

      Harold G. Begay, Ph.D.
      Interim Superintendent of Schools
      Tuba City Unified School District No. 15
      East Fir Street, Box #67
      Tuba City, AZ  86045
      (928) 283-1006