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Jumpstart Seeking President & CEO

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  • Beth Sutkus
    Jumpstart, a great organization in Boston is conducting a national search for a new President and CEO to take the organization to scale. Please see the listing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2002
      Jumpstart Seeking President & CEO

      Jumpstart, a great organization in Boston is conducting a national search for a new President and CEO to take the organization to scale. Please see the listing below; anyone interested should forward their resume and cover letter to: Kristine Langdon at Spencer Stuart in Boston (Klangdon@...).

      POSITION AVAILABLE: President and CEO, Jumpstart
      LOCATION: Boston, MA
      Jumpstart's mission is to ensure that every child will enter school prepared to succeed. In order to accomplish this, Jumpstart pairs highly-trained college students with preschool children struggling in Head Start and other early learning programs for one-to-one tutoring in school readiness skills. Jumpstart provides a high-quality, comprehensive program that focuses on the development of the child, his or her family, and the college student serving as a Jumpstart Corps member. Through these three program areas - school success, family involvement and future teachers - Jumpstart works to create an environment of life-long learning for children.

      Jumpstart has grown from a pilot project in New Haven, CT led by undergraduates at Yale into a national network operating in 18 cities, engaging 900 tutors from over 20 colleges and universities working with close to 5000 children. Jumpstart directly operates, from its National office based in Boston, corporate sites with paid staff in 4 cities: Boston, New Haven, New York and Washington, DC. These are supplemented by 14 university affiliate-led sites throughout the country. Within these sites, college students are recruited, trained and then paired with children. Students receive AmeriCorps education awards in exchange for committing 300 hours as a Jumpstart Corps member.

      Jumpstart plans for aggressive expansion in the number of sites through recruitment of additional university affiliates. Specific goals are to increase the number of sites by 10 each year for the next several years. In addition to expanding the number of affiliates, Jumpstart has aggressive growth goals for developing new programs that achieve the organization's mission. One new major initiative is the Pearson Fellows Program designed to increase the number of Head Start teachers. Pearson, a major UK based book publisher, has committed $2.5M over the next three years to recruit 150 new teachers to Head Start. Jumpstart's annual budget is $6.0M with funding from several sources including the federal government, corporate partnerships and private donations.

      The President and CEO of Jumpstart is the senior leader of the organization and importantly is the most visible representative of the organization to the outside world. The President reports to the National Board of Directors, which represents a wide range of people, including business leaders, educators and leaders of non-profit institutions.

      · First and foremost, a charismatic and engaging leader who naturally attracts and aligns diverse stakeholders and can lead them to consistently high performance. Specifically, this will require: a clear visioning ability; the ability to build a high level of trust with a broad range of individuals; and powerfully compelling communication. Likely this will include experience leading in complex and decentralized organizational environment in either the for-profit or not-for-profit arenas.

      · An excellent communicator in all formats - one who both listens well and articulates ideas in clear and compelling ways. The ability to be empathetic and impactful with a very broad range of audiences from national news media to Trustee members to Jumpstart Corps members.

      · A proven fund-raiser or at least an individual with demonstrated success in selling major customers. In this role, be comfortable and relentless in presenting the Jumpstart "story" and asking others to support it both with money and volunteer time.

      · A creative and innovative entrepreneur type who knows how to translate high impact ideas into a practical action plan, who has led the scaling of a successful organization.

      · Familiar with the complexities of the transition from founder leadership to second generation, preserving the founding spirit while contributing a new set of skills and high expectations for the organization's future development and impact.

      · Effective at building long term partnerships with outside organizations to effectively extend Jumpstart's reach and resources.

      · Ideally, experience either in a full time role or as an active Board member of not-for-profit organization(s) to have an appreciation for the unique operating and cultural dynamics of this environment.

      · An active participant in and advocate for excellence in education preferably including experience with developmentally appropriate practices for pre-school children.

      · A leader with a high degree of patience and persistence to see issues through and a high energy level to allow him/her them to work tirelessly across the system to build alignment/action. Must be a pure 'team player" who values the mission of Jumpstart above all other agendas. Must know when to assume the central leadership role and when it is best to allow others to lead as a tool of alignment.

      · A person who is strong willed to weather the complexities of the Jumpstart operating environment but not strong-headed in a way that alienates others.

      · Highly skilled and comfortable at managing multiple dimensions simultaneously. Able to make decisions quickly. Able to continue to make progress in the face of rapidly changing organizational dynamics.

      · An individual with the ability and/or experience to work with, support and build upon the linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds of young children and college students.

      · A person with the ability to navigate both for-profit and non-profit environments which would bring a blend of market and mission perspective to this leadership position.

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