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Job Opening: Executive Director, The Glow Foundation (Bay Area)

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  • adamglowfund
    The Glow Foundation is seeking an outstanding individual to fulfill the role of Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for providing
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2007

      The Glow Foundation is seeking an outstanding individual to fulfill the role of Executive Director.  The Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership in the planning and implementation of Glow's financial education and scholarship programs.  He/she will oversee the development of objectives, activities, and goals relating to the foundation, managing a 10-person volunteer team and 6-person board of directors.

      The History of the Glow Foundation:

      Since 2002, the founders of the Glow Foundation have worked with high-school students from peninsula communities with historically high school drop-out rates of 50% to 70%.  Many of the students who are committed to high-school graduation join after-school college-preparatory programs.  These programs provide the tutoring, mentorship and support that enable students to surpass expectations.

      However, after four years of hard work many of these students are not able to realize their college dreams due to finances.  While some high-school programs help students apply for financial aid, many students are ill-prepared to budget and account for college costs and obtain additional grants and loans.

      The Glow Foundation provides financial aid and financial education to high-potential college-bound students in under-resourced communities.

      Glow partners with other non-profits to solicit nominations for students who are deeply committed to college but are held back by financial constraints.  We teach students how to apply for grants and loans and how to budget for college, and then tailor a scholarship package to bridge the funding gap.

      The Glow Foundation in Action:

      Glow finds high-school juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to college but are unable to afford the costs of higher education.  We teach students how to budget for college, apply for grants and loans, and fully understand their financial needs.  We then provide financial aid to bridge funding gaps for the first two years of college, the highest-risk years for college drop-out.  Students receive the second half of their scholarships upon successful completion of their freshman year and continued commitment to college graduation. 

      Last year, Glow partnered with the BUILD program (www.build.org) to source applicants; this year we added two more high-school programs, FLY and AVID, with the goal of supporting 20 students.  Through executing a successful 2006 program, we have witnessed the power of teaching students how to budget and account for college costs and identified a greater market demand for our services.  The 2006 Glow Scholars are empowered to graduate college with the financial education and aid we provide them.

      In 2006, we supported six student's educations as they pursued their college dreams.  All six students are doing great at their respective colleges: Edgar and Raniel are at San Jose State, Kim is at the University of San Francisco, Jahvita is at Johnson & Wales, Wendy is at De Anza College, and Lissette is at De Anza College.

      If interested in learning more about the Glow Foundation and the Executive Director role, please contact Adam Marchick: adam@....

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