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Looking for a teacher-pioneer.

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    Job Title: Part-Time Entrepreneurship Teacher Salary Range: $10,000-15,000 Employment Starting Date: August 13, 2001 Program Overview: Businesses United in
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      Job Title: Part-Time Entrepreneurship Teacher

      Salary Range: $10,000-15,000

      Employment Starting Date: August 13, 2001

      Program Overview:

      Businesses United in Investing, Lending and Development ("BUILD") is
      a social venture, chartered in September 1999, which bridges the
      divide between youth in East Palo A lot and Eastern Menlo Park
      ("EPA") and the business and intellectual resources of Silicon
      Valley. BUILD empowers youth from low-income communities to excel in
      the classroom, on the job, and beyond by giving them education in
      entrepreneurship and by encouraging students to develop their own
      small businesses, with real-world business experiences. Intensive
      involvement of local business and community leaders in mentoring and
      support of the students, and an operating youth incubator are central
      and distinctive components of the program.

      Job Description:

      The Entrepreneurship Teacher will teach high school students in East
      Palo Alto basic entrepreneurial skills. The program is set up for
      two levels of instruction; an introductory course, and a business
      incubator. The teacher will be responsible for organizing
      curriculum, coordinating lesson plans, instruction and assessment of
      student performance. The course is taught two evenings a week. The
      teacher will meet with the introductory students twice a week and the
      incubator students intermittently. The pr4ogram is mentoring
      intensive and therefore the teacher will work closely with mentors to
      ensure a positive learning experience for the students. The course
      also relies on community leaders as guest speakers and the teacher
      will also be responsible for the coordination of these appearances.
      The teacher will also regularly communicate with parents to keep them
      up to date and aware of student achievements and activities.

      Specific responsibilities include the following:

      · Act as a teacher, cheerleader, friend and supporter to a wonderful
      group of high school students.

      · Organize, oversee and instruct students in learning basic
      entrepreneurial skills.

      · Coordinate guest lecturers from the community.

      · Conduct mentor training and manage the mentors during the school

      · Promote the students' emotional wellness by increasing their self-
      esteem through business success and knowledge.

      · Coordinate appropriate field trips that compliment the curriculum.

      · Assist students in the completion of their college applications.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      · Bachelor's Degree, preferably in education, business or related

      · Desire to work with high school age students.

      · Strong inter-personal and organizational skills.

      ·Desire to become personally involved in student's lives.

      Desired Qualifications:

      · Experience or training in education or business.

      · Previous mentoring experience.

      · Strong interest in business and entrepreneurship.


      For more information, please contact Suzanne McKechnie Klahr at
      (650) 688-5840 or Suzanne@....

      Submit your resume and cover letter to:

      Suzanne McKechnie Klahr
      1600 Adams Drive
      Menlo Park, CA 94025
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