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Job Opening: Office Manager, RISE (SF)

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    Office Manager Resources for Indispensable Schools and Educators (RISE) San Francisco, CA RISE Mission: To recognize and retain effective teachers in public
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2006
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      Office Manager
      Resources for Indispensable Schools and Educators (RISE)
      San Francisco, CA

      RISE Mission: To recognize and retain effective teachers in public
      schools serving low-income communities.

      Organization Description: Resources for Indispensable Schools and
      Educators (RISE) is a non-profit organization that identifies
      teachers in low-income communities whose students are demonstrating
      significant academic gains on an innovative, teacher-
      initiated "value-added" assessment. RISE then provides these
      teachers with access to the recognition and resources they deserve
      to remain happy and effective in low-income teaching: a professional
      network, financial recognition, and job opportunities. RISE is free
      for teachers and affordable for the "emerging" public schools
      (charter schools, small school conversions, and turnaround schools
      with dynamic new leadership) that RISE helps attract and retain

      RISE is an award-winning organization with more than 800 RISE
      Teachers nationally and 70 Partner Schools in the San Francisco Bay
      Area, Chicago and Los Angeles on a $500,000 budget. Building upon
      the momentum of an Ashoka Fellowship, and several other
      regional/national awards, budget and teacher membership will
      effectively double by 2007, enabling the organization to impact the
      educational futures of roughly 30,000 deserving students nationwide.

      Job Description:

      Primary responsibilities include:

      - Coordination of calendars, including scheduling meetings,
      making travel arrangements, etc.

      - Maintaining RISE's Salesforce.com contact relationship
      management database

      - Supporting fundraising efforts through donor research,
      contribution tracking, updates, etc.

      - General administrative tasks, such as ordering of
      supplies, managing facilities, answering phones and checking
      voicemail, copying and faxing

      - Ordering and updating print and web-based collateral

      - Event coordination (RISE Board Meetings, Teacher
      Celebrations, etc.)

      - Internal communications (notifications of events, sending
      along relevant press articles)

      - External communications (assistance with newsletters,
      direct mailings and correspondence)


      The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following

      - Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple tasks in a
      short amount of time

      - Interest in K-12 public schools and education reform

      - Comfort with a fast-paced environment

      - Familiarity with Microsoft Office and Salesforce.com –
      HTML and web development experience a plus

      - Strong written and verbal communication skills

      - Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with a
      diverse group of people

      Compensation: Competitive compensation package includes base
      salary, performance based bonus and benefits.

      To be considered: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and writing
      sample attention Temp Keller to info@.... To submit via
      mail, or fax, please see contact information below. RISE is an
      equal opportunity employer.
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