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Job Opening: Center Manager, Extreme Learning, Inc. (Bay Area)

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  • Cindy Leung
    Founded in 2002, Extreme Learning, Inc. is an exciting, fun, fast-growing educational services provider for Kindergarten through 12th grade students. Extreme
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2006
      Founded in 2002, Extreme Learning, Inc. is an exciting, fun, fast-growing educational services provider for Kindergarten through 12th grade students. Extreme Learning has it's own tutorial center in Morgan Hill as well as contracts with school districts throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley to provide educational intervention programs in public schools and utilizes technology to ignite students' passion for learning while providing them academic support and enrichment.

      Center Manager

      The Center Manager oversees all programs and related staffing, operations, customer service, marketing and sales associated with the Learning Center.

      Job duties include, but are not limited to, the activities outlined below:

      Programs and Staffing
      Oversee all services and programs offered at the Center
      Hire and schedule all staff required to implement services
      Train all staff members and provide ongoing leadership and guidance to staff

      Monitor and evaluate all staff to assure effective work with students

      Develop new programs and services as needed for growth, responsiveness to customers

      Develop quality control systems to monitor quality of the service and appropriateness for customers

      Full responsibility for profit and loss of the Center

      Oversee billing, accounts receivable, cash procedures and all financial operations related to the Center

      Oversee all scheduling and procedures required for a smoothly running operation

      Develop new procedures and systems as needed to continually improve quality

      Oversee maintenance of the Center facility

      Supervise the Office Manager who interacts with customers, does billing and general operational tasks

      Customer Service
      Ensure that systems are in place to provide superior customer service

      Meet and greet customers on a daily basis, learning names, family histories and interests

      Monitor staff to ensure that all are responsive to customer needs and concerns

      Develop systems for eliciting feedback from customers and respond with system changes if necessary

      Develop and utilize a marketing plan and yearly calendar of events, promotions, collateral and relationship building activities

      Work with marketing personnel to develop marketing collateral for local area

      Develop appropriate promotions throughout the year to increase traffic to the Center

      Identify local events for marketing activities

      Establish relationships with all local school principals and promote scholarship partnership program

      Prepare and deliver presentations for principals, PTA¡¦s and other parent groups

      Establish relationships with local youth groups and sports teams

      Develop and implement marketing events for youth groups to promote programs

      Establish relationships with local large businesses and develop presentations to promote the Center with their employees

      Establish a sales process for all Learning Center staff to follow
      Provide training on the sales process for staff members

      Establish sales tracking systems which monitor phone calls, walk in traffic flow, number of sign ups, length of customer stay to provide data on sales successes and failures

      Increase sales to reach revenue targets as established by company¡¦s Executive Team Required Skills

      Ability to interact positively with the public, parents and students of all ages and marketing channel partners.

      Ability to manage and lead staff to run a highly effective, positive and achievement oriented Learning Center.

      Strong writing and oral communication skills, strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize and multi-task.

      Ability to use Microsoft Office suite of computer applications.

      Starting at $60K annual salary, health benefits, Personal Time Off of 15 days per year

      3-5 years in education and operations management; 2-3 years in sales, marketing, hiring, training, and supervising employees; Bachelor's required

      Application Information
      Send resume and cover letter to newjobs@...

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