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Fwd: THE BROWN SCHOOLS-Chief Executive Officer

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  • Kelly Trottier
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2001
      >Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 17:25:02 -0700
      >From: Kelly Trottier <trottier@...>
      >Subject: THE BROWN SCHOOLS-Chief Executive Officer
      >Chief Executive Officer
      >Job Description
      >The Company
      >The Brown Schools is the leading national, for profit provider of
      >specialized educational and therapeutic services for children with
      >emotional disturbance and learning disabilities marginalized youth. The
      >Company operates programs in ten states and Puerto Rico and employs in
      >excess of 3,500 people. The Brown Schools is reimbursed for its services
      >by state and local government agencies, insurance companies, certain
      >federal programs and private families and trust funds. The Company
      >provided services to approximately 10,000 individuals in FY 2000 and
      >generated revenue of $200MM and $18+MM in EBITDA.
      >The Brown Schools was founded 61 years ago by the Brown family in central
      >Texas. The first campus in San Marcos, TX was an alternative school for
      >children. The Company expanded rapidly in the 1980’s, entering more
      >traditional health and mental health markets. This strategy proved to be
      >overly broad and financial performance deteriorated.
      >The Brown Schools was purchased by McCown, DeLeeuw & Co. (MDC) in
      >mid-1997. The Company has continued to refine its strategy, entering
      >officially and aggressively the alternative school marketplace in 1998
      >with the purchase of CEDU, the country’s leading provider of emotional
      >growth boarding schools, while simultaneously opening programs to educate
      >adjudicated youth. Continued expansion into both the public and private
      >markets for educating emotionally-challenged children is planned.
      >Brown Schools’ management believes the Company’s reputation can continue
      >to be leveraged into the space for providing specialized educational
      >services to students with emotional and other problems that have led them
      >to be marginalized by and significant learning disabilities. The
      >privatization of education is in its infancy and few providers are
      >equipped to manage challenging children therapeutically so that they can
      >receive their education.
      >The Position
      >The market for specialized education is substantial, and the Brown Schools
      >is poised to further capitalize on the market and to enhance shareholder
      >value over a five year horizon. In order to meet these challenges, the
      >chief executive officer must demonstrate a commitment to kids and to the
      >mission of the Company. He/she must recognize that the Company is
      >redefining the business and that the chief executive officer is therefore
      >undertaking a pioneering effort. Toward that end, the chief executive
      >officer will be expected to:
      >· Provide leadership to the Board and lead investors in refining and
      >executing a strategic vision that capitalizes on the strength and brand
      >identity of the Brown Schools. This involves the ability to coalesce and
      >galvanize the Board behind a clear vision and strategy.
      >· Work effectively within a decentralized and multi-layered service
      >environment. This assumes broad management capability as well as the
      >ability to create and maintain a cohesive culture throughout the organization.
      >· Be attune to strategic opportunities, particularly in private
      >education arenas.
      >· Analyze market trends, opportunities for strategic
      >alliances/acquisitions and commensurate revenue trends and
      >implications. Management of details in this industry is critical.
      >· Execute against the business plan on a real time, hands-on basis.
      >· Build effective and successful management teams.
      >· Travel 50-75% of the time.
      >Knowledge of capital markets, experience in raising capital and managing
      >lender relationships will be important to success in the
      >position. Knowledge of education and/or behavioral marketplaces is
      >strongly preferred. Experience in building shareholder value is essential.
      >Faith Martinez
      >Executive Assistant to Betty Hasler
      >Heidrick & Struggles
      >One California Street, Suite 2400
      >San Francisco, CA 94111
      >fax 415/981-0482
      >main 415/981-2854
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