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Job Openings: Fellows, Education Pioneers (Boston, NYC, SF Bay Area)

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    Education Pioneers – 2006 Fellows Program Position: Education Pioneers Fellow (~ 60 positions) Locations: Boston, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area About
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2006
      Education Pioneers – 2006 Fellows Program

      Position: Education Pioneers Fellow (~ 60 positions)
      Locations: Boston, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area

      About Education Pioneers
      Education Pioneers is a national nonprofit organization that exists
      to train, connect, and inspire a new generation of education leaders
      dedicated to transforming the educational system so that all
      students receive a quality education. Founded in 2003, Education
      Pioneers is focused on achieving the following objectives: (1)
      developing a pipeline of talented leaders from multiple disciplines
      who can significantly improve student outcomes in urban schools, (2)
      increasing the capacity of existing schools, districts, and
      education ventures to operate as high-performing organizations, and
      (3) building a national network of education leaders and reformers.
      To achieve these goals, Education Pioneers operates a rigorous
      summer training program where graduate students develop the
      experience, knowledge, network, and skills to design and implement
      creative solutions to our nation's most critical educational

      Fellows Program Description
      The Education Pioneers Fellows Program is a full-time, ten-week
      summer program where talented graduate students in business,
      education, law, policy, and other disciplines ("Fellows") intern
      with effective schools, districts, and education organizations
      ("Partners") and train under existing education leaders. Over the
      course of the summer, Fellows work on challenging projects for
      Partners to gain practical experience and convene as a cohort for
      five training sessions, two retreats, and regular networking

      Work Experience
      Fellows intern for a minimum of ten weeks under the guidance of
      experienced supervisors at effective Partner organizations. These
      internships are designed to create value for Partners by providing
      Fellows with meaningful work experience based on their particular
      skills, backgrounds, and interests. Each internship has its own job
      description featuring at least one mission-critical project. In
      some cases, Fellows may find their own education-related internships
      or contribute to entrepreneurial ventures under Education Pioneers'

      Training Sessions
      Fellows participate in five full-day training sessions that feature
      inspiring and successful education leaders. Training sessions focus
      on the following key leverage areas where Fellows can apply their
      skills to drive systemic change:

      • Closing the Achievement Gap: Standards, Assessment, and
      • Increasing the Supply of High-Quality Schools: School Choice,
      Charter Schools, and the Small Schools Movement
      • Transforming Large, Urban School Districts into Performance-Driven
      Organizations: Governance, Culture, and Decentralization
      • Strengthening Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools: Attracting,
      Developing, and Retaining Outstanding Teachers and Principals
      • Creating and Scaling New Ventures to Equip All Students with 21st
      Century Skills: Education Entrepreneurs and Hybrid Leaders

      Retreats and Fellowship Events
      The 2006 Fellows Program will begin with a weekend retreat and
      orientation session. The east coast retreat for Boston and New York
      City Fellows will take place June 9–11, 2006, and the west coast
      retreat for Bay Area Fellows will take place June 16–18, 2006.
      During the summer, Fellows will join education leaders and
      organizations in the Bay Area, Boston, and New York City for
      additional fellowship events. The Fellows Program will conclude
      with a retreat and awards ceremony at each location on Saturday,
      August 19, 2006.

      Education Pioneers will select graduate students in business,
      education, law, policy, and other disciplines to serve as Fellows at
      each site in 2006. These Fellows will possess:

      • A strong commitment to the mission of Education Pioneers and its
      core values of courage, optimism, collaboration, and action.
      • An exceptional record of achievement in school, work, and outside
      • The skills to succeed as Fellows, including outstanding project
      management and problem solving skills, excellent interpersonal and
      organizational skills, and strong oral and written communication
      • The personal qualities to succeed as education leaders. Education
      Pioneers is most interested in potential Fellows who are
      entrepreneurial, ethical, and creative.

      Fellows will be paid a $6,000 salary over the course of a ten-week
      internship by the Partner organizations where they are placed by
      Education Pioneers. Fellows are also encouraged to apply for public
      interest funding through their schools.

      Application and Matching Process
      Applications will be considered on a rolling basis with a priority
      deadline of February 10, 2006 and a final deadline of March 10,

      To apply to the 2006 Fellows Program, please complete the
      application online at: www.educationpioneers.org/apply.asp. Please
      submit your resume and cover letter with the application. In your
      cover letter, please explain why you are interested in joining
      Education Pioneers and how your work experience and educational
      background will help you succeed as a Fellow.

      Fellows who are selected to join the program will have the
      opportunity to rank different placement opportunities and interview
      with one or more Partners as part of the Fellow-Partner matching
      process in the spring. Final internship placements will be based on
      the relevant skills and experience of each Fellow and the specific
      needs of each Partner.

      For more information, please visit www.educationpioneers.org.
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