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City On A Hill Charter School Hiring President

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  • Beth Sutkus
    An Invitation to Outstanding Educational Leaders To Apply for the Position of President at City On A Hill Charter School Boston, Massachusetts The Search City
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2001
      An Invitation to Outstanding Educational Leaders To Apply for the Position of
      President at City On A Hill Charter School
      Boston, Massachusetts

      The Search
      City On A Hill, one of the best-known charter schools in America, seeks a new President to lead and extend the school’s long-term and successful strategic vision for its students, its faculty and for public education.  Opened in 1995 as the first public charter high school in Massachusetts founded and designed by teachers, the school has an impressive record of accomplishment. Taking seriously the challenge of sustained systemic change in urban education, City On A Hill has built a rigorous high school program with high standards for urban youth and a program of teacher professional development that serves as a model for education reform and student success. Most significantly, 100% of the school’s graduates have earned acceptance to college, its students are out-performing their Boston Public School counterparts on standardized tests, and average daily attendance has remained steady at 95%.

      City On A Hill’s charter was renewed for five years in 1999, and the school received accreditation from the New England Association for the Accreditation of Schools and Colleges in 2000.  In its first six years of operation, the school has gained a national reputation for its work with students.

      Now poised for the transition from a start up school to a sustainable organization, City On A Hill invites outstanding educational leaders to apply for the position of President.  The new President will lead the school in the next stage of its development, establish key priorities, and mobilize the resources to implement them. With education and high stakes testing at the top of the domestic policy agenda, the President will contribute actively and publicly to the national conversation on how public education in the 21st century can fulfill its promise to all students, and especially to children of color.

      The Search Committee seeks an exceptional individual with a proven commitment to urban education reform, a demonstrated capacity to lead and inspire others, the ability to attract diverse resources for continued growth, a sophisticated vision for teacher professional development, sharp strategic thinking skills, and a collaborative, but decisive working style.  The ideal candidate will be a proven manager and thought leader with a passion for educational excellence.
      Key Challenges Of the Position
      The President is Chief Executive Officer of City On A Hill Charter School.  S/he reports to the Board of Trustees on which s/he sits ex officio.  The President is ultimately responsible for effectively carrying out the internal and external missions of the school, and for the fulfillment of the mandates of the State Department of Education and the New England Association for the Accreditation of Schools and Colleges.

      City On A Hill seeks an exceptional individual who has both the capacity and the demonstrated track record to respond effectively to the following challenges:

      • Direct the institutional focus on student achievement
      • Diagnose the gaps between where the school is versus what it aspires to, and ensure that strategies and practices are implemented and refined to continually understand and close those gaps.
      • Drive the community conversation on issues of alignment of curriculum with standards and testing, student retention, and cross-disciplinary work so that City On A Hill uses data and feedback to improve in all aspects of its work.
      • Articulate a system of rewards for student and faculty achievement
      • Ensure that City On A Hill has a plan to actively recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff.
      • Build the relationship with The Teachers’ Institute at City On A Hill
      • Work closely with the Executive Director of The Teachers’ Institute and other stakeholders to fully integrate its work and growth with the school.
      • Strengthen the Management Systems
      • Build a stronger, more streamlined managerial function that aligns priorities with the organization’s resources and administrative systems.
      • Ensure that the organizational structure has clear reporting relationships, coordination, productivity, and responsiveness, and promotes communication, collaboration, and the achievement of City On A Hill’s highest aspirations.
      • Improve the financial and human resources policies and systems so that information drives the organization’s decision making.
      • Create a broader base of philanthropic support including, in particular, the launch of an endowment fund.
      • Maintain alliances with current funders while launching a systematic initiative to identify and target individual donors capable of making gifts to City On A Hill’s endowment.
      • Lead and inspire the resource development effort to identify and successfully solicit foundation and corporate prospects with a vision of a great, focused urban school playing a leadership role in the reform of urban public education in Boston and beyond.
      • Effectively represent City On A Hill to wide and diverse publics.
      • Link City On A Hill more powerfully to the political, educational, business and financial, and media communities.
      • Evangelize the cause of high standards for urban public education.
      • Generate a closer correspondence among all stakeholders in the enterprise.
      • Strengthen and foster communication to build capacity among the Board, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to tackle the tough issues.
      • Build an alumni affairs program that allows City On A Hill to learn from the experience of its alumni and cultivate them for future support.
      The Qualities and Experience Required of the new President
       A new President must bring a demonstrated capacity to understand the culture and mission of City On A Hill, to see the emerging vision and strategies of the school and The Teachers’ Institute, to engage and inspire the entire community, and to position and promote the enterprise locally and nationally.

      The Search Committee believes this is a critical moment for City On A Hill and an unusual opportunity for a new President.  The ideal candidate will have:

      • A deep respect for teachers
      • A sense of urgency for the mission of delivering standards-based education for urban school students
      • A track record of success at the senior management level, preferably in a complex, high commitment, high ideology environment
      • A proven record of actively promoting the inclusion of people with diverse backgrounds and opinions
      • Demonstrated commitment to the practices of a learning organization with continuous improvement practices
      • Significant experience in financial management
      • Outstanding oral and written communication skills and the ability to move comfortably in public forums
      • Excellent education and/or exceptional credentials and/or commensurate experience required
      • Knowledge of the Boston and Massachusetts educational and political contexts a plus
      Compensation will be highly competitive and commensurate with experience.

      To Apply
      All inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in strict confidence to:
      Jenny Gelber, Ed.D.
      COAH President Search
      PO Box 600713
      Newtonville, MA 02460
      Tel: 617.332.5733
      Email: jgelber@...
      City On A Hill encourages applications from people with diverse backgrounds and practices equal opportunity employment.

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