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SCORE! Director of Instruction Position

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  • Beth Sutkus
    If interested, please contact: Mike_Fee@kaplan.com SCORE! Learning Inc., the fastest growing unit of the Washington Post Company, is looking for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
      If interested, please contact: Mike_Fee@...

      SCORE! Learning Inc., the fastest growing unit of the Washington Post
      Company, is looking for education-focused individuals who have an
      interest in learning to manage a small business while growing a large

      SCORE! is in the process of expanding Personal Academic Training, an
      intensive, single-subject instructional program that tailors tutoring
      instruction to each child's specific academic needs. As part of
      this expansion, SCORE! is looking for education-focused individuals
      who love kids and are interested in learning to run a small business
      and grow a large company. These individuals will serve as Directors of
      Instruction in Personal Academic Training centers.

      Directors of Instruction candidates must demonstrate a combination of
      strong communication skills, clear organization and time management
      abilities, a passion for children, education and instruction, and an
      interest in developing sales, marketing and management abilities.
      Directors of Instruction manage the quality of instruction that
      children receive during their time at SCORE!, and will be expected
      ultimately to serve as Center Directors with sole responsibility for
      management of a small business generating $300-$750,000 in revenue.

      All SCORE! directors receive training in instruction and general
      management,including marketing, sales and operations. Directors also
      enjoy the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of children and
      their families while growing with a well-funded, entrepreneurial

      SCORE! recruits the best and the brightest graduates from the
      nation's top universities who have a significant amount of experience
      teaching children. Directors at SCORE! are individuals striving to
      gain the skills needed to be successful both personally and

      Bachelor's Degree and 1 year of teaching experience required,
      Credential/Ed. Masters Preferred.

      How to apply:
      We are now accepting applications for Director of Instruction
      positions throughout the Bay Area. Please email your resume and
      letter of intent to Mike_Fee@..., or call Michael Fee, Region
      Manager, at 510.817.3866.
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