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Wonderful Job Opportunity -- Experience working with California Charters Schools Needed!

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  • Alison Grabel
    Greetings! Calling all California Charter School Educators, Leaders, Liaison s and Instructional design Gurus! The KIPP Foundation has an immediate need for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2004
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      Calling all California Charter School Educators, Leaders, Liaison’s and Instructional design Gurus!  The KIPP Foundation has an immediate need for Instructional School Liaison’s. 


      KIPP Instructional Liaison


      Organization Overview

      KIPP began in 1994 when teachers Mike Feinberg and David Levin completed their Teach For America commitment and launched a 5th grade program in Houston , Texas .  Their students' dramatic academic achievement fueled the program's expansion.  In 1995, KIPP began expanding into 5th through 8th grade free open-enrollment public schools that prepare educationally underserved students for success in top quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond.  More than 80% of KIPP students qualify for the federally subsidized meal program and more than 95% of KIPP students are African American or Latino. Today, KIPP is a national network of 31 schools in 13 states and the District of Columbia , with an additional seven schools opening this summer.  


      KIPP Schools have a sustained track record of high student achievement, outperforming district schools and proving that through hard work, longer hours in school, and a college-preparatory focus, the achievement gap can be closed.  Students are in school longer than most public school students, from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, for four hours on Saturdays, and for three to four weeks during the summer.  KIPP alumni have earned more than $18 million in scholarships to attend top high schools in the nation.  In the fall of 2003, the first class of students to complete all four years (5th-8th grades) at KIPP entered four-year colleges and universities, including Brown, Stanford, and Cornell. 



      Job Description


      Must have 2 or more years of experience working in or with California Charter schools.


      KIPP Foundation is seeking KIPP Instructional Liaisons (ILs) for the service and support of KIPP schools nationwide. This position will report to the Director of School Relationships. The IL will work closely with several KIPP schools on enhancing, refining, and accelerating the teaching and learning processes within the school with the specific aim of increasing student achievement.


      Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


      School Leader Relationships


      Build relationships with KIPP school leaders.

      Demonstrate respect for hard work of KIPP school leaders, teachers, and students by listening, questioning, helping, responding quickly, and offering direct and appropriate feedback.

      Spend four to five days per month working at the school site to understand the unique challenges of the school and the needs of its students.


      Instructional Leadership


      Work with the school leader to create short and long-term instructional and school improvement plans toward the realization of school goals.

      Assist leader in identifying practices to improve instruction throughout the school including professional development opportunities

      Model instructional best practices for school leaders and staff


      Knowledge Management  


      Capture and disseminate knowledge to and from the schools and between the schools and the Foundation.

      Encourage the sharing of school best practices with the rest of KIPP and work in collaboration with the Knowledge Management team to facilitate the sharing of these practices.



      Project Management 


      Harness all possible resources, both within KIPP and externally, to help school leader realize his/her long-term vision for the school.

      Develop an in-depth knowledge of the technical resources of KIPP Foundation, external resources available to the school, especially locally, and demonstrate the ability to build a strong team of these resources.

      Coordinate KIPP Foundation staff and resources to service and support the school leaders in the operation of their school and monitor the progress of the subject matter experts throughout the year. 


      Desired Characteristics:


      Relentless Achiever:  Candidates must have high expectations for their own achievement and that of students and teachers.

      Vision:  Candidates must have a bold and ambitious vision for our schools and our students.

      Instructional Excellence: Candidates must demonstrate a record of excellence in work underserved students and the administrative teams that serve them. 

      Excellent Team and Interpersonal Skills: Candidates must show potential to work effectively with a cohesive and diverse team of teachers.  Candidates must be able to listen carefully to and learn from others and have sincere respect for teachers, families and students.

      Commitment: Doing whatever it takes to provide excellent and reliable service to school leaders, future school leaders, teachers, and staff.




      Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree in Education or related field preferred.

      Five years of demonstrated success in teaching urban students and/or in working with urban principals.

      Committed to the belief that outstanding school leaders can achieve excellent student outcomes for all students.

      Excellent relationship building skills.

      Ability to manage the ambiguity and multiple priorities inherent in an entrepreneurial environment.

      Knowledge and/or experience with students and community members in KIPP’s target neighborhoods.

      Proven ability to share thoughts and ideas, provide outstanding support and service and facilitate sharing proven methods of success.

      Action oriented; self-starter with relentless “customer” orientation.

      Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

      Demonstrated coaching skills.

      Excellent communication skills both written and oral.

      Willingness to travel frequently.  

      Location is negotiable. Open positions are located in Chicago , Houston , New York , Washington DC , and San Francisco .



      KIPP is an equal opportunity employer.  People of color are encouraged to apply.  Interested candidates should submit a resume and one page cover letter to jobs@....  Compensation will be commensurate with experience.


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