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Job opening: 9th grade Academic Literacy Teacher, Envision Academy Oakland

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  • Joelle
    Envision Education is hiring a 9th grade Academic Literacy teacher for Envision Academy in Oakland! This is an intervention/support class that students take
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2013
      Envision Education is hiring a  9th grade Academic Literacy teacher for Envision Academy in Oakland! This is an intervention/support class that students take alongside their 9th grade English class. 

      Who We Are

      Envision Education transforms the lives of students—especially those who will be first in their family to attend college—by preparing them for success in college, in careers, and in life. 

      Vibrant learning communities apply compassion and high expectations to inspire and empower students. Our approach is specifically designed to increase student engagement, deepen integration and understanding, promote active learning, and ensure college success. Envision further distinguishes its campuses with:

      • Economic, ethnic, and racial diversity,
      • Rigorous academic discipline, and
      • Excellence at every level.

      Young people quickly become high-performing eager learners by engaging with a rigorous and creative project-based learning curriculum that is relevant to their lives.  Each year our graduates are accepted to colleges around the country, and once they enroll, they persist toward their degrees at high rates.  Our proven educational model is currently being adapted for schools across the country through Envision Learning Partners.

      Who You Are
      We are looking for passionate teachers who are committed to working with urban students in small, academically rigorous high schools that use project-based learning, workshop, art and technology, holistic grading, and performance assessments to engage students in learning.  

      Key Qualities and Expectations of an Envision Education Teacher:
      • Has a strong classroom stance and embodies a "warm demander" approach to classroom management
      • Understands and applies effective strategies and best practices to ensure student success
      • Implements project, problem and/or inquiry-based instruction aligned with standards
      • Maintains high expectations for all students and believes all students can be successful in college
      • Plans for various student needs (including use of developmentally appropriate materials)
      • Uses data to inform instruction
      • Acts as an Advisor to a group of students and acts as an advocate for students' needs with family members and within the school community.
      • Experience in, and commitment to, urban education and working with youth of color.

      All Envision Education teachers can expect the following:

      • Small school environment
      • Classrooms equipped with an LCD projector, available computers for students, and a laptop computer for professional use
      • Membership in a professional learning community that fosters respect, trust, risk-taking, an openness to learning and the sharing of ideas, and continuously improving practice
      • To know their students well, develop a strong sense of community in the classroom, and personalize each student's learning experience
      • To meet cooperatively with parents on a scheduled basis to share information about their students and the school

      Minimum qualifications:
      • Bachelor's Degree
      • Valid California Single Subject Teaching Credential in English, or out of state equivalent
      • Other credential subjects may be considered if applicant has strong experience in Literacy

      To apply, submit an online application via  www.envisionschools.org/apply

      As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to identifying and developing the skills and leadership of people from diverse backgrounds. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply

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