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Job Opening: Ceiba College Prep AmeriCorps

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    Ceiba College Prep AmeriCorps - Watsonville, CA Overview Ceiba Public Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization committed to closing the
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      Ceiba College Prep AmeriCorps - Watsonville, CA

      Ceiba Public Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization committed to closing the college-readiness gap for historically underserved students.

      Ceiba College Prep is in its fifth year of operation and currently serves 385 students in grades 6-10. Ceiba has an Academic Performance Index (API) of 845, a 97% parent satisfaction rate, and is ranked #1 of the 100 most demographically similar schools in California. Ceiba is in the process of laddering up its program by one grade per year into a complete 6-12 program.

      Ceiba College Prep Middle and High School are located in downtown Watsonville, a small city located in southern Santa Cruz County, California.

      At Ceiba, every student is prepared for college success through the cultivation of creativity, effort, integrity, benevolence, and assertiveness (C-E-I-B-A). Our program is based on explicit and ambitious expectations for student achievement, a small school environment offering personalized attention, an extended school day and school year, a challenging academic course load including art and physical education, as well as a positive, structured school environment. Ceiba also features extensive after-school activities, meaningful community service programs and high levels of academic support designed to help students achieve exceptional results.

      AmeriCorps is absolutely critical to student success at Ceiba College Prep. Our AmeriCorps team works relentlessly to provide additional academic support while expanding opportunities outside of the classroom to enrich students' lives. We don't think of AmeriCorps as an "add-on" to our program, but rather as an integral and integrated part of the Ceiba experience.

      The AmeriCorps members at Ceiba come to us through a partnership with the Watsonville chapter of Notre Dame Mission Volunteers. This allows AmeriCorps members to benefit from our on-site community and professional development opportunities, while being part of a larger group of like-minded individuals committed to public service.

      Click this link to hear from past Ceiba Americorps members: http://ceibaschools.org/ceiba-and-americorps


      Tutor and provide small group assistance to students during the school day and after-school
      Design and oversee extracurricular opportunities that align with student interest
      Plan service opportunities for students
      Assist in student arrival and departure, transitions between class periods, and coverage as required.
      Uphold, utilize, and participate in Ceiba's school-wide expectations and behavior accountability system in order to ensure follow-through and foster an environment of high expectations
      Communicate timely and effectively with families
      Work closely with team leads, staff, and school leaders to ensure student success

      Relentless work ethic
      Commitment to serving historically disadvantaged youth
      Ability to be flexible, adaptive, and work as part of a team
      Well-developed critical thinking and communication skills
      Ability to motivate and inspire students
      All applicants must be 21 years of age or older. Applicants should also possess:

      Bachelor's Degree
      Demonstrated leadership in extracurricular pursuits
      U.S. citizenship or be a lawful permanent resident alien
      Commitment to serve as a full-time volunteer for 11 months.
      Spanish language proficiency preferred
      Teaching and mentoring experience preferred
      Application Process
      Interested candidates should apply by clicking the "careers" tab on our website: www.ceibaprep.org

      Ceiba will conduct an initial candidate review process. Qualified applicants will be invited to apply directly to the Notre Dame AmeriCorps program. Final interviews will be conducted by Ceiba's school leadership.
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