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Job Opening: Oakland Unity HS Special Education Coordinator/Resource Specialist

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  • ChristinaG
    OAKLAND UNITY HIGH SCHOOL (Unity) is seeking a Special Education Coordinator/Resource Specialist for the 2013-14 school year. Unity is a college preparatory
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      OAKLAND UNITY HIGH SCHOOL (Unity) is seeking a Special Education Coordinator/Resource Specialist for the 2013-14 school year.

      Unity is a college preparatory school with a safe and nurturing environment for teaching and learning. Unity offers a rigorous curriculum and intensive support responsive to the individual developmental and academic needs of students, which allows them to achieve academic success and positive social/cultural development.

      Unity was founded in 2003 as an independent charter high school open to all students in Oakland. The school will enroll about 300 students in grades 9-12 for the 2013-14 school year, and our current student demographics are 89% Latino, 9% African American, and 2% other.
      Over 80% of Unity students qualify for free or reduced price lunch on the basis of family income level and over 75% come from immigrant families whose home language is not English.

      For Special Education, Unity will serve as a local education agency (LEA) of the Sonoma County Charter SELPA pursuant to Education Code Section 47641(b). The Special Education Coordinator/Resource Specialist will coordinate the delivery of all special education services including providing specialized academic instruction to students and implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEP) under the supervision of the school principal.


      • Provides leadership to the student study team in identifying students with special/exceptional needs.

      • Coordinates the development of proposed assessment plans and arranges for assessment required to determine student's eligibility, educational needs and placement.

      • Coordinates IEP meetings.

      • Administers and scores proficiency tests and utilizes this information in the design of the IEP.

      • Develops and writes the IEP with input from team members.

      • Recommends modification of the IEP as appropriate.

      • Prepares and disseminates special education reports to teachers and others.

      • Instructs students in their areas of need in a small group or a in a period designed to instruct students in a core curricular area.

      • Maintains all records of Unity SPED students. Communicates with SELPA personnel, previous schools of attendance, and all related service providers to secure special education information and records.

      • Plans with regular education teachers to modify assignments that students could not otherwise perform.

      • Provides teachers with examples of appropriate curriculum materials, and recommendations for the use of materials.

      • Supervises, plans and coordinates the work of the instructional assistant(s).

      • Selects and requisitions books, equipment, and instructional supplies; maintains an accurate inventory of equipment and materials.

      • Protects the health and safety of the students supported by a safe classroom environment and an effective classroom management plan.

      • Serves as the main contact with Sonoma County Charter SELPA and the San Francisco Bay Area Special Education JPA.

      • Attends required SELPA and JPA meetings.

      • Attends necessary staff development activities.

      • Organizes and provides Unity staff with ongoing professional development around serving all students' needs.

      • Submits all necessary records and reports to Sonoma County Charter SELPA.

      • Maintains communication with staff from outside agencies such as Social Services, local group homes, County office of education, community based programs, and other school districts.

      • Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring effective and compliant special education programs at Unity


      • Appropriate, valid California credentials for Mild/Moderate Education Specialist

      • CLAD certificate or equivalent for work with English Language Learners

      • Three years of successful SPED experience in working with school students

      • Three years of successful experience in working with inner-city youth.

      • Ability to participate in team work and shared decision-making

      • Excellent oral and written communication skills

      • Passionate in working with diverse youth, families, and community

      • Proficient in technology

      • Spanish language proficient (preferred)

      Compensation: Salary and benefits competitive with Oakland Unified School District.

      Start date: August 16, 2013

      To apply, send letter of intent, statement of educational philosophy (including why Unity is a good fit for you), and resume, to Sam Brewer, Principal: sbrewer@...
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