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Job Opening: Assistant Director, North Oakland Community Charter School

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  • Julie Obbard
    North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS) seeks a highly skilled, experienced, dynamic, progressive, and equity-minded instructional leader to join our
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      North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS) seeks a highly skilled, experienced, dynamic, progressive, and equity-minded instructional leader to join our school community.

      NOCCS is a public school serving 220 students in grades K-8.

      The Assistant Director will work closely with the Director to lead all aspect of NOCCS’ education program and day to day operations. This includes, but is not limited to (1) support, coaching, and development of teachers and education staff, (2) student support, (3) parent/family collaboration, and (4) on-going implementation, development, and continuous improvement of the NOCCS K-8 education program and school operations. In addition, the Assistant Director may have some direct teaching duties such as leading an advisory and/or an elective.

      We are looking for an excellent educational leader, with a deep appreciation for students and the range assets and needs that exist in our diverse K-8 community populated by 5 14 year olds. We are especially interested in educators who are invigorated by a continuously developing and improving school environment and are comfortable with innovation.

      The new member of our team must be a skilled organizer and collaborator. S/he must be able to work deeply with other professionals in a team environment. In addition, we are seeking an educator who is enthusiastic about interacting with engaged families, and who wants to take an active role in shaping the school’s growth, policies and educational practices.

      The ideal candidate will have knowledge of and experience with a diverse range of learners, ranging from young children through adolescent learners. They will also have a strong understanding as to how to engage, support, and develop adult learners, and how to nurture a diverse professional learning community. They will be highly skilled and familial with techniques and frameworks that are used though out our education program, such as the use of workshop and/or inquiry-based methods and teaching strategies, the Common Core, a diversity of assessments to inform differentiated instruction, culturally relevant strategies for working with a highly diverse student body, the Teaching for Understanding Framework and/or other rich project- based learning modalities including art integration.

      Our ideal candidate will also be a highly skilled and organized administrator who is able to manage and execute a diverse set of job expectations. The candidate must share our school’s beliefs in and passion for the power of progressive education, high expectations for all learners, and the importance of equity-based educational practices.

      Key Roles and Responsibilities

      Support, Coaching, and Development of Teachers and Education Staff

      Supervise and support a team of 6 Lead Teachers (K-5 or 4-8) including
      o Conducting an average of 2-3 observation of each assigned teacher per trimester and

      supporting their on-going growth and development
      o Evaluating each Lead Teacher using the NOCCS Teacher Evaluation System
      o Designing and implementing professional development that is both responsive to the

      professional growth/support needs of the teachers and aligned to the strategic priorities

      of the educational program
      o Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new Lead Teaching Staff as needed
      o Providing additional support and coaching to new/emergent lead teachers by overseeing

      BTSA Coaching/Support, and/or designing specialized professional development and/or support strategies

      Supervise and support all Associate Teachers, Elective/Enrichment Instructors, and Extended Day Program Staff including

      o Conducting an average of 1-2 observations of each AT and/or instructor per trimester and supporting each staff person’s on-going growth and development

      o Evaluating each Associate Teacher, Elective/Enrichment Instructor, and EDP Staff Member using the NOCCS Staff Member Evaluation System

      o Designing and implementing professional development that is both responsive to the professional growth/support needs of the teachers and aligned to the strategic priorities of the educational program

      o Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new Educational Program staff as needed

      Student Support

      Support, effectively implement, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the NOCCS Comprehensive Peacemaking Framework including

      o Providing individualized interventions, coaching, and support to student
      o Communicating in a consistent, timely, and effective manner with families
      o Communicating and providing timely communication and feedback to staff members in

      order to best support student growth and development
      o Designing and implementing professional development to NOCCS staff members in

      order to ensure effective implementation of Peacemaking systems and structures
      o Maintain accurate records and data related to student interventions and use this data to

      inform and improve systems and structures to support students
      o Contributing to the continuous improvement of the Comprehensive Peacemaking

      Framework and other structures and systems that support a safe, effective, and caring

      learning environment for all students
      Overseeing the Student Support Team, 504, and other student support programming

      o Scheduling and facilitating SSTs and 504s
      o Overseeing the development and implementation of systems and structures to providing

      equitable, individualized support to students
      o Acts as Administrative Designee as needed for IEP meetings

      Parent/Family Collaboration

      •   Oversee the NOCCS Parent-Family Volunteer Team system

      •   Serve as the primary staff liaison for approximately two to three volunteer teams

      •   Lead the planning and implementation of approximately three community events per year

      •   Contribute to the continuous improvement of the Parent-Family Collaboration efforts

      Education Program and School Operations

      •   Oversees the implementation and continuous improvement of the NOCCS education program as described in the NOCCS charter, strategic plan, and other documents

      •   Oversee the implementation and continuous improvement of elective, enrichment, extended day, and outdoor education programming, including assisting with the identification of new funding sources and/or leveraging of community resources to enhance and continuously improve these programs.

      •   Develops and implements school and staff scheduled that facilitate effective learning and teaching

      •   Oversees the scheduling of substitutes as needed

      •   Oversees daily school safety procedures

      •   Oversees mandated testing (CELDT, STAR)

      •   Leads, collaborates with, and participates on the Leadership and Administrative Teams

      •   Contributes to and leads key aspects of the educational program and strategic planning


      •   Represents the school to various stakeholders (funders, prospective families, charter authorizer,


      •   Serve as a thought leader with the Executive Director/Co-Director of Instruction

      •   Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director/Co-Director of Instruction

        Position Requirements:

      •   Completion of/enrollment in a California Administrative Services Tier I or II Credential Program and/or demonstrated experience as a K-8 instructional leader/administrator.

      •   A minimum of five years of successful teaching experience in an elementary and/or middle grades classroom. California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential OR California Single Subject Teaching Credentials and CLAD or AB1059 preferred.

      •   Demonstrated success working with youth from diverse cultural, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and the ability to interface with their parents in collaborative and productive ways.

      •   Ability to support learning-centered classrooms that includes age-appropriate, culturally responsive classroom management practices.

      •   Knowledge of the Common Core and California State Content Standards.

      •   Ability to design and/or use a variety of data, assessment tools and techniques to guide instruction.

      •   Knowledge of and experiencing using and/or leading staff in the implementation of the curricular frameworks, instructional strategies, and/or assessment as described in the Education Program of the NOCCS charter, including readers/writer’s workshop, balanced mathematics, and Teaching for Understanding.

      •   Demonstrated success in differentiating instruction in diverse classroom settings.

      •   Ability to collaborate and participate in critical relationships with teachers and school staff to develop

        educational strategies, both within and across grade levels.

      •   Interest and experience in working in a school community with a high degree of parent/family participation.


      •   Master’s Degree or Higher

      •   National Board Certification

      •   Bilingual (Spanish)

      •   We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff and strongly encourage candidates of color to apply

      Time Commitment

      •   August 1st June 30th

      •   8:00 AM 5:00 PM

      •   Attendance at all school events

        Salary and Benefits

      •   $65,000 80,000 depending on experience.

      •   Health benefits as per the NOCCS Handbook.

      •   STRS for eligible credentialed employees.

        Required Application Materials

        Application packets must include the following:

        1. Resume

        2. Cover letter

          In your cover letter, please include a description of your teaching and administrative, how you were referred to this position, and any other information you feel is important for us to know about you.

        3. Brief response to the following questions (maximum one page for each item):

          Describe your philosophy and approach to school leadership.
          Describe your philosophy and approach supporting teachers and school staff. Describe your philosophy and approach to supporting students.
          Describe your philosophy and approach to working with families.

        4. Photocopy of California teaching and/or administrative credential(s)

        5. Reference sheet with three professional references. For each reference please provide us the reference’s name, position, contact information, and how long and in what capacity you know/worked with this reference.

        Application Process

      •   Phone calls will not be accepted.

      •   Email all required application materials listed above to: jobs@...

      •   All application materials must be submitted via a single email, as word or PDF attachments.

      •   Incomplete application packets will not be considered.

      •   Application packets will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

      •   Promising first round candidates may be contacted for a phone interview.

      •   Promising second round candidates will (1) participate in a 60 - 90 minute interview with the hiring

        team; (2) complete a leadership exercise.

      •   Promising third round candidates will meet with the Executive Director/Co-Director of Instruction and

        Board Representatives.

        About NOCCS

        The North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS) is a public school dedicated to helping children to become thoughtful, informed, and inquisitive citizens. NOCCS is a vibrant, diverse learning community driven by respect for each child’s unique intelligence and history. Our school’s dynamic and challenging educational approach deepens the intellectual and social capacities of each child that we serve.

      page4image22360 page4image22520

      NOCCS is driven by ten core principles that anchor and guide our community and its work, and provide a vision to which we aspire as a learning community. These principles include: (1) respect for children and their learning; (2) high expectations; (3) a caring community of learners; (4) valuing diversity; (5) connections to the world; (6) a commitment to equity; (7) families' contributions; (8) respect for teachers and teaching; (9) creativity; and (10) teaching for understanding.

      Since opening its doors in September of 2000, NOCCS has grown from a tiny one classroom school serving 20 students to a vibrant community of learners that now houses 220 students in grade K-8. The NOCCS student body is a diverse group of learners that includes 16% African American, 48% White, 30% Multi-Ethnic/Decline to State, 2% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. Approximately 25% of our student qualify for free or reduced priced lunch. Over the next several years, we anticipate continued diversification of our student body due to a combination of our expansion to a K-8 educational institution, increased outreach efforts, equity-based policy efforts, and our new geographic location within a highly diverse neighborhood area.

      NOCCS stands out as one of Oakland and the Bay Area’s most successful progressive education urban charter school models. Since its inception in 2000, NOCCS has ranked as one of the area’s top schools. For each of the past five years of our chartering period, the school has achieved an Academic Performance Index (API) ranking of over 800. Our most recent API ranking places NOCCS as one of Oakland’s highest achieving elementary and/or middle schools. Our charter was unanimously approved for a third five year term in February of 2010. 

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